Getting to Know Each Other Part 2
Bas felt Sam pull off of him, and slide back into her own seat. He looked across at her as she started re-dressing her lower half. He felt a lump form in his throat. He had no clue what to say. Bas ran his fingers through his hair, before doing his jeans back up. They sat in silence for a few minutes. He kept sneaking looks at Sam as he tried to form a sentence. That was great? No. You're amazing? Double no. Why is this so hard?

"I can see you thinking." Sam gave him a shy smile. "That was... Um, that was different."

Bas groaned then dropped his head against the steering wheel. She hadn't enjoyed herself if that's the description she used.

"I meant different in that I've never had sex in a car before." Bas raised his head to look at her. She was running her hair through her lips, not sucking on it, just running it through.

He reached out and took her hand in his, before pressing a kiss to her open palm. "I'd like to do it again." He smiled wickedly at her.

Sam snorted. "Even men as fit as you don't recover that fast."

She held his hand firmly. "But maybe we do it later on tonight?" Her smile was sensual and innocent at the same time. Bas couldn't help his self. He cupped her jaw and kissed her softly upon those teasing lips.

Pulling away, he made sure her seatbelt was on before starting the car up. "I hope you agree to let me do it' again and again." He reached across to tuck her hair behind her ear, before navigating back onto the road, and towards his home.

They arrived at Bas's home twenty minutes later. Bas watched as she stared at his den. Opening the front door, he let Sam go first and heard her gasp. The front room was in neutral creams and browns. A large corner sofa separated the front room from the dinning and kitchen area. The kitchen was state of the art, although he had had it built to look homely. The dining table could seat twelve and in the middle of it sat a vase holding ten daisies. Mum's been in. Bas smiled with contentment, knowing that Sarah had told his mum, and that his mum had taken it upon herself to make his place presentable.

Sam was in awe of Bas's home. It was homely and wild all at the same time. She was very impressed. "This is nice." She grinned at him. "Care to show me the bedroom?"

Sam bounded up the stairs with Bas hot on her heels. She collapsed at the top giggling, after beating him to the top of the stairs. Bas took a seat next to her. "Not bad for a girl." He nudged her playfully, causing her to sprawl back. He leant over her, his hands either side of her head.

Sam growled at him, snapping her teeth a couple times for good measure. He laughed. "Oh I'm scared off the big bad wolf girl." She rubbed her nose against his.
"So, what is it we have here?"

He looked at her, possession running through him. He didn't want another man laying a hand on her.

Bas had never felt such possession run through him. "No other man will touch you intimately from now on. I want to be the one to give you pleasure. To make you moan in ecstasy. I want to be the one to put a smile on your face, and to kiss the tears away when you're sad." He stood up and held a hand out to her.

She raised an eyebrow but said nothing as she took his out hand and got to her feet. He walked straight ahead to the first door on the right, opposite the stairs. Bas let her walk in first, and heard her whistle with approval.

The bedroom was simplistic; a large circular bed took up the middle floor space. It was a strewn with pillows. Four doors, which was wardrobe space, was the whole back wall. There were a few chests and tables, with pictures and posters, but it was the ceiling that was the main feature of this room. The roof over the bedroom was made of glass, the stars and the moon clearly visible from the bed.
Bas dragged Sam over and sat with her on the bed looking up. They fell back against the pillows, as they looked at the beautiful night sky.
"It's magical." Sam turned to look at Bas. "You're an old romantic at heart."

Bas sighed happily, feeling rested and satisfied. "It settles me." He pulled her closer, one arm draped around her shoulders, the other resting on her navel. "It helps me sleep at night." He inhaled her scent of raspberries and chocolate, felt her kiss his cheek.
"Thank you." Bas felt her turn on her side, and followed suit, so she could use his arm as a cushion.

"Wait till tomorrow Sam, before you thank me." He nuzzled her hair, felt her giggle.

"Why's that?" She yawned; the long journey and the incredible work out had taken its toll.

"Because you'll have to explain to Sarah why the car smells like sex!"

She laughed loudly, the tingle of his kisses on her lips remaining. The aching between her legs was still there. She nestled back against him, her bum against his groin and wiggled a little, as if to get comfy. She heard a slight groan from him, and did it again, a wicked smile playing on her lips. His hand came up to caress her breast, fingers deftly teasing her nipples to hard peaks. She turned her head and planted small kisses down his fore arm, as his hand continued to tease her.

