Girl's Cruise..........part 1
In October 2009, three of my closest girlfriends and myself went on a Bermuda cruise. Yep! Just us girls. About once a year we meet up for a little time together but this time we decided to go big.

Several years ago Kathy, Karen, Wendy, and I went through business college together and we share many secrets. We've remained close ever since. Wendy lives in Myrtle Beach; Karen, Beckley, WV; Kathy, Sandusky, Ohio; and I am here in Maryland.

The cruise was out of New York City on the Norwegian Dawn and went from Sunday to Sunday. It is the same ship and destination that Tom and I have done four times ourselves. I love Bermuda. We boarded the ship and went to the top deck. We were docked right next to the Intrepid and when the ship backed out we were right in the spot on the Hudson River where Captain Scully put his plane down only nine months prior. The thought of that while at the same time having a clear view of the skyline where the Twin Towers once stood was very sobering. Otherwise, it's always exciting to cruise out the Hudson heading for the ocean. New York City! So much to see and from such a rare vantage point viewing it from the ship.

Me and the other girls were all in the same general area but spread out trying to find room against the railing for front row viewing. A guy in front of me stepped back while nodding his head for me to move in. I did and thanked him. I stayed there for probably a half hour before stepping back to look for the other girls. The gentleman was still there behind me and I thanked him again for letting me have his spot. He introduced himself as Richard and appeared to be alone but then so did I.

The four of us regrouped and proceeded to our assigned cabins after retrieving our baggage and unpacked. Wendy and I shared a cabin while Karen and Kathy shared one right next to us. We had all agreed to meet at the Venetian Dining Room on deck 7 at 6:00 PM for dinner. Incredible food everywhere on ship but especially the dining rooms.

During dinner we discussed our evening plans while paging through the ships entertainment itinerary. We decided we would hit the Spinnaker Lounge on deck 12. Live entertainment and a great social gathering place. So when we finished dinner we returned to our cabins so that we could change into something more suitable for afterhours and then proceeded to the elevators on the stern end of ship which would transport us up to deck 12 just outside the entrance to the Spinnaker Lounge. Hmmmmm, I thought, we must all have the same thought. Skirts and short dresses.......... showing high thigh and deep cleavage and bare shoulders. About all we packed for the cruise were our beach and bar stool outfits. When the four of us get together we kind of have our own little code of "don't ask don't tell" So! Now having covered that!.........Let's go have some fun!.......Let's go tease some cock!

We could hear the music before entering the lounge. A really good sounding band playing mostly 60's music. Already crowded in the Spinnaker but not packed we made our way to the bar and saw only three empty stools so a guy got up off his so that we could have four in a row. We all yelled our "thank you" to him. We were surrounded by several guys standing, holding their drinks, and talking. Good crowd, everyone friendly and having a great time. Now and then a guy would come over and offer one of us a drink. We would politely refuse not wanting to be under obligation but would still start a little conversation with them as not to seem like we giving the cold shoulder. After all, we were wearing bright shining smiles and showing off leg and boob shots. It irks me when a woman does that and then acts pissed because some guy is looking. We enjoyed having them look. This was our 'girls cruise' and I think we all had the idea of taking full advantage of it. What girl doesn't enjoy a little attention on the side?

Wasn't long before guys started asking us to dance. A few asked me out to the floor for some fast dances and I obliged. I love any kind of dancing and was pleased that most of them were pretty good dancers . Each one would thank me and escort me back to my stool. I didn't know if any of these guys had girlfriends or wives ...........but that was for them to deal with. When someone asks me to dance or offers me a drink I don't do a background check. After a few long neck Buds and several dances I was all loosened up. The music changed from fast to slow and I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and it was Richard; the guy I met on top deck as we were leaving New York. "Richard ! Hi !" I said, obviously sounding excited.

"It would do me great honor if the gorgeous redhead from top deck would dance with me", he said.

Now how in the hell do you turn down a come on line like that? While taking his outreached hand into mine his eyes watched my skirt slide up my legs as I slid off the bar stool. He said that he had been sitting back observing me and that he concluded that I was only traveling with the three other girls. We began a slow dance and talked about the ship and other meaningless crap. He held me gently and close yet we were not touching. However, this had our faces right in front of each other with noses almost touching. Mmmmmm that cologne, and handsome smile along with those couple of Bud Lights already in me seemed to be moistening my panties a little.

As the song ended it went right into another slow song. He pulled me in tighter against him and I let him. Hmmmm, what's that poking me?! Good dancer, easy and light on his feet. He's held plenty of women this way I'm sure. When finished he escorted me back to my stool. The other three girls were gone. They were each getting hit on and apparently gone their own way. Not wanting to sit alone I asked Richard to stay with me. We had another drink while doing some more casual talk. We both became very comfortable with each other and pretty soon it seemed infatuation was born much quicker then usual for me. Normally I like to tease longer and play hard to get.

