Girl Corrupted - Chapter 6 (of 6)
Girl Corrupted
* Introduction
* Chapter 1 - Kelli's Story
* Chapter 2 - Emily's Story
* Chapter 3 - Kelli's Seduction
* Chapter 4 - The Trap
* Chapter 5 - Emily's Seduction
* Chapter 6 - Depravity

Chapter6 - Depravity

Emily's time with Jonathan was much like Kelli's time with him. He bought her fine clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. She wanted for nothing. She had her own room, but spent most nights in his room. The sex was very normal at first, but became more and more rough over time. Jonathan dominated her and Emily submitted without hesitation. She was happy to have a man to care for her and want her that so she did whatever he asked.

It was almost two months before she experienced group sex. It started with a man they had dinner with and whom returned home with them for the evening. Then, it was another couple that came over for the evening. With the couple, it was mainly guy on girl, but she did find herself pushed to touch and even kiss the other girl.

Up to this point, all of the sex had taken place in the penthouse, but then came her first night back at the mansion with Jonathan. She had sex that night with five men and one other girl in a room. That time, Emily had her pussy eaten by the other girl and before the night was over, found herself eating the other girl's pussy. This of course, was after she was completely high. Drug use during sex had become quite common for her at this point.

Emily had never wanted to be with another girl and it still had no appeal to her. She did it mostly because she had to.

Over the next two months, Emily lived her lavish life with Jonathan. She entertained him or whomever he brought to the penthouse. She also attended several more orgies at the mansion, but never saw Kelli again.


Emily had been with Jonathan for four months when everything changed. The day started normal. Jonathan had mentioned that people were coming over that evening which usually meant a private orgy with other members of The Order, but he told her little else except that it would be a special evening.

Emily dressed elegantly for the evening wearing a very small and revealing black dress and black, platform heels. She wore white gold, diamond earrings that dangled down from her ears and a white gold cross than hung low enough to rest just above her amble cleavage. Jonathan found it a turn on when she wore this cross during sex, especially with other people.

Emily was running late getting ready in her private bathroom when she heard the bell and the guests arrive. She could hear Jonathan welcoming them and she hurried to finish getting ready.

A couple of minutes later she found everyone in the living room already. She saw another couple there. The man she recognized immediately from around the mansion as the Judge, although she had never been with him. The girl she didn't not recognize at first due to the long, curly, bright orange hair. However, after staring for a few seconds she felt her face turn completely red as a wave of shock hit her. The girl with the Judge was Kelli.

"Here she is." Said Jonathan. "Emily, I think you know the Judge and of course your sister."

"Hello Emily" Kelli said with slight grin.

Kelli wore a white, shimmering dress and white heels. She wore medium size hoop earrings and her right ear was pierced several times around the top with smaller rings in them. Her nose was pierced with a small diamond stud. She wore a band around her wrist and neck that full of real diamonds. Her bright orange hair was the most shocking feature of all, though.

Emily stood speechless for several moments.

Finally Jonathan spoke. "Aren't you going to say hello? It's been quite some time since you've seen your sister. I thought you would be happy to see her again." He paused. "Hopefully there is no ill will over her part in bring you to us."

"No" Emily said quietly. She seemed as if she was still in shock and might not have known what she was saying.

"Let's sit." Said the Judge.

Over the next half hour, the Judge and Jonathan spoke about business. During that time, Emily simply sat and tried not to stare at Kelli, but it was nearly impossible. What did this all mean? Kelli was silent as well. She would simply give Emily a sly grin when she caught her starring at her.

While they talked, a small glass plate was passed around with blow on it and as the two men talked, they all got high.

Finally, the Judge said to Jonathan. "I suppose that's enough business for the evening. There's so much else that needs attention."

"Definitely" said Jonathan.

The Judge turned to Kelli. "Kelli, I believe it's time for a little entertainment."

"Of course" she said with a smile.

Kelli stood up and moved to the center of the room. Near the center of the room was a glass coffee table. She moved near it and set down her small, white clutch. While she did so, Jonathan used a nearby remote control to dim the lights and turn on some music.

