Getting to the shower con'td
Exhausted, we fell asleep in each others arms for hours.

I love how you nestle in on my chest and I feel your hair on my cheek and its clean fragance fills my nostrils. I reach up and pull the comforter down from the couch and cover us. My thought again, how glad I got the longer couch. So comfortable we strech and lay completely out. Your legs slide down the outside of my legs. Then the meshing of your pubic hair with mine. After a bit of time you shift gently, lifting to one side, you straddle my one leg and slightly hump it. You reach for my penis and gently massage the moist tenderized dick and balls.

You whisper in my ear, "Im cramping a bit" I said, don't worry about it go back to sleep, we had a good work out." A slight hug and nuzzel and grind we both fall back to a wonderful dream land.

About an hour passes and you wake. You start licking my nipple and gently kissing it. I start moaning abit. Your fingers find my loney nipple and give it its due attention. I begin to wake up the most generous manner. Your smiling as my dick is expanding full force thru your slit as you are laying on top of me. Adjusting yourself so that my dick is slides right up to your clit. I'm getting to be full awake now, feeling your sliding on me. "It's so wet and warm." I smell a beauitful fresh aroma, a bit different than before a little bit sweeter. Very soothing.

You meet my lips and slip in your tongue to exchange our drool together. Were both hot and grinding each other. All of a suddden my dick slips in your vagina engulfed completely. It's so warm and juicey, it feels like heaven. I feel the heat of the nectar running upon my balls.

You whisper in my ear, "my period is early." I whisper back "gooddd...prove it." You look at me strange and lift off. You ring your thumb and index finger around my dick base and squeeze while lifting up. That made me grow an extra inch and then you place the juice between my lips. Then you scoup your slit and return to my open lips. You grab my head and give me the deepest french kiss ever. At the same time my penis finds its home and is throbing as it is probes deep in and out. Slowly and deeply as our tongues stir the nectar.

As your tremors start to shake over your body, you feel my body go rigid and my sperm begins plowing into you meeting your climax. The blasts of my juice rocketing into your cervix and bouncing off its back wall! Blasting you so hard my toes clamp up. Groaning as each delivery I feel the rolling sperm pulsating thru my dick as it pours into you. Then your warmth I feel deep inside you. Wow...were just breathless. Looking into your eyes thru your pupils searching for each others soul. M

We embrace and fall asleep again. We just feel the wonderful warm wetness and warm bodies we have created between us.

Peace is in our world tonight!

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