She swiftly turned to face him, her leg hitching over his waist. His hands dropped to caress her thigh as he settled himself against her.

Sam's eyed felt heavy with lust, as she reached up to wrap her arms around his shoulders and pull him down for a kiss. Their lips met and she could literally feel the electricity around them. She stroked her fingers through his hair as he teased her bottom lip with his teeth. He smiled at her, and dropped kisses down her neck and throat, sucking lightly on her flesh. Her thighs clamped around him as she arched her back.

Bas couldn't believe that this sexy, voluptuous woman was in his bed with her legs around him. He nibbled on her ear lobe, on hand stroking her thigh the other on her breast that was overflowing from the bra she wore. He settled himself more heavily against her and dropped his head to pull a nipple into his mouth. He felt her stiffen, as his tongue flicked around it, before he bit it gently.

He pulled back to look at her. Her purple hair was slightly messy, her lips swollen from his kisses, her eyed heavy lidded with desire. Fuck. His cock throbbed in his boxers as he tried to control his urge to pin her down and fuck her silly. He wanted this time to take longer, to make her beg for it.

He took her mouth with a passion he had never felt before. He hissed as her nails tracked down his back. He kissed her harder, his tongue dancing with hers. She ached in to the kiss. Bas slipped his arms behind her back to unclasp her bra, and moaned. Her breasts were soft, creamy and very generous. Her nipple was hard as he took it back into his mouth to suck and tease.

Sam moaned with slight frustration. The attention he was lavishing on her breasts was amazing, but her pussy was aching to be touched. She could feel his cock nudging against her through the thin material of her panties. She let her hands slip down his back to cup his firm ass. Her hands wandered over his boxers, pulling them down as much as she could.

Bas stopped kissing her to look down and smile. She smiled back and continued to tug at his boxers. Taking the hint he stood and took them off. She bit her lip as she watched him. His body was toned. His chest had a faint dusting of dark red hair. She let her eyes feast on him as they made their way down his body.

His cock was just wonderful. Sam knew it had been thick when it had entered her earlier that evening. She crawled forward and pulled his hips towards her. She looked up at him before flicking her tongue across the head teasingly. His hands fisted in her hair and she moaned. She wrapped a hand around him, pumping his shaft as her tongued danced over the smooth skin. She felt Bas thrust his hips forward and she relaxed the muscles in her throat to allow more of him in.

Bas gritted his teeth as Sam sucked him. His hands were still in her hair holding her in place as he thrust in to her mouth, enjoying the warm feeling of her mouth. He groaned as he slipped a little deeper into her throat. He groaned again when one of her hands reached up to fondle his balls. Her lips left his cock and teased their way down to his balls to suck and lick them. She looked up and he nodded with approval. His eyes roamed over her shapely hips and ass, even more exposed in the kneeling position that she was in. One hand left her hair to travel down her back and ass, caressing her smooth soft, skin. The erotic image of her red lips around him was almost too much to bear, and he pulled away before he came in her mouth.

Bas grinned at her and walked around the bed, keeping his hands on her body, making sure she stayed on her knees. He climbed behind her, running a finger against her panties which were now damp with arousal. He pulled them down so the rested at her knees. He rubbed his cock along her damp heat before thrusting in. His hands gripped her hips as her tight hole gripped him. He threw back his head and moaned as his cocked was caressed intimately.

Sam shook with pleasure as he buried himself in her. He filled her completely. She moaned as he withdrew slightly and then thrust back in. His hand left her hip to grasp her hair, forcing her to arch her back. He rode her hard and she loved it. Each thrust sent her closer to the edge. Her hands clamped on the bed sheets as she made whimpering sounds of pleasure in the back of her throat. He knees began to buckle as she came. She collapsed on the bed, still shaking, her pussy throbbing.

Bas still continued to thrust, the new position making her oh so tight. He leant forward to kiss her neck, hands caressing and holding her hips. She smiled at him, a moan escaping her pouted lips. He couldn't help it. He came hard, feeling his balls drain. He felt her use her muscles to milk him. He collapsed next to her, and stroked her hair out of her eyes.

He kissed her lips as she moved to cuddle into the side of him. He wrapped an arm protectively around her, and let the promise of naughty dreams lull him to sleep.
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