Kelli began to dance slowly and seductively to the music while standing in the center of the room. This lasted only a few minutes till she moved towards Jonathan and turned with her back to him. Jonathan leaned forward and pulled down the zipper to her dress. Kelli walked slowly back to the middle of the room and began to sway again while she slowly dropped her dress to the floor. She wore nothing underneath it. She was well tanned and had slight tan lines over her pussy and breasts. Her pussy was shaved nearly bald except for a small, tight patch of hair that formed a small V. Her belly button was pieced with a sparkling, dangling jewelry piece just like Emily's belly button now was. Both of her nipples were pierced with small rings and Emily could see a small glimmer from her clit where there was another piercing.

There was a tattoo around Kelli's belly button and a much larger tribal pattern tattoo that started on her inner left thigh and ran up and around the outside of her leg and up to her waist. As Kelli danced and turned, Emily could see the tattoo continue around her waist and around her lower back, just above her ass. Another tribal tattoo started on her upper right shoulder blade and ran down to the middle of her back. Kelli's breasts looked natural, but Emily knew they were never that big and were obviously implants. Overall, Kelli was quite the sight to be seen and Emily felt very intimidated in her presence.

Kelli then made her way to the glass coffee table and sat on the edge of it. She picked up her clutch and pulled a small bottle out of it. She then leaned back and drizzled oil from the bottle all over her chest and stomach. Setting the bottle down, she proceeded to rub the oil all over the front of her body.

Emily had learned to find other women mildly attractive at best, but now she sat there and found herself growing more and more wet as she watched. She stopped herself to think that it was Kelli a few times, but it did nothing to break the mesmerizing hold that Kelli had over her right now.

Kelli reached for her clutch again and pulled a glass dildo from it. She placed it on her lips and began to lick and suck the dildo seductively. She ran it down her neck and to her chest where she proceeded to play with it between her tits which glistened from the oil in the dimly lit room. It wasn't long after that the dildo made its way down to her wet pussy and slipped inside.

As Kelli gave an incredible show in the middle of the room, both Jonathan and the Judge had begun to stroke themselves through their clothing. Jonathan then ordered Emily to undress and service the Judge. Emily complied by standing up and walking over to the Judge to stand in front of him. She dropped her dress to the floor and removed her bra. With only her panties and platform heels on, she dropped to her knees, undid the Judges pants and pulled them down to the floor. She then began to lick and suck his hard cock.

Kelli continued masturbating for the men for a few more minutes and then went to Jonathan, pulled out his cock, and began to service him.

After several minutes of Emily sucking his cock, the Judge stopped her, got up, and led her to the coffee table. She sat on the edge and laid back on it as he pulled her legs up into the air. He bent down, sunk his dick deep into her pussy, and began to fuck her. She closed her eyes as he continued fucking her, but after several minutes she was shocked to feel someone kissing her nipples. Her eyes sprung open to see Kelli had crawled up on the table was kissing her nipples and playing with her tits.

Emily's mind reeled. She didn't know what to do.

Kelli looked up at her and seeing her expression of shock said, "Don't worry. Just relax." Then she smiled and went back to squeezing and sucking on her tits. It was then that the Judge stopped fucking her and moved around the table to where Emily's head was. He bent down and stuck his cock in her face. Emily knew what was expected and began to suck on the cock that had just been in her pussy. As she did so, Kelli began to kiss her way down Emily's body. She moved down her stomach and over to her thighs. Then she slid around and off the table to the floor. While Emily was still busy sucking the Judge's dick, she felt Kelli's hands spreading her thighs apart again. She glanced down, cock still in her mouth, in time to see Kelli begin to eat her pussy.

The feeling was incredible. Kelli's tongue danced lightly over her pussy, flicking her lips and clit as she went. It didn't take long before Emily's pussy was open wide and dripping wet. It was then that Kelli's tongue began to slip inside. The feeling was amazing as Kelli's piercing in her tongue rubbed against her clit as her tongue darted in and out of pussy.

Emily couldn't believe that her sister was having sex with her. She wanted no part of it, but those thoughts were lost in a haze of pleasure that was running through her entire body. It didn't take long before she was moaning loudly and then stopped sucking the Judges cock as she moaned loud and deep as she came.

"I'd say that means she likes it." Said the Judge smugly.

Kelli kept licking her and fucking her with her tongue. Emily couldn't take it anymore and began to close her legs to stop it, but Kelli held her thighs apart and refused to stop. As she did so, Emilys moans grew louder and then turned to screams of "Stop! Stop! No more! Please stop!" But Kelli refused to stop. She just kept going.

