Gardener time
My woman was away on business so i lived with in her clothes for 3 days and the gardener was here today i look out at him as im in her black silk nightie and black thong and a set of heels i go down to the kitchen and call him in once he is in i can see the shock on his face i tell him to sit down we need a chat he relectantly settles opposite me and is managing to avoid eye contact i thought the little shit isnt going to take the bait. So i tell him that i can no long afford to pay him and ill have to let him go and i instantly saw in his eyes he was worried a latino man with a wife and kids and in his 30s he needs this job so i say look you have 1 of 2 choices you leave now or u fuck me so hard i will keep you on for life i see the pain and terror in his eyes he questions what about my women i said she is gone for a week and this wont cross my lips?

He thinks for a moment the he says no i quickly jump in to interject and tell him look ill suck ur cock if u get hard you fuck me if u dont you can keep your job subject closed he thinks about my proposition and as he does i get up and walk to the sink and slowly lift the nightie over my ass i turn around and his gaze is fixed on my ass ive got him i thought and without turning around i say well drop your pants and get your cock out i cant suck it through pants and as i turn they r down and his cock is already semi hard i say come on sexy half the job is done already so i get on my knees and start sucking the tip of his penis and start stroking his shaft but i start kissing down his cock till im at his balls and i place them both in my mouth and start sucking and i dont stop til his hands are my head. I cant wait any longer and i slide is cock into my mouth and now he is hard im over joyed i now am going to get fucked by my first guy so i suck him slow and hard and grab my cock that is hard in my thong and start jerking away on it i stop sucking his cock and i stand up and plant a kiss on his lips to my suprise he kisses back and his tongue invades my mouth and i decide i cant wait any longer.

So i back off and slide my thong down my perfectly smooth legs and my nighty is held up by my hard cock he asks if he can suck it i say no not today maybe another today im being selfish so i turn around and bend over and without asking his fingers are in my ass and he is probing quick and deep and i let out a pleasurable scream which gets my cock to cumming point and thats when i feel it slide in all moist of my mouth and hard he is slow and gentle to begin with and as his penetrating my ass his hands are up around my face and his fingers from my ass are in my mouth and i greedily suck on them and at this time he is gradually getting faster and i pull forward and his hard cock falls out i say to him to the bedroom i have a mirror i pick up my panties and put them back on and grab him by the hand and lead him upstairs and when we get there i push him on the bed and climb on top of him in reverse cowgirl so im looking at the mirror i lower down on his cock and start riding it hard and all i can look at is my cock flapping up and down in the mirror we got at it for a couple of mins when i hear a moan and feel warm wet stuff enter my ass groan and start jerking my cock and it cums all over my nighty as i lay on top of him i turn around and kiss him on the lips climb of him and walk to the bathroom and tell him to finish the grass and go home.
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