Getting to Know Each Other Part 1
"Hi there" A hand shook hers firmly, and Sam looked up in to a pair of brilliant green eyes. She smiled back.
"Hey" She tried to look casual, but his sheer height and muscular build seemed to fill the space. She plucked at her blouse as he took a seat, making sure there were no crumbs on her.
He ordered a drink from the hovering waiter, and turned round to look at her again. "Sarah told me that you're a freelance writer. I've never read anything of yours though."
She blushed slightly, but this time out of anger. "I don't write under my real name. Although I don't think that what I write would be your cup of tea anyway."

Bas drummed his fingers on the table in front of him, as he thought if how to answer her. She was quite cute, even if she was on the plump side. Her cream blouse was undone a couple of buttons and he could see a matching top underneath that failed to conceal her breasts, which looked like they were trying to make a break for freedom. "If it's not published in newspaper, then probably not." He tore his eyes away from her impressive cleavage to look into her eyes.
There was a small smirk on her hips, and her hands moved to pull up the top a little, which only served to draw his gaze back down again.

She noticed his gaze on her breasts and rolled her eyes. "So, what made you agree to this?" She leant back in her seat. He looked puzzled for a split second, and then he cracked a breath-taking smile.
"Sarah said I could spend the evening with a pretty woman who was good at banter and had amazing eyes." His eyes flicked down to her cleavage, "As well as other assets."
The blush crept up from her neck all the way across her cheeks.

Suddenly the waiter appeared at the table again. "Excuse me Miss, but there was a message left at the bar for you." He handed her the piece of paper.

"Hey Sam. Don't be mad, but I can't pick you up. Also I have your house keys, and no I'm not letting you in, even if you scream at me. Go have some home, and I expect to see tomorrow afternoon with a certain glow about you xx"

Sam closed her eyes as she let the piece of paper sink in. She could actual hear her friend saying the words to her.
Bas looked quizzically at her, and took the piece of paper when she offered it.
He read it quickly the smile of his face widening. "What are we waiting for?" He chucked a few notes on the table and grabbed her hand, leading her out in to the cool night air.

She followed him in to the car park. Cute bum. She smiled to herself enjoying the view. He was tall. Much taller than her. He must be at least 6". She was barely 5"6 on a good day .He opened the door for her.
She got in the car, and prepared herself for his scent to fill the air. He smelt like bonfires and testosterone. It made her palms sweat as she tried to control the growing arousal. Despite the heat of the night, her nipples stood erect. Thank god she had worn a bra, that wasn't super thin. He got in the car. She noticed a small smile tugging at his lips. Oh god! What was she doing? She barely knew the guy, yet her friend had set her up to get laid. She looked over at him again. She trusted Sarah, so this guy was not going to be some mad man. What the hell. She thought. Some casual sex was just what she needed to release some tension.

He smelt her arousal as soon as he got in the car. He tried to smile at her, but she was looking out of the window. He inhaled deeply, noticing that she squirmed in her seat. A blush that started at the base of her throat crept up all the way across her checks. She's kind of cute. He sneaked a look at her. She obviously dyed her hair, it was an un-natural purple, but it picked out the green in her hazel eyes.
He cleared his throat. "I can make you some dinner when we get back."
Silence filled the car. He had never been this awkward around a woman before. Maybe it was because she was younger or the fact that Sarah had practically given him instructions on getting her into bed. She couldn't have been more then 22. He tried again. "I could show you the lake tomorrow."
She had added an s on to the word. He blinked. Bas found that strangely endearing and sexy at the same time. Christ. He clenched at the steering wheel, urging his erection to go. Please don't notice. Please don't notice. He saw her look. Then look again. He gulped. There was no way she could have missed the bulge in the front of his grey slacks. It would be no good if she thought he was only after sex. He had begged Sarah to arrange this after seeing Sam briefly at a party a few weeks ago. Now he was with her, he sure as hell wasn't going screw her and leave.

