The most awesome part of a coordinated orgasm is that last thrust. You feel your bodies gyrate to the rhythm of every deep penetrating assaulting attack. Her arched hips beg for more, you twist into a deeper thrusting position.

Her clit dances atop your shaft flapping with suction pounding intensity. Your balls slap-kiss her rose bud, she tightens around their sac, they stretch before each release. Her flowery pussy lips splay out wide as they smack the head of your cock at the beginning of every insertion.

The long slow steady penetration aids in swelling both cock and pussy to their respective maximum potential. Vast amounts of pre cum provide lubrication for rotating twisting hips to randomly change every angle of every thrust.

Every orgasmic experience has it's own unique build up. Over long periods of time we've learned how to maximize the intensity of each orgasm. As any great adventure, sex has that overwhelming total body involvement that begs for prolonged sustainability.

My partner and I have developed our own unique way of intensifying our synchronous orgasms. For us, it's all about foreplay. We love fondling and making out for long periods of time.

Oral sex is an awesome invigorating precursor to the thrill of prolonged sex.

Then there's our preparation time in the shower where if we lose control, which we do frequently, we'll fuck each other in as many standing positions as our bodies can handle.

Our favorite position is a combination of hand holds and angled body positions where she hangs from built in straps above the shower spout. Our bodies twist into continuously moving undulations where she controls the downward thrusts and I control the upward thrusts.

As we synchronize our movements she releases her body spreading her legs in scissor like kicks. As I thrust upward using a rear entrance position, my pelvic bone eases into here butt cheeks. She pulls her body upward as I withdraw slowly arching my back into ever changing angles of assault.

The trick is, never go to fast. Feel the engorging expanse of your genitals. You can feel the blissful result of each penetration when you've reached that maximum depth of insertion. Her belly protrudes as your cock fills every inch of her uterine canal.

As you twist your cock from side to side she twists in opposite directions. Make sure you achieve maximum penetration by culminating every thrust with a scissors like position that allows your pelvis to spread her butt cheeks in order to achieve maximum depth of penetration.

The pressure of her uterine walls tightening as the head of your cock passes through her cervix becomes so intense you fight to hold back a premature ejaculation. The crown of my cock blasts out of my foreskin with every thrust making it hard to control an orgasm.

The tightness of her cervix helps to maintain control. As her uterine canal expands she relaxes more and more. As your cock swells into a pleasurable aching throbbing javalin of ecstasy you both begin to attack each other with a common goal in sight.

Your pounding penetration is equaled by her crashing downward thrusts. Then comes those pleasant sounding moans that crescendo into violent screams of blissful orgasmic ecstasy.

With every blast of cum that pelts her inner uterine walls there's a spray of juice that surrounds your shaft as well as her cervix. Like a fountain of nectar spraying an umbrella like rainfall of cum you both feel the joy of accomplishment filling every nerve in your bodies.

It's that last thrust that mashes your cock deep into the upper uterine wall. The blast of cum is powerful but is held back by the pressure of thrusting long and hard. Hold that pressure until it feels like you're going to burst, then back off gently. The feel of cum oozing out with controlled pressure is so amazing you'll want to repeat as often as possible.

The real joy comes in the aftermath of laying down in bed continuing to thrust slow and steady allowing your combined cum to lubricate your swollen glands.

At first you assume a comfortable position where her legs are propped up around your neck leaning on your shoulders. She arches her back, spreads her thighs so your thrusts are the deepest possible smooth insertions.

This position keeps your cum from spilling out to soon. Later she loves to be on top where I can use pillows to prop my lower back up giving her the advantage of enjoying the full length of my cock penetrating the fullest depth of her pussy.

Her hips provide twisting motion so you can synchronize your hips to achieve that mutually ecstatic sense of prolonged boundless penetration that will lead to multiple orgasms limited only by your mutual level of endurance.

Once you've ever reached that state of boundless penetration, you'll crave the sensation so much it becomes an acceptable obsession. An obsession that only translates into orgasmic bliss.

Being able to sustain limitless penetration comes with practice and a willingness to achieve multiple orgasms. Only prolonged sex to the point of exhaustion becomes the limit. By pushing that limit beyond fatigue you become the master of orgasmic ecstasy.

Rock On!!!

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