Fun in the Bathroom with my Daughter
"Fun in the Bathroom with my Daughter" - Susan Walker

I want to spend more time looking at my naked body in the mirror, but I leave my bedroom and walk naked down the hallway to get my eighteen year old daughter Krissy so we can take a shower together.

When I enter her room, she is sitting naked on the edge of the bed and is getting ready to stand up. I walk over in front of her and ask her if she thinks it is necessary for me to shave this morning.

She begins running her hand up and down my pussy, then looks up at me and says "Well, it feels okay to me, but I like shaving you, so I will do it before we take our shower."

Krissy continues playing with my pussy for a minute or so, then she slides her hands around my hips and gently grasps my ass cheeks. She squeezes them a few times then looks up at me and says, "Mom, lean down and give me our morning kiss."

She keeps hold of my ass cheeks while we tongue kiss each other for a while, then I stand up straight. Suddenly, she pulls me closer to her and sticks her tongue into my belly button!

Oh, how I love it when she does this! I get a tingling sensation in my pussy that travels down my inner thighs and goes all the way to my toes!

Krissy swirls her tongue around for a few seconds while I softly moan, then she releases her grip from my ass cheeks and runs her hands up to my breasts. She fondles them for a few moments, then slides her hands down to my hips and makes me turn around.

She loves looking at my long blond hair cascading down my naked backside while she kisses my ass cheeks. I think that is what she is going to do, but she suddenly pulls my cheeks apart and sticks her tongue in my asshole!

Oh my God it feels good! I immediately bend over and put my hands on my knees so Krissy can spread my white cheeks further apart!

Krissy keeps plunging her tongue inside me while I softly moan for the next few minutes, then she abruptly stops and slaps my ass!

I turn around to face her, put my hands on my hips and say , "Nice daughter you are! You get me half way to an orgasm then you stop!"

Krissy replies, "I will finish you off in the shower after I shave your pussy, but then you have to do me!"

I smile at her, then take her hand and we walk naked down the hallway to the big shower room. I immediately sit down on the wood bench and lean against the tile wall while Krissy gets a "Lady Razor" and shaving cream. She gets down on her knees between my legs, then pushes them further apart so my pussy is completely exposed to her. She squirts some shaving cream into her hand and smooths it around between my legs.

I can tell by the look on her face that she is really enjoying herself as she moves her soapy hand up and down my pussy.

Suddenly, Krissy pushes two of her slender fingers inside me and begins moving them in and out! She does this for a few seconds, then puts three of her fingers in!

I start moaning as my daughter looks up into my eyes and says, "Gosh Mom, my three fingers slid right inside you! I wonder if I can get all four of them in there!"

Without waiting for a reply from me, she shoves all four of her fingers inside me! The erotic sensation of my daughter finger fucking me takes my breath away and I have to gasp for air!

I take a couple of deep breaths, then she slowly starts moving them in and out of me. After about a minute she says "I wonder if I can put my whole hand inside you!"

My heart is racing and I am breathing so quickly and deeply that I cannot respond to her!

Suddenly, Krissy shoves her entire fist inside me!

Oh my God, a shockwave of pleasure shoots through my entire body and I start seeing hundreds of blinking little stars in front of my eyes!

My hips raise off the wooden bench as my determined daughter tries to get her fist even further inside me! Suddenly, I hear my husband's cellular phone ring! He must be right at the bottom of the stairs because I can hear him tell someone that he is going to take a shower and call them back.

I quickly reach between my legs, grab Krissy's wrist and pull her hand out of me, then jump up and close the bathroom door.

Two seconds later my husband jiggles the door handle, so I raise my voice and say "Honey, Krissy and I are busy shaving! Use the other bathroom!"
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