Sam tried not to stare, but she felt herself compelled to take a second look at the growing bulge in Bas's trousers. She felt the blush creep over her cheeks, and she tried to take a calming breathe to control her emotions. She had never met a man that evoked such a reaction from within her. She brushed her sweeping fringe out of her eyes and took another deep breathe.
"Is everything OK?" Bas gave her a glance as he indicated right down a bumpy, mud covered road.
Sam nodded, not trusting herself to speak. She heard Bas sigh. An aching crept across her stomach and lower. This man, with his alluring woody scent, was making her horny as hell.
"Fuck!" Bas slammed on his brakes. He took off his seatbelt, and turned in his seat to look at her. "What are you doing?" His arm came to rest along the back of her seat.
Sam undid her seat belt. She glanced at her hands. He was crowding her personal space, which wasn't exactly hard in the tiny front seats of the car.
He took her hands in one of his and shook them. "I said what are you doing?" She forced herself to meet his eyes, which alive with anger and arousal.
"I'm not doing anything." She tried not to lose herself in his deep gaze that seemed to penetrate her very soul. He rolled his eyes at her.
"I know you feel it too." Sam shuddered as he ran his thumb over her hand, a gentle caress. "I scented you when I got to our table - sweet, tart and sensual. I can sense your arousal as we speak."
Kathryn closed her eyes and tried to regain her usually steady composure. She could feel him closing in around her, his arm slipping from the back of her seat, to close round her nape. She had nowhere left to hide.

"I saw you at the party. I thought you looked sweet and innocent, as well as sensual. I begged Sarah to set us up. I wanted to kiss you, tease you,"
Bas tried to contain himself, as he lowered his head to hers, and felt her lips brush against his own. He let out a soft moan, as he inhaled her tempting scent. Pulling her around so they sat facing each other, he traced the outline of her jaw, whilst nibbling on her lower lip. She let out little whimpers of pleasure, which caused his erection to grow painfully against his zipper. Fisting one hand in her hair, he tilted her head to deepen the kiss. Her hands came to rest on his chest, using his shirt to pull them closer together. He traced circles on her nape with his other hand.
Sam parted her lips to let out a small moan, and he swept his tongue inside. She moaned louder, using her tongue against his. His hand dropped to his seat, as he gripped the lever that pushed his seat back. He grabbed her waist and pulled her across to straddle him, knees either side of his legs.

She pulled back a little. "I'm too heavy." The breathless whisper in his ear caused him to sigh aloud. She tried to wriggle back on to her own seat, but Bas gripped her hips possessively
"If you were too heavy' I wouldn't have done it in the first place." He pressed a hand to her exposed hip. "I think curves are sexy as hell on women." He gripped her chin, forcing her to look at him. "I think you're sexy as hell."
She smiled bashfully at him. He pulled her forward on himself and licked her bottom lip, before kissing her. Damn her kisses are sweet. Bas liked the way she had put her hands on his shoulders. He used his hands to pull her further up his legs, leaving her resting on his erection. He moaned as she grinded a little against it. He pushed up the sides of her t-shirt to run his hands over her soft abdomen and generous hips. She was soft and smooth to his touch, and oh so warm. He let his lips trail over her throat and her neck. Bas felt Sam throw back her head in pure delight, as he trailed licks and nibbles over her collar bone. He also felt her hands grip his shoulders, her nails digging in slightly. He moaned with desire, knowing he was making her lose control.

Her response was to kiss him harder. Sam loved the way his hands felt, running all over her. She was usually unadventurous, and had a very limited experience of sex. She grinded against his erection and felt it twitching against her jean encased thighs. She heard a slight rip, then hands on the tops of her legs. Bas made her straighten her legs a little so he could shimmy down her jeans, and rid her of her sandals at the same time. Sam felt him moan as she settled herself more comfortably against his erection. Sam pulled at his shirt, wanting to feel his skin. She was floored when she saw hard muscle, and a chest with a dusting of dark red hair.
Leaning towards him, she planted little kisses around his nipples. She felt him fist his hands in her hair. He pulled her up, attacking her mouth with a passionate kiss that made her toes curl with desire. His hands left her hair for a few seconds; and she felt him fumbling with his zip. She moaned into his mouth as she felt, her panties shred. She felt him nudge his cock against her wet, slick opening. She lowered herself gently on to him, hearing him hiss. Sweet Jesus he fills me up. Resting for a second, her forehead against his, she gulped in some air. She felt him cup her bottom as he began to move her up and down. Her hands gripped his shoulders as she moaned in sweet ecstasy.
"Oh Bas." She lost herself in the sweet sensation of being rocked to delightful pleasure. She heard Bas hiss, as her nails tracked down his back. Instead of telling her to stop, he moved her faster. She groaned into mouth, felt his fingers dance over her body in a tender caress.

Bas brought his lips to her ear. "I think you're sexy."
Her muscles clenched as she came around him. She threw her head back as she surrendered to him. He clenched his teeth, as her inner muscles squeezed him in an intimate caress. He closed his eyes as he came. Her kisses on his jawline were extremely tender. He pulled her closer into him, pressing kisses to her nape as he tried to think of something to say.

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