Getting to the shower pt
I am holding you with my arms and with my legs wrapped around your body under a nice warm comforter. Enjoyably relaxed on pillows that cushioned the floor. A new dawn was breaking daylight and I remember asking what you wanted for breakfast. You said something about "honey". I thought for a moment, got up and secured the bottle of honey and came back to the comforter. I lifted gently the comforter revealing a beautiful butt, cheeks, thighs and a nice set of lips in between.

I take the honey and dip a spoon and begin to drizzle it over your rose bud and filling your ass and crevice. Allowing the honey to flow threw the contours of your body, as I listen to your horney moans with delight.

As the sweetness enters your lip area, I gently separate the vaginal folds with my finger. Gently massaging about the inner folds of the lips, the sides become fuller and retract. A beautiful moist pathway emerges. A tunnel opens to your inner sanctom as the drizzle begins to fill its void.

Sliding a pillow under your thighs gives your hips a better perspective and holds the nourishing juices. I can see the movement and slight gyration on the pillow as the feeling of sweet ooze fills the gap and trickles down to your clit.

I grab my pulsating penis and get between your legs. With one finger I begin to gently and slowly insert and massage the honey into your rectum. You moan again, aroused with the stimulating nerve dancing. Your vagina begins to drip. I take the helmet of my shaft and scoup the juices while wetting its entire length and girth. I slide it up your crevice with the head continuously riding over the anal doorway. Maintaining the sliding up and down movement, this slowly gets you into a fuck frency. Suddenly, you life up and impale my shaft into your ass. Just enough passed the helmet and be consumed in your moist, heated well lubed ass. You squeeze your ass muscle around me. So sexed, I feel like your pulling the head of my dick off. You scream as you cum. You work the head and instantly my dick begins to empty into you. I slowly pull out to the top while pumping cords of cum. Your ass is opened from receiving me and my ropes of cum are just filling the gasp. At the same time your cumming so hard I take my dick and scoupe your love juices from your gina and paint them toward your back loving hole.

I lay down between your legs and begin kissing your cheeks and inner theighs. My tongue hungers for the pool of juice cream. My tongue begins its quest of sucking up our tender juices with that special honey recipe surprise. My tongue darts in and out of each orifice and I'm enjoying this cream pie. Following the path down the revine I find the the open cave of your love canal, I nourish on the food you are serving. soon after....

We stagger to the shower, I turn the water jets on, waiting for the right temperture. You are looking at my toys and seems your interested....what is next?

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