The weeks had passed since I had seen my Jewel and I had not seen her since that glorious day.

Her winter staff had been employed now for the better part of two weeks so I had not met any of them up until now.
Things in her household seemed to be going along at, as usual, it would be all about the Lady of the house.
It wasn't much of a shock that she had employed "Bo" for her makeup artist and manicurist as she had done such a fine job last time.

There was a more interesting choice out in the yards where I could just make out the outline of a man cutting wood for the winter that would soon be upon us.

As we had our coffee in the sunroom we could see a large percentage of the estate but they couldn't see in. Not wanting to be that forward as to wreck any opportunity I might have for sex again with my"Jewel" I told her how I had been studying all the pressure points of the feet and that I thought there was something wrong with her ankle and asked if I could look.

She agreed and I could feel the first barrier go down straight away.

Asking Bo to get some hand cleaner and some water I started to clean Jewels' feet ever so lightly and with gentle squeezes knew exactly where to put pressure to get her little engine purring.

Once again I literally had her in the palm of my hand, her eyes begging.
As my fingers were working her feet I could see that she was struggling to sit still as her juices began to flow and give off that radiance of womanhood.

Time slowed down for both of us again as we blocked everything out except for what we were feeling for each other.
"Excuse me Jewels the gardener has finished and would like to see you," said Bo from the doorway. How long she had been there was anyone's guess but the spell had been broken.

"Come in Keith and meet my good friend Doug," Jewel said
Standing just a bit taller than me I shook his hand and said "glad to meet you, Keith, it looks like you have done a fantastic job preparing for winter."
"Thank you it was a bit tough at the start but once you get a routine it is easier" Keith spoke in a mild voice that showed he had done years of hard work and yet could sit and talk about any topic that you could mention.

A well-travelled soul I could see, not a threat or a rival but a gentleman.

My Jewel said, "why don't you have a break and clean up and have a coffee?"
"Thank you miss Jewel I would appreciate that but first I must clean all this wood sap off" Keith answered.

"Not a problem, I will ask Bo to put on a fresh pot and find you some clothes to change into." Jewels said, happy that everything was done for the day and we all could relax and talk.

Bo didn't mind going into maid mode for miss Jewel because she knew there were many side benefits to being her friend, makeup artist, manicurist and sometimes cook.
This was one of those fringe benefit times for Bo.

"Come this way Keith and we will get that nasty sap off you and clean you up", Bo said to the gardener.

"Excuse me miss Jewel I better get clean now, nice to meet you Doug " Keith then left the room and followed Bo down the hallway.

"Nice man," I said to Jewel." looks like he is well travelled and full of stories".

"Yes he is a lucky catch of mine," said Jewel" he was in the right place at the right time and doesn't mind hard work".

"We won't get to finish our foot play will we?" I asked
"You never know sweetie, you never know" jewel teased.

Meanwhile, Bo was leading Keith to the bathroom at the end of the hallway, the one that she particularly liked because of the big spa bath in the corner that Jewel and herself had spent many hours in and had quite a few bottles of wine in. It was a sanctuary for the two women after long days of socializing and pandering to the rich elite. Bo didn't stand for classes.
"A toe is a toe" was her favourite sayings.

Keith was enjoying the smells and fragrance of the room, it wasn't often he got to see the inner workings of the main house.
"Everything is in there," Bo said pointing to a closet full of robes and towels. To clean up just a bit of dirt on his hands he thought was a bit of overkill but you do what the boss wants he had learnt from years of manual labour

As he was washing the sap off he came across a rather nasty splinter."Bo, can you help me for a minute?" He called out hoping she was still there.

Bo was quick to answer and appeared at the door rather quickly he thought.
"Yes, Keith what's up?" Bo queried
"Can you get this out for me?" asked Keith holding up a splinter.
"That's a bit big for a splinter, " Bo said realizing how big the piece of wood was actually sticking out of his hand.

"Come over here where there's more water and take that shirt off for starters" Bo ordered.
Keith did as he was told and put is arm underwater in the spa.
"Not very hygienic is it?" Keith said.
Both Bo and Keith laughed.

"You better take your top off as well if you don't want to get it wet," Keith said.
Bo actually stripped down to her panties and hopped in the water and before Keith could say anything Bo had the wood out of his arm and a patch over the cut.

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