Girl's Cruise..........part 2
Where does the time go!? It was 6:00PM when Richard and I boarded back onto the ship following a rewarding and immensely satisfying day on the island. We parted and both returned to our own cabins. Wendy was there dressing for the evening and informed me that her and the other girls reserved a table for eight in the dining room so that we could all have dinner together. They too had each met up with someone and thought it a good idea that we all meet each other. I thought it sounded great but had to hurry plus call Richard's cabin to tell him to meet us at the dining room at seven sharp.

Having dinner together turned out to be such a wonderful icebreaker. Conversation quickly became casual and all eight of us were quite compatible. As we ate the idea came up of us all spending the evening together by hitting the ship's theater where that night the ship's crew would be performing a talent show and that then we stroll the ship hitting the various clubs. We had some drinks and danced in every lounge. Each had it's different style of music. We danced with each others guy. Everyone had their hands all over everyone else but during it all my mind kept wondering if Richard and I would make it to a cabin. My thoughts kept focusing on what we had done earlier in the day. The hunger between my legs was starving me. My pussy is carnivorous and needed meat and what made it worse was that I was surrounded by prime rib all evening.

It was a wonderful evening and endured until 2:00 AM. I loved having us all together but was disappointed as well and then with everyone agreeing that it was time to call it a night. The plan was made that all eight of us spend the next day on the island together. CRAP! More delay!

The next day we went to the ship's activities counter in the main lobby. There we booked a ride in the glass bottom boat and also a four hour van tour of the island. Again, it was a wonderful day but I have seen it all before, but being a good little girl I remained patient knowing that I was the only one out of the eight of us who was a Bermuda veteran. We really didn't take many pictures...........who could we show them to once we got home? Still, throughout the day every chance Richard and I got we were touching and feeling each other. This only worsened things just can't go on and on and on with wet panties without something being done about it. If something wasn't done soon I would have to check myself into cock-oholics anonymous for some serious rehab.

I must admit that we had a superb time as a group together. So much fun that it carried on to again plans made that we spend that evening together. What's going on here? Am I the only one here that desperately needed FUCKED?!! So it went on again, everyone dancing with everyone and moving from bar to bar in the various lounges for another entire evening. I had so many hardons poking at me while dancing but what was I to do with them?! So much little time! Yes! Yes Yes! It was a good time and lots of fun. I'm not trying to sound like a party-pooper, but how much tease and foreplay can one take? I've sometimes been called the 'Queen of Tease' but enough is enough, at some point tease is to arrive at it's destination. I can't take this crap much longer! I needed banged and I mean banged bad! I needed banged like a farmhouse screen door during a hurricane! A no nonsense hard pounding fucking! I was at wit's end!!!! I had become a victim of and tortured by my own mind .

The next day would be the third and final day in port before departing for the two day cruise back to New York. I was glad that everyone must have been under the same thinking. Each of us wanted a day doing our own thing as couples. Richard and I didn't leave the ship. We stayed on top deck at the pool where there was country and western music by a live band. I was humored by the possessive actions by Richard a few times when someone would hit on me. He didn't let much distance get between us. If Richard only knew how much I wanted his cock he would have known that he didn't have a care or worry in the world.

Richard and I met up for dinner that evening and I dressed to accommodate my mood. I always have observed on cruises that the last night in port has a certain party atmosphere about it. I call it 'cruise mood' which has the crowds in the same demeanor as you see at New Year's Eve parties and such as that. Everyone a little more friendly, frisky, daring, and even revealing. For me that meant a flirty short skirt that wasn't tight and a form fitting top. I didn't want to go lounge hopping because I preferred that we stay the entire evening up in the Spinnaker Lounge. I experienced an immediate flush of sexual anticipation.

During our very first slow dance Richard and I kissed with exciting hunger giving me an early clue that tonight we would be stepping over the line, that intense moment when two people realize that consummation of their lust is inevitable. We're going to fuck! It will be soon! I know this as we move, locked in each other's embrace ravishing each other. Licking his neck I taste his sweat. His tongue in my ear drives me wild. Our hips grind together hard. I don't think we're going to do much dancing tonight. I had reasoned that his and my thoughts were the same during the past two days. His mind had been torturing him as well.

