GH Hideway
Sandy and I were having our usual jib-jab, mostly about sex. She had her nurses uniform hiked up high, and I was getting interested in seeing more of her. Sandy has big breasts but always likes to flirt with her thighs. I love it either way. She knew I was getting horny for her and asked me, "Carol, you ever do a glory hole?" I was taken back by that because she was getting heated up over me, but she obviously was thinking about cock.

We both like it and have an agreement as part of our marriage that we are free to have it at any time with anybody. Sandy has never been married to a man but fucked a lot of doctors, orderlies, and even some maintenance men at the hospital. I had my share of strange cocks along with my husband's. After my first affair, I was pretty available. So, I told her the truth, "Yes, I have."

"Tell me about it, honey."

"Not much to tell, a bunch of us girls in the sorority hired a male stripper, and a couple of us took him in our mouth. Just seemed the thing to do when he dangled it in front of our face. The two of us got a lot of cheering and clapping, but we didn't finish the job. She knew of a place with a glory hole, and we decided to go and finish the job."

"You were even hot then, weren't you?"

"Seems so, to be that horny for it."

"Tell me more, love."

"It was not the first cock I ever sucked, but it was the biggest. Polly was disappointed because I got the biggest. She was first and watching her suck a cock coming through a hole in the wall was more than hot."

"You have any problem because of his size?"

"Not at all, I had had enough cock before his to manipulate my way around gagging me. I did make a dumb mistake trying to make love to it, because all he wanted was to fuck my mouth with me providing all the action. His load was not that much, apparently having been sucked earlier in the day."

"Sounds different, but fun."

"Yeah, Polly and I went back to the sorority house, and I guess we both were very horned up. After lights out, Polly made her way to my bed and we enjoyed each other one more time. Sandy, you are lucky I didn't marry her, but we did the thing that was expected of us and married a man and enjoyed cock for a while."

"You still keep in contact?"

"Not for a long time, she has three kids, and when I call her, she is tempted, but is afraid of her husband finding out."

"Would you like to go to a glory hole with me, honey?"

"You know of one, sweetie?"

"I have been there before. You will be surprised where it is located."


"Get ready, and I will show you."

"Do I have to get dressed up?"

"Yes, you will be very popular once they know you used it."

"That doesn't make sense."

"It will, baby, it will. Now let's get ready."

When I saw what Sandy was wearing, I immediately went back to change. She was dressed like she does when she is on them make. She gets so much exposed, they rarely look at her face. I put on my scooped neck dress. It is not short, but a slit in the skirt helps when needed. We both looked at each other over and headed for the car.

When she pulled into a parking lot of a bar I had visited many times, I said, "You got to be fucking kidding." We went in and got a table. A waiter came up and asked for our order. Sandy handed him a card wrapped with bills. He slipped it into his pocket.

"When you make your pick, give me a wave, and I will set it up."

"Sandy, what the fuck is going on?"

"Pick a waiter, honey. He will be the one in the glory hole."


"Which one, Carol?"

"Any recommendations, Miss Know it All?"

"No, I will just let you choose whatever meets your fancy."

"That Latino, over there by the corner table. How about you?"

"I am going to pick the bartender."

"Which one?"

"The gentleman of color."

She signaled our waiter and gave him our picks. He handed her some cards with numbers on them. He said, "Give us about 10 to make sure the tables are covered."
After about 10 minutes, Sandy led me to the lady's restroom.

"Sandy, the ladies room!?"

"Have patience, my love."

There was a door behind the last stall. It had one of those locks that you use in hotels to get into your room. A red bar was over the top of it, and it read 'Occupied,' Sandy said, "Shit! We have to wait. We can't go in together. Do you want to be first, or do you want me to go first."

"What the hell, do I do?"

"Don't worry, a voice over a speaker will guide you."

We heard a door open and close; the indicator turned to green, and Sandy went into the room. It locked and turned red again. I tried to listen but heard nothing. Another woman came into pee, and I had to spend time looking in the mirror and fixing makeup. She was probably over 60, but somewhat attractive.

"That dress looks lovely on you, dear."

I said, "Why thank you," as she stared at my boobs. She was getting a good look when I bent closer to the mirror. I hear her give me an "Mmmmm," and I liked that. She got closer to me, and said, "Don't fret, dear. They will be done soon. Those boys never last that long."

I was taken back as apparently this old dolly used the room also. She went out the door, saying, "Enjoy the room and your evening, dear." She came right back in the door of the lady's room.

She handed me a card and said, "If you go both ways, call me for a little party. You are definitely hot. Bye, again, gorgeous." I enjoyed her chutzpah, but the lock glowed green, and I put the card in and turned the knob. I walked into a semi-lit room. A crackle was heard on a speaker.

"Your pick will be with you in a moment. We do have a few things to go over. Would you like it hard or semi-hard? Would you like a video of the occasion for $50? Would you like to get off after? We do have a selection of oral companions, a man, a woman, or a dog for your pleasure. The dog may be German Shepard, Golden Retriever, or Great Dane. How you use them would be up to you, but the cost would be $400 plus tip. The companions would be available after the selection is finished. Turn left to exit to the restaurant. Turn right, and your selection will be waiting at the appropriate door.

I did order a video of my adventure but passed on the others, especially the dog. I did know a girl in college that used her pet at home to get off by him, licking her with his tongue. She raved about it, but I was a long way from that.

I sat down on a stool in front of a box on the wall with a small curtain. I hiked up my skirt to easily get to my kitty when the curtain parted, and a very hard cock came into view right at my face level. I had not specified if I wanted hard or soft, but what I did not know is the waiter could see me on a video screen and could see my bare pussy. So so it was hard which I didn't mind

He had a great head, somewhat large for the rest of his cock. I was sure it would be a delight. I took a deep breath and opened my mouth. The head of his cock easily slid into my mouth. I pushed my head back and forth with my lips gliding over that vein predominant shaft. I did play with myself but started concentrating on giving him a good blow job. He shot his love juice in my mouth, and it was all over too quickly. The voice over the speaker, clean yourself as necessary and leave by the door at the rear. Your video will be delivered to your table, which has been reserved. I left my panties off and went out the door back to our table.

Sandy was sitting at the table when I arrived. She asked, "How was it? Did you do him good? Did you get a video?"

Before I could answer her, our original waiter came up and handed each of a package. Each had a number on it that we were initially assigned. I opened my mind. Mine had a note attached.

'I enjoyed your blowjob, thank you so much.
P.S. I would like to fuck you some time. Call me.'

He did give me a number, and I planned to call him. I wanted that big head in me.

"I am so glad you bought the video. Let's go home and watch the damn things."

Sandy paid our bill, and we drove home talking about the cocks we just sucked. I was impressed with the operation. We got home, and I got to watch Sandy suck off a big cock from a man of color. She was good with it; I will admit that.

I watched my video again as Sandy ate my pussy, and I, of course, did the same to her as she watched herself suck that big black cock.

It was an evening to remember.

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