Fun on the Road Again
I was taking a trip to the coast to pick up my mother in law. It was a couple hours trip, but we have been having traffic issues for a few weeks. I hit Tigard about an hour and a half after I started. Should have taken maybe 20 to 30 minutes.

I was driving a Ford Explorer, as I was leaving Tigard, on Highway 99, heading towards King City this little Ford Focus came up on my right side. Yeah I looked over she was young brunette, maybe college age which these days could be any age. I would say she wasnt over 25. We were playing tag for the next 30 miles or so she would pass me I would come up on her.

She passed me then I lost her in taffic, near McMinnville, On Highway 18 heading towards Grande Ronde. I came up on a car pulled over and slowed down, it was her I stopped to see what was wrong being the concerned person I am. She said it just spit and sputtered all of a sudden and quit. I asked her where she was heading? She replied Lincoln City, I said I happen to be going there too.

She was about 5ft 6, maybe 115 lbs if that, shoulder length black hair, nice pert breasts, nice hips, really hot.. I said if she felt ok with it I could take her but what about her car?

She called and gave the location said she was going on to Lincoln City. she would call when she got there and to call her when they picked up her car.

She got in the passenger side her skirt slid up caught that right away, everything about her was nice and firm. Just looking at her was arousing me. We chatted small talk for while, she was taking a month off from school to visit the coast, she was 24, said she broke up with her boyfriend a few months ago, hasnt seen anyone since.

We chatted about why they broke up I offered some advice she could take it or leave it no charge. I was looking at her as we were driving she was squirming skirt riding up higher. She looked over and down at my crotch asking if I was hard and her hand drops down there as I answered yes she was rubbing through my jeans.

She unzipped me took about three inches in her hand and stroked it for a few minutes. She asked how long it had been since I had sex? I replied a very long time. She asked if I could pull down my jeans, I didnt think so while driving safely anyway....

We were coming up on Spirit Mountain Casino, so I turned off into there parkng lot and got a space out at the end folded down the front seat climbed over then she did the same. She was on her side in the back seat, windows tinted, she raised up I removed her panties then her skirt. I spread her legs as I lowered my head between her thighs, my tongue touched her shaved slit, parting her lips tongue brushing her clit as she gasps,....

I suck her pussy lips into my mouth, my hands running all over her body, her legs over my shoulders, her head resting on the drivers side back passenger door. She was moaning and squirming, her juices leaking out my mouth was full.

Her chest was heaving from all the excitement so far. I came up her body kissing and sucking all the way removing her top and bra as I did. I cupped her breasts in each hand pinching her nipples making them harder. She wrapped her legs around my back as my hard cock guided into her warm wet pussy.

As my tip touched her warm wet lips I rubbed my hardness up and down her wet slit making her moan and shiver. I pressed the tip in then and inch and another inch she felt so very soft, velvety warm, pressed another two inches in, she was very wet. I started thrusting into her, we were both moaning and groaning her tits were bouncing around OMG she was so fucking hot. I thrust into her a few more times and she pushes up and takes control starts riding me grinding down on me hands on my chest, my hands on her hips switching between her ass and hips trying to get me deeper inside her, She felt so amazing and tight, I felt her squeeze around me then she flooded me with her juices as she came again.

She got off me bent over and began sucking my cock cleaning her juices from me stroking me then she got up tits swaying with her motion straddled me again and lowered herself down breathing slowly through her clenched teeth.

She bottomed out my tip brushing over her cervix as she swayed her hips around and back and forth, the pressure was so intense. I sat up kissed her sucked her nipples biting then gently. My breathing was faster, I told her if she kept this up I was going to cum she kissed me long hard and so very deeply then she broke the kiss and told me to fuck her as she ground down on me harder and harder she reach around giving my balls a squeeze, I felt it moving through me immense pleasure. her hips were bucking, I was moaning her pussy tightened again squeezing my hardness she spasmed, I spurted and spurted hard and again, then again cumming deep inside her,,, she collasped on my chest, both of us breathing hard, she was still slowly moving her hips around mixing our juices as they leaked ever so softly out of her.

She got up after about ten minutes I was still hard she licked and sucked me clean then we got back on the road.....I said we have about 75 miles to go yet and there are a few parks between here and there........

see what happens next....can there be a part 2

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