Emily tried to squirm away and shut her legs, but the Judge kept her from getting away and Kelli was too strong for her to get her thighs together. Emily's whole body was shaking and she felt pain in most of her body from the muscle spasms. Finally Kelli stopped when Emily began to cry uncontrollably from the pleasure and pain.

"Good girl" the Judge said with a smile, but it was not to Emily but to Kelli instead. She had been well trained and knew exactly what the Judge wanted from her.

The Judge pulled Emily up from the table by her arm. He positioned her so she was facing the table and her back was to him. Then he bent her over so that her hands touched the table. There would be no mercy for Emily tonight. He started to fuck her pussy again. Kelli moved around behind the Judge to watch. Then she picked her clutch up from the floor and pulled out another bottle of liquid which was lube this time. She drizzled the lube all over Emily's ass and down her crack as the Judge fucked her pussy. Then, the Judge moved from her pussy to her asshole. It was a bit of a shock to Emily since she wasn't expecting it, but she had already gotten used to anal sex with Jonathan and other strangers.

"Get on the table so she can taste you." It was Jonathan's voice.

Kelli crawled onto the table with her pussy positioned just below Emily's head. Kelli opened her legs wide and began to rub her wet pussy for Emily. Jonathan stood above Kelli with his dick hanging above her face. She reached up and began to stoke and suck his cock.

"Taste her" he said to Emily. Emily didn't not respond.

"I said taste her!" he said with more anger.

"I guess she still needs broken in a bit." Said the Judge. The Judge leaned forward, grabbed a handful of Emily's hair, and shoved her head violently towards the table. "He told you to eat her fucking pussy. Now get to it."

Emily's face was smashed into her sister's wet pussy and her chin hit the glass table. She had to comply.

She began to timidly lick her sister, but after a minute she felt her head yanked violently up by the hair and turned to face the Judge.

"Stop fucking around and eat her." Then he shoved her face back down and almost shoved her nose into Kelli's pussy.

Emily immediately began to lick her sister's pussy vigorously. She licked until it dripped stopping only to play with her clit using her tongue. Then she began to force her tongue into Kelli's pussy and fuck her. Kelli began to moan.

"More like it." Said Jonathan as Kelli continued to suck his dick.

Emily kept eating and eventually used her fingers to fuck Kelli hard while she flicked her clit her tongue. Kelli moaned louder and louder. The thought of degrading her sister like this turned Kelli on and made her hornier than she had been in a while.

The Judged then pulled Emily away from the table by her waist. He turned her and she instinctively kneeled before him, tilted her head back, and opened her mouth. He let lose a large load of hot cum into her mouth. While this was happening, Jonathan had moved around the table and had begun fucking Kelli's pussy.

"Go share it with your sister." ordered the Judge.

Emily had shared cum with another girl once before and knew what was expected. She got up, and walked over the table behind Kelli's head and knelt down. Kelli tilted her head back and opened her mouth without hesitation. Emily then slowly let the load of cum drool from her mouth and into Kelli's. Kelli's tongue quickly licked up the small bit that landed outside of her mouth and promptly swallowed it down.

Just after that, Jonathan pulled back and stood up. Kelli was so sweaty that Jonathan pulled on Kelli's leg and spun her around on the table. He lined up his cock and blew one of his most massive loads into Kelli's mouth. When he was finished, Kelli just held it in her mouth playing with it.

"I think you know what to do with that." The Judge said to Kelli.

She closed her mouth with a grin, and sat up. She crawled to the end of the table where Emily was still kneeling. She leaned out over Emily's head. Emily knew what they wanted. She tilted her head back and obediently opened her mouth.

Kelli slowly let the cum drop from her mouth and into Emily's mouth. There was so much that she almost chocked. But she got it all in and swallowed. Then Kelli leaned down and licked a bit from the corner of Emily's mouth. As she did she reached her hand behind Emily's head, grabbed her hair, and held her head as she kissed her deeply, forcing her tongue between her closed lips.

Emily resisted, but could not get away. Then surprisingly, she stopped fighting it and let Kelli continue kissing her with her tongue deep in her mouth.

When it was over, Emily knelt there in silence. She could hardly believe what had just happened.