During the first two and a half days cruising towards Bermuda the girls and I would always have breakfast together and the rest of the time we each did individually what we wanted to do. Each one of us, early in the cruise, latched on to "don't ask, don't tell" acquaintances. In the evenings we always ended up in the Spinnaker Lounge for fun and dancing and also gave me a peak at who the other girls were with.

I mentioned to Richard that I was a morning person and have never missed a sunrise on a cruise. He met up with me every morning and we strolled each carrying our mug of coffee on top deck. It was Richard's first time to Bermuda so I suggested to him that I take him to Horseshoe Bay Beach for a full day on the island after we arrive into port. Beautiful, seems like an inadequate word to describe this beach . It is so awesomely gorgeous there. I always spend as much time as I can at Horseshoe when I am in Bermuda............can never get enough of it. His face lit up when I invited him to go there with me.

The next morning just before noon we disembarked the ship and boarded a shuttle bus for the thirty minute ride to the beach. The bus was crowded and we were squeezed like sardines. The suit I brought was a shimmering sky blue. The triangles covering my tits were adjustable and positioned so that they only covered my nipples and the bottom left most of my ass exposed. Not what I would get caught wearing back home on the farm. I wore a pullover cover-up while riding the bus and brought an outfit in my bag in case we wanted to do some touring and shopping around later after leaving the beach, maybe over at Hamilton.

Richard was pressed against me and I had to sit somewhat sideways for a third person to share our seat. Richard's hand was on my knee and when the bus began moving his hand slid slightly up my lower thigh as he said, "Well, here we go." I picked up his hand by the wrist, lifted my cover-up enough to place his hand back down unto my bare thigh, then let my cover-up fall back to hide his hand and I said, "Yep, here we go."

Reaching our destination we got off the bus and walked with the crowd down over the hill to the beach. Awe, there it was, so gorgeous and the weather and temperature put your mind in rewind to the middle of summer. Back home right now even a nice day was much cooler then this and nights were getting down right cold.

Mmmmmm, what an escape for body and mind. A place and time to let go and be a little frisky. We both laughed as we noticed about two thirds of the people were from our ship. They had the beach towels with the ships logo on them.

After visually scanning the beach Richard jokingly observed and said, "Damn, I thought you were taking me to a nude beach." It wasn't a nude beach but the swimwear everyone was wearing left nothing to the imagination. Grabbing Richard's hand I said, "Follow me, I want to take you further down the beach."

I led him, walking along the shoreline when he suddenly stopped and asked, "Aren't you going to take that thing off now?" Smiling, I pulled my cover-up off and put it in my bag. Mmmmmm it felt good having it off. Just enough on to be legal on a public beach. We proceeded towards our destination several minutes away. The gentle surf in the bay and the crystal clear aqua colored water were contributing to the mood. The crowd was thinning the further we walked We came upon a couple here and there and were seeing some occasional topless babes. I squeezed Richard's hand as I nodded towards two busty topless girls putting sun lotion on each other. "Like that?" I asked Richard with a little giggle in my voice. The poor guy almost tripped over his own tongue! This section of beach often becomes a great place for voyeurism because most people who stroll down this way like watching and being watched.

Finding our private spot we laid out our towels and I was entertained watching Richard remove his shirt. When he sat down I pushed him onto his back on his towel. "We need our sun protection." I insisted. I straddled one of his thighs placing a knee to each side and began rubbing his chest and arms with lotion while teasing his crotch with my knee from every move I made. Mmmmmm, felt something waking up! After applying the lotion to his legs I instructed him to roll over. While rubbing the lotion onto his back I untied my top and pulled it off. Even though it was very skimpy it felt so much better having it off.

"Okay, roll back over", I instructed him. As he did he devoured my breasts with his eyes as my movements purposely allowed them to sway freely in front of him. "Now that they are out does this mean you're going to ignore me the rest of the day?" I asked teasingly.

"No! No! I promise to give you all equal attention", he said panting as I leaned in towards him allowing him to touch a nipple with his tongue as they hung over his face.

"Okay Mister", I said to him as I started unsnapping his cargo shorts. "Off with 'em!" He glanced around and then began pulling them down his legs while still sitting. Ouu yummy! A commando! Richard was now naked and all I had on was a little two inch piece of material hiding my only remaining secret.

He laid back propped up on his elbows watching me as I squirted lotion into my hands and began applying it to his cock and balls. "Mmmmmm, growing into a big fellow! Nice." I said approvingly. Squirted more into my hands and continued applying it to his cock while squirting some into his hand so he began applying it to my breasts. His cock now a throbbing pole as we continued and I said, "I've always said that if you can't find a nude beach you've got to make one!"

