Girl Corrupted - Intro and Chapter 1 (of 6)
Girl Corrupted
* Introduction
* Chapter 1 - Kelli's Story
* Chapter 2 - Emily's Story
* Chapter 3 - Kelli's Seduction
* Chapter 4 - The Trap
* Chapter 5 - Emily's Seduction
* Chapter 6 - Depravity


Susan and Rob met in high school. Teenage lust led to Susan becoming pregnant with Emily during their senior year. Rob and Susan got married before Emily was born. They made the best of things for a year and then Susan became pregnant with Kelli. That's when Rob left. For the next 8 years, Susan was left working two jobs and raising two daughters the best she could. There were a few times that Rob would show back up and try to make things work with Susan, but he would always end up leaving again. Usually it was after Susan caught him with another woman.

When Emily was eight years old, Rob stuck it out for about a year with Susan and the girls. It was during this year that Susan discovered a more egregious offense than cheating on her with another woman. She discovered that Rob had been molesting Emily and was starting to do the same with Kelli. That was the year that Susan shot Rob. She was convicted of murder. She went to jail where she committed suicide. Kelli and Emily were placed in a foster home where they would spend the rest of their childhood.

Chapter 1 - Kelli's Story

Kelli never fully got over the events of her childhood. She was defiantly the more difficult of the two girls. Her choice in friends never helped much either. She was always trying to feel accepted and often chose friends who would take advantage of her in some way.

She often skipped school or suck out at night. She was 13 when she had her first drink and got caught drinking underage. It was at age 14 that she first had sex. She was never boy crazy, it was just another way to try and fit in.

Kelli managed to never try drugs until age 16, and by age 17 they became a problem for her. She lost several part-time jobs due mainly to her drug use. That's when she found a job where they didn't interfere. She became a stripper at a local gentlemen's club that looked the other way in regards to her fake ID.

She left her foster parent's house at 18 and moved in with another girl from the club. Kelli had enough of the small town in Maryland that she grew up in and wanted to move to New York city. Even though stripping more than covered her rent, utilities, and food, the drugs ate up any money that was left. It was then that her roommate introduced her to a new source of income, prostitution.


Kelli waited in the motel room that she had rented with cash. She waited for Rick. He was a regular at the club. Her roommate Lesley pointed Rick out to her as one of her "clients on the side".

Rick was an average looking guy, not attractive but not ugly. He was well dressed and seemed to have enough money to spend many a night at the club. Lesley had let Rick know that Kelli was looking for some work on the side. When Kelli did a private room dance for Rick at the club, the arrangements were made. She would rent a room at a local motel tomorrow and Rick would meet her there at 6 PM. After that, Kelli would call Lesley. If things had gone well, Lesley said she could set Kelli up with one or two more guys that night.

Kelli's palms were sweaty as she tried to sit for the third time and then ended up pacing the room again. She was dressed in tight jeans, high heels, and a tight, white shirt with a scooped out neck. Kelli was 5'8" and had straight hair that came just past her shoulders. It was blonde and had darker tones throughout. She had a nice body at 34B-24-34.

The knock came at the door and Kelli moved quickly to the door and looked out the peep hole. It was Rick. She took a deep breath and opened the door, her hand shaking slightly.

"Hey Rick"

"Hey" Rick said as he quickly looked her over and smiled. He walked in past her and she shut the door.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting." Rick said.

"Nope. You're right on time." Kelli sounded a bit nervous.

Rick set a plain white envelope on the night stand. "Feel free to count it." He said looking at the envelope.

Kelli waved her hand. "It's cool. I trust you."

"Hey, you never know about some guys." Rick replied.

"Do I have to worry about you?"

"Me... nah." Rick sat on one of the twin beds and Kelli sat across from him on the other. "So what made you decide to start working on the side?"

"I just need the money. Bills and stuff, but mainly I want to save enough to move to New York."

"What's in New York?"

"Nothing. It would just be cool to get out of this town and live in the city. Lots of stuff happening. I'd like to take some classes and become a private trainer or something."

"Do you like that sort of thing?"



"I think I could do well at it. You know... maybe. We'll see." Kelli started to sound slightly more relaxed, but now sounded a bit nervous again.

"Sorry. I don't mean to dig. Just thought I'd make some conversation before... you know."

"Nah, that's totally cool. No problem." There was an uncomfortable silence for a minute. Then Kelli spoke up. "So should I get undressed or something?"

"Definitely a good place to start." Rick said with a grin on his face.

Kelli stood up slowly and pulled her shirt up over her head. She then reach behind her back, undid her bra, and let it fall to the floor exposing her petite tits with quarter size nipples and a small belly button ring that dangled down. This actually made her feel more comfortable. It reminded her of stripping in a private room at the club.

After that she undid her jeans and dropped them down. She sat on the edge of the bed to take off her shoes, but Rick stopped her and asked her to leave them on. She wiggled a bit and got the jeans off over the shoes. She was now almost naked except for her small white thong and black heels.