After a few moments Jonathan showed the Judge and Kelli to the guest bath where Kelli cleaned up the Judge and then herself. Jonathan and Emily each went to their own baths and cleaned up. Emily put on the dress that she had been wearing and fixed her makeup.

When Emily came back out to the living room, everyone was already standing there talking. As she entered, the talk stopped.

"There you are." said Jonathan with a smile. "I'm afraid what I have to tell you will be rough to hear, but you need to know how much I have truly enjoyed our time together."

Jonathan proceeded to tell her that she would be going home with the Judge tonight. He had traded her to the Judge for a political favor that he badly needed.

Emily listened in complete shock and silence. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. After a moment, she was no longer listening. Tears ran down her face as her world crumbled down around her. She loved Jonathan and thought he loved her. She had given up everything for him and allowed him to remake her into sexual slave.

"You have to understand that I've never kept girls as long as I've kept you and your sister." Jonathan said sincerely.

"It's time to get going." said the Judge impatiently moving to the door.

"You can go with him. I'll have your stuff sent over tomorrow." said Jonathan compassionately.

There was a moment of silence and Emily stood there crying. Kelli placed her hand on Emily's shoulder and said, "Come on sis. It will be ok."

Emily walked slowly out following the Judge and with Kelli's arm around her.

Jonathan felt badly. He had grown attached to both girls, but this was the deal he made. He needed the Judge's help. When he and told the Judge about the sisters months ago the Judge agreed to help Jonathan if he would give him Kelli, and pull Emily into the order. Then Jonathan would give Emily over to the Judge as well so that he would have both sisters to control and corrupt.

The Judge had already warped Kelli's mind somewhat. He explained that eventually Emily would join them and what would be expected when she did.


It was late by the time they got to the Judge's house. Emily was shown to her room. She undressed and went to bed. She lay there still crying softly.

After an hour or so, the door to the bedroom opened. It was Kelli. She didn't say anything and was wearing only a pair of lace panties. She walked around the bed silently and crawled in with Emily. She spooned up to her and held her.

"It will be hard at first, but you will come to accept this life. I'll be here for you." Kelli said quietly. Then they both slowly fell asleep.


It was late morning when Emily woke up. Kelli was not there, but she had apparently left Emily a shirt to wear. Emily got cleaned up in her bathroom and went downstairs wearing her panties and the shirt.

The maid, a Latino woman, got her some breakfast. While she ate, Emily's belongings were being delivered and placed in her room. Kelli and the Judge had apparently gone out.

After breakfast she returned to her room, changed, and began to settle in.

Later that night, after the Judge and Kelli had come home, Emily was laying on her bed thinking of all that had happened. Her bedroom door opened and it was Kelli. She walked in and set a gift bag on the bed.

"This is for you. Freshen up, put it on, and meet me in the room at the end of the hall." She said and gave her a pat on the back.

The touch from her sister made Emily feel a little better. She opened the bag to find some skimpy white lace bra and panties that hid nothing. There were also white stockings, garters, and white stiletto heals.

Emily slowly moved from the bed, freshen up in the bathroom, and got dressed in the clothes she was given. She hadn't worn heels this high before so she walked slowly out of the room and down the hall to the bed room at the end.

It was the Judge's room. It was very large with a four post bed in the middle. On the bed, was Kelli dressed in an outfit identical to Emily's except that it was black. The Judge sat in the corner of the room on a leather chair.

"Come in my dear. It's time to get started. There's some blow on the table. Have some." he said to Emily pointing at a small round table that was off to the side of the bed.

"It's ok, I..." she stared to say, but was interrupted by the Judge.

"It was an order, not a request." He said sternly.

Emily obeyed, walked to the table, knelt down and did a few of the lines that were prepared there. As she did, the Judge spoke to her.

"You both belong to me now and will do as you are told. I've had many girls, but you two will be different. Sisters..." he paused and smiled. "You will also become lovers and will serve me as I see fit."

"Emily, go to your sister. It's time you both get to know each other much better. We will not leave her tonight until you let go and submit to your sister."

Emily stood and walked to the bed.