His hands slid all over my back feeling no bra beneath my top. MY nipples went to high beams. He lowered a hand over my ass as I filled with ecstatic desires while he brought his other hand up between us to cup a breast. I bit his ear hard as pleasure surged along the insides of my thighs, through my aroused womanhood, and up my spine. For a split second I regained my senses and looked around. The dance floor was crowded and each couple was occupied conducting their own business under the influence of 'cruise mood'. No one even noticed us. It was evident as the evening progressed that though the ship was docked on calm would be swaying and rocking all night. Everyone gets laid during 'cruise mood'!

Richard was quite muscular and persistent lifting me off the floor with each hot embrace as we danced. Reaching down between us I couldn't stop playing with his cock. It's only 9 o'clock and we are practically raping each other on the dance floor. My head was swimming in a sea of anticipated delight which also had turned into expectation. I wondered how I got here, and yet I knew days ago that this was coming. I knew he was going to fuck me even if it's on a cold tile floor. Touching became more desperate and reckless, almost slapping and gripping each other.

"Richard, people are going to think we're fighting!" I said and continued with urgency, "Please take me somewhere! I can't handle this! I want to fuck you!"

Richard grabbed my hand and we hurried to exit the Spinnaker and got on the elevator. Alone on the elevator we continued attacking each other as he reached under my skirt and slipped his hand into my drenched panties cupping my pussy firmly. I let out a raspy sound of pleasure as then he gets by the lacy fabric into my panties teasing my hardened clit and then pushing fingers deep into me as I left out a loud scream. I fell headlong into the abyss of sexual pleasure. Richard's tongue grazes my neck causing me to quiver. The elevator doors opened onto one of the cabin decks.

Richard again grabbed my hand and hurriedly led me down the narrow dim lit hallway passing endless cabins. How fucking long is this ship I wondered? We suddenly stopped and Richard grabbed me again. I slam against the bulkhead as he kisses me while under my shirt pinches my nipples. I rip open his shirt and began licking his chest and bit one of his nipples, his rapid breathing told me how much joy my tongue was bringing him. We began kissing again as Richard's hands slid along my ribs, squeezed my waist, then slipped over my hips then up under my skirt where he found my bare ass in my panties. Lifting me forcefully I slammed against the bulkhead again as I pushed back and reached down to squeeze his long hardness through his jeans. It was so thick and I could tell how much it wanted out.

Somehow we break loose from each other and he began dragging me down the hallway again. Finally!!!!!! We stop at a door and Richard fumbled to find his card and then swiped the lock. Once inside Richard turned towards me and lifted my shirt up over my head. He stood back and admired me. I loved his lustful gaze of approval, as I spontaneously squirmed my body seductively before him so that my breasts swayed. Reaching behind my back I unfastened my skirt then giving the slightest wiggle of my hips caused it to fall to the floor. Richard stepped out of his jeans, then lifted my right leg up over his hip and slid his cock along the damp crotch of my panties.............Mmmmmmm Baby, no turning back now!

Putting my leg back down I reached for Richard's thick cock. Felt so good in both my hands as I squeezed. It was very hot and had the most velvety skin. A slippery drop on it's head moistened a line along my wrist as I reached my right hand down to his balls; large, heavy balls. My left hand began stroking his steel hard shaft.

Richard again began dancing his fingers back and forth across my hard, wet clit and I shuttered. The muscles in my pussy began to pulsate and squeezed around his fingers as he pushed them deep into me........Mmmmmmm, I began cumming into his hand.

