Getting in too deep
Hi my name is Scoot and I fucked up, my girlfriend is Lucy and she is gorgeous but she has a best friend Emma and she is a pain in the arse. As mentiond in my last story Emma had pictures of me with a vibrater stuck up my bum so I had to be nice to her.

The girls were out late and Emma stayed the night at our place, that went well nothing kinky happened, that is until the morning....

Lucy went to work but I was on a late shift. I was left alone with the girl who had practicly raped me and instead of just leaving she decided to have a shower!

Emma came out the shower wearing a small towel and started coming on to me, I did not fancy Emma and did not want to cheat on Lucy. But then she reminded me she had photos and I should do as she wishes.

But I had an idea....I sugested we played cards - if I win the photos get deleted and if she wins I screw her. Emma agreed but added if she wins she wants a photo of me in a bikini and I fuck her. I agreed and then we played best out of 3.

I won the first game and Emma won the second so the next game was the decider, I was so turned on. Emma was not attractive she was short with massive boobs, short blonde hair but she was so sexy, she was the one who did the Ann Summer partiies so she loved sex toys and sexy underrwear. And now she was in front of me in just a small towel wanting me to fuck her.

I did'nt want to cheat on Lucy so this game was my way of trying to do the right thing, We showed our cards and she had me, I had lost.

I offered double or quits but Emma just dropped the towel pulled out my manhood and started sucking me off. I did'nt feel like id lost cos this felt great I was at least an inch bigger than id ever been as her tongue went around my cock and her boobs pressed against my legs. I stripped completely then I pulled her up to my lips we kissed like we were in love.

We moved to the bed still kissing madly and I layed on top, Emma spread her legs and pushed my head down she had shaven her pussy and I indulged myself by kissing, sucking and stretching my tongue into her pussy. This was my first shaven pussy and I loved it. Emma tasted great felt great and naked looked great.

I moved back up to kissing her mouth and positioned my cock to tease her pussy before going in, Emma grabbed my balls hard and rammed my cock in her pussy, every thrust felt too good and I did not want the feeling to end. Emma was a biteter and had a thing for biting my nipples this turned me on even more and I returned the favour on her massive gourgous boobs and added my teeth marks to her nipples.
I was giving everything I had, we were both sweating and loving it, as her screams got louder I pumped even more harder and deeper it was like i had something to prove.

Finally after my finest ever sex performance I pulled out and creamed her boobs which she then scooped into her mouth with her fingers before fingering herself and feeding me.

Then she wanted the bikini photos so I put on one of Lucy's bikinis and posed, I said to her you don't need photos to which she replied ''ol I do, I have plans for you boy''

Looking at the time and the fact I was standing near naked with an erection we had just enough time for more sex, this time doggy style. Was I in love?
I went to work not feeling guilty, very happy but with sore nipples and aching balls. Emma was all I could think about I wondered where was this going?

Sorry typed in secret on a shit phone x
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