Getting a Tan
Beth gathered her things and headed out for the pool. She remembered what her husband had said before he left, "I want you to enjoy yourself while I'm gone, try to be a little adventurous." So she decided to work on her tan, she knew that even though she was in her forties, her husband still loved to see her with tan lines. He loved the contrast of pale and darkness on her naked skin, and she enjoyed having him look at her.

When she got to the pool it was empty, because most people in her condo complex worked, so she thought she could enjoy tanning in peace. No sooner had she finished rubbing herself with oil than a group of teen-age boys came into the pool area. She had seen some of them skateboarding through the complex grounds and felt that most of the time they were troublemakers. This time seemed to be no exception because she could hear them making lewd comments about her, the size of her tits and how nice her ass was. Normally when Beth heard her husband talk like this it turned her on, but these teens were beginning to get on her nerves and she was thinking about leaving when she heard somebody else come through the pool gate.

"I think it's time for you boys to find somewhere else to go" she heard the newcomer say. She looked up and saw her benefactor; he was tall, lean and had an excellent tan on his fit body. He carried a small ice chest with him. She wanted to laugh when she saw the boys scatter like flies. The stranger came over to her and said " I heard those punks as soon as I walked out my door on the other side of the pool. I hope you didn't mind me chasing those pests off, is it O.K. if I sit here?"

"No, I didn't mind" she said, "in fact I appreciate you rescuing me very much." They both laughed at her remark.

"My name is Roger," he said, "I'm just watching my sister's condo while she's out of town." He opened up his ice chest and pulled out small container and some plastic cups. "I've made some margaritas, would you like some?"

Beth didn't usually drink except when she was vacationing but she felt she could use some calming down still so she accepted one. They talked a little about themselves and sipped their drinks, it may have been the heat of the day or her nervousness but Beth finished her first drink quickly. Roger offered her another drink and poured himself one more as well. They were very good margaritas and soon they had finished their second drink as well. They made more small talk and laughed about the boys they had chased away.

"Look I'm going to make some more margaritas, do mind waiting till I come back?" said Roger.

"If you don't mind, I have to pee, and I don't want to walk back to my condo" said Beth, kind of surprising herself at her openness, "can I come with you?"

"Sure come on," he said.

They walked to the condo, which had a few steps going down below the pool deck level. He directed her to the bathroom, turned his stereo onto an oldies station and headed to the kitchen to mix the drinks. When Beth walked out the stereo was playing one of those comical songs that people ending up loving to dance to and looking silly in the process. Both she and Roger were no exception; they started shimmying and shaking out funny little moves that barely passed for dancing. Beth almost forgot that she was in only a bikini and how her breast shook when she moved, but Roger noticed how enticing they were immediately. He started to get a lump in his trunks that he was unable to hide, fortunately Beth didn't notice right away. The next song that came on was a slow torchy love ballad.

"I love this song," she said.

"Me too," said Roger " Shall we keep dancing?"

They moved closer together and now Beth felt the growing stiffness of Rogers cock in the lower part of her belly. She started to feel the effects of the drinks and instead of shying away from him she held him even closer, enjoying the sensation of his hard dick against her body. When the music stopped, Roger leaned forward and kissed her. At first Beth was unsure how to react, she had never been another man since her marriage, but she was now swept away with the moment. She returned his kiss, and he started to kiss her neck as his hands reached down to stroke her breasts. She could feel her nipples getting hard as he pulled down the straps of her bikini bra. He started to suck on her big brown nipples, and Beth started to sigh and feel short of breath. Roger removed her top and started to tug on the bottom part of her outfit down her legs. Beth felt a little nervous excitement overcoming her since she had never been in this situation. She reached down to move his hand away, but somehow her hand brushed against his hard cock. She almost let out an audible gasp when she felt the size of it. His dick was much bigger than her husbands.

Soon her curiosity got the best of her and to her own amazement she started pulling down his trunks as he pulled hers off. She felt even more aggressive as she moved him around and sat him on the nearby couch. She didn't often suck on her husbands' dick, but when she did she delighted in hearing him say how good she was at it. Now as she looked at Rogers' tremendous cock she knew she wanted to know how it felt in her mouth and how much she could fit past her lips. She started to lick the tip and kiss it gently up and down the shaft. She licked his balls and softly sucked them to Rogers' growing pleasure. He could hardly speak, but he hoarsely whispered for her to suck it more. She continued licking and sucking his balls and shaft and time seemed to stand still for both of them.

It seemed as if they were both reading each others' mind, because she put the head between her lips at the exact moment Roger wanted to feel his dick in her warm mouth. She was surprised how much she managed to get into her mouth and how good it felt. Roger started pumping his hips and Beth felt her mouth going up and down the shaft of his dick at a furious pace. She was truly enjoying the feeling of the big dick in her mouth, but she knew that she really wanted to now feel it in her pussy.

She stood up to mount him wondering how it would feel in her hot wet vagina. She started to rub the tip of his dick on her clit, when she happened to look up through his living room window. She hadn't noticed before that the shades were not drawn all the way. As she looked out she now saw one of the older boys from earlier looking in on her and Roger. She saw a look of shock on his face as he recognized what he was watching, and it almost made her start laughing, but she looked at the pleasure on Rogers' face and she understood that the heat felt between her legs was not going to be denied. Since Roger was unaware of what was going on outside, she found herself giving the young boy a sly smile a lowered her wet cunt on the waiting upright dick. She felt powerful as she plunged her pussy lower onto Rogers throbbing cock. She smiled at Rogers' look of pure delight and at the now excited teen outside observing her and her new lover. "I'm satisfying both of you horny men and its' so nice to be in control," she thought to herself. The thought of having sex with one mans' body and another's' mind exited her deep inside. She began thrusting herself up and down on Rogers' willing cock, and occasionally would sneak a look at the exited young boy who now smiled back at her performance. Roger reached up and massaged her tits in his hands.

Beth and Roger both started to come at the same time, their moans of pleasure filled the room. She could feel the pulsating of Rogers' dick coming inside her a pussy throbbed with an ecstatic release. She looked again out the window, but the boy was gone.

"Did you enjoy that?" asked Roger.

"In a way you wouldn't know," was her coy reply.

The phone began to ring and Beth knew that they had to get dressed and cleaned up. There was no way she could repeat what happened today. However, she felt good knowing she kept her promise to try to be adventurous.
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