Richard, bending at his knees began kissing his way down my stomach as his thumbs slid my panties down my legs. Burying his face between my thighs his tongue shot into my pussy as I struggled to keep my balance by grasping the thick, dark hair of his head while also pushing his face tightly against me. After a few minutes of this he slid his hand between my thighs and then up the small of my back. Richard stood up with me sitting on his bicep and then turning around to the bed dropped me bouncing onto the mattress. He looked down on me..............I spread myself wide for him, even a bad shot couldn't miss the target I was giving. Richard dived into me again with his aggressive tongue. His hands moved tightly up my hips working their way to my breasts. Mmmmmm his tongue so accurate in finding it's prize. I squirmed and squeezed my thighs ever so tightly against his head as I screamed and jerked my body while cumming again. My screaming seemed to energize Richard's tongue all the more as I unloaded heavily into his face.

After a slight restful pause he rolled me over so that I was in doggy position over his face as he was then on his back, fiercely digging his tongue into me. Damn this guy was hungry! My only hope was that I had enough and could continue on to feed him.

I struggled against him forcing myself up so that I could turn above him in 69 position where I began sucking and stroking his thick hardness with the same aggressive rhythm that he had been torturing me with. Both of us were highly audible as we quivered and squirmed and Ouuuu Baby! I was cumming again! This guy was a fucking animal!

Richard threw me off of and turned me back into doggy position where he crawled in behind me. Grabbing his cock he guided it to my hot entrance. My pussy was dripping onto the head of it as he then slid it into me as I pushed back towards him. My pussy grabbed his cock tightly causing Richard to gasp loudly. Fucking me slowly and deep he pulled my body up so that my back was against his chest. Both his hands cupping my tits as he maintained a soothing rhythm in and out of me. My head was spinning.......all of the furniture was moving.

Pushing me back down into doggy he reached a hand around under me and fingered my pussy as his cock glided in and out of me between his fingers. My body felt like jello. My bones seemed soft. Richard quickens the pace pounding me harder with his full length as I pushed hard towards him in return. Mmmmmm I'm ready to feel it...........want it now.........ready to feel that bad boy swell and explode inside me. His balls slapping against me swinging like a pendulum. Harder and harder when suddenly he stopped and abruptly pulls out causing me to collapse face down onto the mattress. "OH, YOU BASTARD !" I screamed.

Frantically, Richard turned my exhausted body over onto my back. Quickly moving up between my opened thighs he slid his meat into me again. My back was arched and almost off the bed with my arms reached back touching the floor. Richard began fucking me mercilessly and hard. Mmmmmm neither one of us were here on earth at the moment. My mind had gone psychedelic. His cock had hallucinogen effect upon my body and I went into convulsions. Richard was raised up on his arms over me groaning and beginning to yell as his cock kept swelling. The rim around his cockhead was driving me crazy with sensation. "GET READY!" is all I can remember Richard saying. His timing was going to be perfect because I couldn't hold any longer. We both erupted together in ballistic climax shooting an endless barrage of juices totally soaking us both................Richard collapsed on top of me. Several minutes went by before I felt him struggling to pull me up onto the bed. I was literally paralyzed! He fell down beside me as we both passed out into a deep sleep.

Around 2:00 AM I was awakened by Richard softly stroking my cheeks with the back of his hand. "Can you get up? We ought to take a shower and then we can lay back down", he said in the most gentle way.

We got into the shower together and soaped each other up and using our bare hands to wash each other...........Mmmmmmm was so soothing and relaxing. After drying off we got back into the bed naked and fell immediately asleep.

About 8:00 AM Richard woke up looking up at me as I sat straddled over his hips. With one hand I was fondling his semi hard cock and with the other I was fingering myself. "Know what time it is ?" I asked giving his cock a squeeze. During the next half hour I rode him cowgirl in a more civilized fashion then we had made love just hours before..........but it did go to prove that whether civilized or uncivilized a good fucking is sometimes all you need.

The ship had begun it's two day return voyage to New York. Later in the afternoon I went up to the pool on top deck where the other three girls were lounged sunbathing. As I approached they each leaned forward looking at me over top their sunglasses as I removed my cover-up shirt.

Staring at me with their mouths hanging open Karen finally asked, "How in the hell did you get all of those bruises?"

Answering I said, "Rough seas last night. Didn't you feel them?"

Once again before arriving to New York Richard and I met up for one final bedroom rodeo but I've probably bored you enough with details so I'll just let your imagination run with it.

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