Gabriella - The Introduction
It has been nearly two years since I first met Gabriella. I connected with her through an online ad for escort services. The ad featured two girls; Victoria and Gabriella, both Latinas in their mid-twenties. Victoria was petite with very large DD breasts. Gabriella stood about 5 ft. 4 inches, but small on top with maybe a B cup at most. That was just fine with me as I prefer women with small natural breasts. Her figure was full with a nice shapely round ass. She had long dark hair framing a beautiful face that possessed a commanding wicked smile.

I arrived at their apartment around noon and was met at the door by Victoria. She greeted me in a courteous manner and promptly escorted me to a bedroom where Gabriella was waiting, sitting on the edge of the bed. Off to the right next to the bed, there was a large screen television playing a video that featured two girls going down on each other. The sounds from the video were a perfect backdrop for what was to come next. I settled the financial matters with Victoria, who was obviously the ringleader, by placing the agreed upon donation on the dresser. As Victoria retrieved and quickly counted the bills, she informed me that Gabriella's English was limited. With that, she left the room and closed the door.

Gabriella wore a see-through red teddy that revealed her petite breasts. Underneath she wore skimpy red bikini style panties. She stood up as I moved towards her and we began to kiss. She tasted like sweet honey. After a moment I retreated long enough to undress myself and then quickly moved back to her embrace. As we kissed and caressed, I gently pulled the teddy up and over her head and tossed it aside while she removed her panties allowing them to fall to the floor. I then stood back and admired her fully naked body and coaxed her to lie down on the bed.

She accommodated my coaxing with no hesitation. She lied on her back and spread her legs wide enough to allow me access to her beautiful shaved pussy. I kneeled at the edge of the bed and began to devour her fragrant "V". She moaned with pleasure as I moved my tongue up around her clit while alternating with deep licks inside the full length of her pussy. I was dizzy with ecstasy. I wanted all of her juices. Her only audible words were "fuck, fuck, fuck." She wasn't asking me to fuck her, the words were just a reaction to the pleasure she was experiencing.

I stopped for a moment, only long enough to move fully onto the bed. I lay on my back beside her while she toyed with my cock with her tongue. The pre-cum was now flowing. She took some in her mouth and then moved her face over mine. I opened my mouth as she let the mixture of her saliva and my pre-cum flow slowly from her mouth to mine. We repeated the act several times, each occurrence pushing me to a higher delirious state. My cock was throbbing. I wanted her and everything inside her. I felt as if nothing else mattered in the whole world. "Sit on my face," I begged.

Although she didn't speak much English, it was evident that she understood it well enough. At my encouragement, she straddled my face in the 69 position. I pressed my tongue deep into her pussy, lapping up everything that if offered. She was alternately stroking my cock and teasing it with her tongue. I was so close to coming but I didn't want it to end. I begged her to pause but she kept at it. Just as I was ready to come, I felt a gush of liquid from her pussy. I didn't know if it was pee or lady-cum. It didn't matter. I didn't care. I wanted it. I wanted her. I wanted everything on and in her. I let it flow into my mouth and I came harder than I have ever come before... [To be continued]
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