Kelli stepped toward Rick and he slid back on the bed. Kelli kneeled on the bed, straddling Rick's legs and pushing her tits into face. He began to eagerly suck on her tits while she ground her crotch into his pelvis. It was all too normal to Kelli and she began to relax more. Except for the sucking, it was all typical for her.

After two or three minutes, Rick leaned back and pulled off his shirt. He looked at her and said, "Go ahead and kneel down on the floor."

Kelli complied sliding down to the floor to kneel in front of him. There was an awkward moment of nothingness which Rick broke by saying, "I think you know what to do."

Kelli blushed with embarrassment. "Sorry" She reached over and undid Rick's jeans. She pulled the jeans and the underwear to the floor and Rick's cock stood there hard as a rock in front of her. She leaned towards it and licked the tip of Rick's cock. Just before she did, she thought to herself, "This is it. No turning back now." Then she opened her mouth and slid all seven inches past her lips.

There was no turning back now. Kelli blanked out her mind and began sucking Rick's cock eagerly, her head bobbing up and down and her hair flying around loosely. Rich gathered her hair into a pony tail in his hand and held it tight. Then he guided her head up and down on his cock more slowly at first, but then he picked up speed.

He continued to grip her hair tightly and controlled her movements. This turned Kelli on and she began to moan in response.

Rick moaned as well and then said softly, "That's it bitch. Suck it. Make it good and wet. I want to feel your warm fucking slobber all over it."

This snapped Kelli back to the reality of the situation. She would have normally yelled at a guy for talking to her that way. But he was paying her so she felt obligated to meet whatever his demands where and comply quietly. Surprisingly, this turned her on even more.

Kelli moaned even louder as she sucked his dick. She let the warm saliva run from her mouth, down his shaft, and drip onto his balls. This really turned Rick on and caused him to force her head down even harder on his cock. Kelli began to gag as the tip of his cock hit the back of her throat. Thick salvia began to come out of her mouth and, when he pulled her head back, a long string of thick saliva ran from her lips to his dick.

"Fuck yeah. That's it. Spit that shit out all over it!"

Kelli obediently spit some of the thick saliva out onto this cock and the bed.

"Again" yelled Rick.

Kelli spit again getting all of the thick mucus out and it ran down Rick's cock.

"Now lick it off my balls" Rick said with a cruel streak as he slid forward on the bed and shoved her face into his crotch.

Kelli had no choice to lap at his balls with her tongue like a dog. She lapped up the thick spit that she had just expelled.

Rick let out a long moan, let go of Kelli's hair, and laid back on the bed.

"Time to ride it girl."

Kelli rose slowly to her feet and pulled off her panties. Then she crawled onto the bed on her knees and straddled Ricks wet cock. She licked her fingers and rubbed the spit on her pussy, but there was no need for that. Her pussy was already soaking wet.

She spread the lips of her cunt open and slowly lowered herself onto Rick hard cock. It slid so easily into her wet pussy. And without hesitation, Kelli began to ride up and down on his dick.

It felt so good that she moaned over and over again. Then, there was a moment of clarity for her. She came back to the realization that she was in a motel room, fucking a guy from the club for money. She was a prostitute... a whore. To her surprise, it didn't bother her. It didn't turn her on, or turn her off. It was just ok. And with that thought, she relaxed and enjoyed the rest of the session with Rick.

She fucked him and then spun around and fucked him reverse cow girl. She bounced wildly up down and then would swirl her hips and grind on his cock. This drove Rick crazy from the sounds he was making. It was then that Rick said with a groan, "Oh my god. Fuck, I'm going to cum. I'm going to cum."

It hit her like a knife to the back. She had completely forgotten about a condom. She rolled off him immediately as Rick sprayed cum into the air and onto his belly.

"Fuck. I'm sorry" Kelli said quickly. "I just forgot about a condom."

"No problem." Rick said with satisfaction. "Hey, was happy to get a bear back for a change. I'll get one on next time if you want."

"Thanks. Sorry, I totally forgot."

"Not a problem. Don't worry about it."

Kelli got a towel from the bathroom for Rick. Rick cleaned up on the bed as Kelli cleaned herself up in the bathroom. When she came back into the room, Rick was already dressed.

"Ready already?" she asked.

"Yeah, time to get moving. I'm guessing you have other guys to see anyway."

"I might have one." Kelli said uneasy.

"Hey it's cool. I know how it works." Rick said with a smile.

He gave her a quick hug and headed out the door.

Kelli picked up the envelope from the counter. She was $250 closer to New York. According to Lesley, Kelli could make even more as she built up a reputation.

Over the next 4 months Kelli turned two to three tricks per week. She made almost $6,000 and managed to save $2,500 in the bank. That was the most she had ever saved. She finally packed her things and headed off to New York with a few thousand dollars and no plan.
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