"Come here." Kelli said patting the bed next to her. Emily crawled up on the bed next to her. Kelli then leaned toward her and kissed her lightly at first, but then slid her tongue out and between Emily's closed lips. Emily hesitated at first, but then gave in and began to kiss her sister back deeply. She wasn't sure why. Maybe it was the coke, maybe it was all of the emotional trauma that had thrown her mind off balance, maybe it was because Kelli was the only thing familiar to her in this new situation.

As Emily began to kiss Kelli back, Kelli slid closer to her, wrapped her arms around her, and held her close as she continued to kiss her passionately and explored her mouth with her tongue.

Kelli then moved her hands and undid Emily's bra. Emily tensed up at first, but then relaxed. Kelli gently pushed her back on the bed and Emily lay down. Kelli pulled away her bra and tossed it aside. She leaned down and began to kiss and rub Emily's large tits. Emily's body went limp and she submitted to her sister.

Kelli worked her way down Emily's body and to her pussy. She then turned and straddled Emily's body in a 69 position, spread her legs and went to town on her pussy. Emily's mind was awash in pleasure. She forgot all about the fact that this was her sister. She was caught up in the passion of the moment. She reached up, spread Kelli's cheeks and began to eat her pussy as well.

The intensity continued to increase for both girls. The harder Kelli licked, sucked, and fingered Emily's pussy, the harder Emily licked, sucked, and fingered Kelli's pussy. This continued until both girls were writhing against each other. Lost in the pleasure and passion, they were no longer sisters but intense lovers.

The whole thing finally became too much for both girls and they began to move away from each other, Kelli to the bottom of the bed and Emily to the top.

It was Kelli that made the next move and as their hips lined up with each other, she slid one leg under Emily's and moved closer until her pussy was against Emily's. Both girls then immediately began to rub and grind their pussies against each other. The heat was quickly ignited again and in moments both girls were moaning loudly as they ground their hips and pussies together and rubbed their own tits with their hands.

It was the most intense sex of Emily's life because she knew it was so forbidden and wrong. And yet, that made it so good. All she knew at that moment was that she wanted her sister any way she could have her and she never wanted the pleasure to stop. However, it was finally too much for both girls and they pulled away from each other and rolled to opposite sides of the bed.

It was then that Emily saw that the Judge had moved from his chair to the edge of the bed. He stood there with his hard dick hanging above her face and she knew what was expected. She reached up, took his cock in her hands, and began to suck it and jack him off.

He moved away from the bed after a moment and said to her, "On your knees."

She rolled off the bed and to her knees in front of him and continued to suck his dick. Kelli walked around the bed and over to where they were. She knelt down behind the Judge and began to lick his asshole as she had been trained to do.

As Kelli tended to the Judge's ass, the Judge pulled Emily's head in harder and harder and Emily knew what he wanted. She began to deep throat this cock and gag on it. Before long, the Judge's cock was dripping with saliva and mucus from Emily. She would move down occasionally to lick off the dripping juices from his balls.

Kelli moved around and began to share the cock with Emily. They both sucked and gagged on it and the Judge loved it. In fact, he had every intention of fucking both of them that night, but he couldn't last any longer. With little notice, he blew his load all over both of their faces.

When he was done, Kelli didn't hesitated to kiss her sister and then move on to licking the cum off of her face. Emily immediately followed her example and licked every drop of cum from Kelli's face. They then embraced and kissed each other for several moments.

When they were done, they followed the Judge to the large master bath and proceeded to clean him off. He then returned to the bedroom to dress for bed as the girls cleaned each other off. Finally, they returned to the bedroom, slid naked beneath the covers, and fell asleep with Kelli holding Emily.


Over the next few months, Kelli and Emily grew closer and closer. They became intense and interment lovers with Kelli being the dominate one of the relationship. They served the Judge well both in and out of the bed room. They were his prized possessions and he used them however he deemed fit. It was not uncommon for him to gain favors from other officials by introducing them to the sisters at dinner and letting them take the sisters back to a nearby hotel or apartment.

He never took them back to the mansion for the order. He wanted them to be more special than that. They were more useful to him that way.

There was no one man in Emily's life to love her the way she had always wanted. For quite some time she missed Jonathan. But over time, she had accepted Kelli as her lover. She was the only consistent thing in her life and so she did whatever Kelli wanted in order to please her and make sure that she continued to love her. She was Kelli's submissive lover and Kelli relished it.
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