I laid beside him as we talked and all the while kept a hand on his cock maintaining a gentle slow stroke rhythm. Leaning forward occasionally pressing my breasts against his chest I gave him little kisses on his neck. He was loving it and so was I. He became more and more relaxed at the idea of now and then someone walking by. No one walked close to us but it was fun knowing they were watching us here on our private nude beach. An hour went by when Richard suggested that we go for a swim so we got up and with me topless and Richard naked we walked into the surf. A lot of play and touching in the water before walking out of the water towards our towels. When we arrived there I was reaching for the lotion since it had all been washed off of us. In my mind I was already visualizing phase two action on our nude beach. I pictured in my mind him laying back on his towel as I then would straddle him and lower myself down sitting on his cock of steel having me in perfect position to lotion up his chest and arms as I slowly work his cock while it is fully hidden inside me.

But instead Richard couldn't contain or control himself any longer..............Standing at our towels Richard faced me and whispered loudly and urgently, "Go down on me!"

"What ?" I asked surprised.

"Suck my cock!" he said gasping and placed his hands on each side of my face and leaned forward and darted his tongue in and out of my mouth. "I need to feel your sweet lips on my cock," he said compellingly. At first I was startled and slightly frightened but quickly realized that I had become a victim of my own teasing. I had pushed him to where I wanted him but sooner then I had anticipated. His knob needed major relief. Our eyes were locked as I slipped my hands around to his muscular ass and slowly licked my way down his hairy chest and stomach. My knees wobbled as I lowered myself.

I settled to my knees. Richard's cock throbbed against my neck as I continued kissing and licking through the course, dark hair on his stomach. Reaching with both hands I began stroking him and rubbing his thick, dark erection across my cheek, neck and chest. I looked up at Richard's face. His eyes were closed, head thrown back and his chest heaved.

I fingered the head of his cock lightly and was fascinated by the way it would enlarge and harden when I touched it. Looking up I smiled seductively licking my lips, Richard turned my head back and positioned my mouth inches in front of his manhood. It was thick and literally lurching with each beat of his heart. A pearly bead appeared from the hole. "Lick it," I heard Richard whisper. I complied. The taste was mysterious and caused a slight tingling sensation on my tongue. At his urging I licked the large purple head again. It surged in my grasp and Richard took a deep breath. I was amazed. Pressing on the back of my head his push caused his cock to press directly into my mouth and I was beginning to take him deeper into my throat.

Richard's swollen bulb hit the opening to my throat. I started to gag. But that passed and became a deeply pleasurable sensation. He gave it to me deeper. Richard's thick cock was sliding in and out of my throat. I wanted more. I WANTED MORE!

Orgasmic tension was building from my mouth to my pussy as I fingered myself and Richard's cock again dived in and out of my mouth. Harder and harder it pressed past my lips, over my tongue, along the roof of my mouth, and finally into the tightness of my throat. As our pace quickened I could feel him pressing deeper and more urgently. Finally my face pressed against the slightly trimmed hairy mat of his pubic hair and I realized there was no more. I was taking it all! But, oh god how good it felt. I had never before in my life deep throated anyone. I had just then brought myself to cumming.

I tried to imagine how much cock was actually sliding past my lips and into my throat. My pussy began to twitch inside. I knew I was about to cum again. Audible gurgles erupted from my mouth each time Richard's meat slipped out. I'm about to cum........ I'm going to cum from being fucked in my mouth. Richard senses this and pumps faster. Shots of lightening began surging through me. Richard's cock expanded even more, and hot, tangy cum was injected directly down my throat. The pulsing of his ejaculation resulted in a shuddering orgasm of my own. I had to hold on to him to keep from falling over as my own orgasm had turned my legs to quivering rubber.

Slowly Richard pulled out. He knelt in front of me and lifted my lips to kiss me. He caressed me tenderly and seemed to enjoy the taste of his own emission. We embraced and fell gently to the towel spread on the sand. Richard and I smiled at each other and allowed several minutes to go by to catch our breath.

We did enjoy another hour or so on the beach swimming before getting dressed and then catching the bus that took us on into Hamilton. There we walked the streets and did some shopping before catching the shuttle boat back to our ship at King's Wharf which from Hamilton was shorter then taking the bus.

While sitting on the shuttle boat I leaned my head onto Richard's shoulder. My hand was on his thigh where I found his soft bulge that was obviously resting. Raising my head and with my lips almost touching his ear I whispered, "Do you think he'll be rested and reloaded by tonight?"

"I can guarantee it", he responded.

It was good to hear because I was wrapped as tight as I could get. There is no way that I could survive to see another morning sunrise without first getting a powerhouse fucking.
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