Gardeners winter
Winter rolled in quite faster than expected and had caught everyone by surprise. The roads blocked by snow and fallen trees along the path to get back to town.

Meaning the four people at the main house were trapped inside. (if you can call a blazing fire and a cellar full of wine trapped)

The gardener had done exceptionally good work in the month's preceding winter so everything on the estate was in fine order and now there was nothing anyone could do about the main road so the only thing to do was to enjoy the company of friends these four people had become.

Although still technically employed by miss Jewels it more like a big family now.
Bo and Keith had paired off and enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh quite often now and had been sleeping in the same bedroom, nobody seemed mind especially miss Jewels.

Doug had also found he was trapped at the estate but it couldn't be a better situation for him as there was nothing better than sex with his Jewel.
There was just pure lust between Doug and Jewels and despite her status in the community Jewel went hard and passionate when it came to sex.

Bo and Keith had suck away again as there was nothing that could be done. The room that they had picked was one of the larger guest rooms and there was nothing better than curling up and just exploring each other's bodies, inch by inch.

Doug decided to go down to the cabin that housed the machines that ran the estate, all the generators and pumps to make sure everything was running. Telling Jewel that he would be a couple of hours if everything was alright.
"Take your time," Jewel said.
Doug needed time to himself. The cabin would be the perfect excuse to just get away for a while.

Checking over all the machines that ran the estate only took fifteen minutes and as everything was running at peak performance Doug could spend some quality time by himself.

It was something that Doug hadn't had time for in a long time. HIMSELF

Having women in the city plus miss Jewel hadn't given him any time for himself.
This time he had planned as the cabin fever of being snowed in was getting to him.
Going up to the loft of the cabin he found a laptop with an internet connection and a good rack of wines and scotch of which he started to help himself.

Looking at the browser history Doug came across a few porn sites so he started just doing a quick search of what was on there.
Sipping on the Scotch at the same time.

Finding what he had hoped was miss Jewels private getaway he searched through what little perversions she had.
He wasn't disappointed, soon finding that she liked a passion for being a tease.

Doug started to rub his crotch as he could feel himself start to get turned on by the images of lust that Jewels' had left behind.
By accident or not.

Meanwhile back at the main house Jewel had her own motives.
There was a knock at Keith and Bos' bedroom door.
"Come in," said Bo expecting to be called to work again.
"It's only me," said miss Jewel "can I come in? Doug has gone to the cabin"
"Of course Jewel" said Bo.

Keith was standing by the window looking at the snow falling outside when Jewel entered the bedroom, he turn to greet her.
"Bo, can you run the tub for us before Doug comes back please?" Said Jewel.
"The main one Jewel or this one?" Asked Bo
"This one will do if that is alright," Jewel said in a statement rather than a question.
"I see you both like the pleasure of each others flesh by the animal noises coming from this end of the house" Jewel surprised both of them but the can be said for the main bedroom also yet Bo and Keith said nothing.
"The bath is ready Jewel do you want us to go?" Bo asked. Looking at Keith.
"Isn't it time we bathed Keith Bo?" Jewels said with a smirk on her face.

Bo was undressing Jewels and holding a towel up for her to slip below the waterline, just letting her ample breasts float on the surface under a cover of bubbles.
Next Bo gently stripped her man's clothes off holding up a towel for him in the same fashion as his muscular frame slipped below the bubbles.
At last Bo could remove her own clothes and stood beside Jewels and slipped under the water nearest to Jewels leaving Keith an end all to himself.

"Imagine this," said Jewels "the three of us needing to clean our dirty minds all at the same time".

Jewels told Bo to scrub Keith's muscular frame, his arms were massive from the outside working.No Gyms out here, although there was a full Gym in the manner house he had never taken advantage of it. Never really having the time.

Bo started to sponge his frame and it wasn't long before she felt herself getting hot and her nipples harden.

This excited Jewels who moved closer and closer to Bo.

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