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My GF mom's caught us in action accidentally at parking lot; she became angry and she ask me to come close to her I went and before I could say anything she slapped me hard.It is a very tight slap and I can feel my cheeks going warm and red.
She pull my hair and threw me on floor. She said you scumbag what you think you are,you men thinks you are supreme and can do anything and we are just here to serve yours? Let me show you what we are!!!
I apologized her but her temper is high,I'm still lying on the floor when she kicked me in balls,it was an unbearable pain and I cried but she has already started her wrath and no mood in listening to my cries.
She grabbed my hair and pull me in her house,I'm still in pain after the kick on balls.
She ask me to kneel and she stood in front of me,ok now who am I ?she asked sternly, I replied my mistress ..ohh smart boy you are, so you know the game I am glad she said.Okay now you are going to serve me I want an slave.
Ok now get down and start cleaning my feet and she pointed towards her feet.
I started kissing and licking her feet.she started giggling and sit on bed,I'm cleaning them with my tongue.she was enjoying the show and relaxed now.She asked me to open my mouth and started stuffing her feet in,I was about to puke just then she took it out.She is satisfied and happy about it and order me to undress myself completely fast . I started undressing myself faster,I was just in my undies she asked angrily who will remove this,so I removed that hasistingly.
I want you boy to listen to my need s do you understand? She asked. Yes madam I can mutter.
She removed her Jeans and panty and asked me to come closer,she took the panty and stuffed it in my mouth,it was salty and yummy and I enjoyed that in my mouth,she asked me to keep it in mouth until she says so.Then she raised her hands and directed to come closer to her armpits, I understand and started sniffing her armpits. She removed her panty and asked me to lick she was sweaty and sweat was visible in her armpits. I started licking her armpits and I was in seventh heaven it was so yummy I can't describe the aroma and the smell was a mix of her deo and her sweat.she realized I was enjoying so she asked me to stop.
She asked me to ley on floor and she stood above my face before I can speak she sat on me with her ass and she started grinding her ass,it was suffocating but I was enjoying the aroma and she had now total control over me. She did that for another 15 minutes.
Then she told me to wait there and go to other room and back about 5 mins wearing a purple strap on which huge may be 9 inches and she was laughing cunningly.
I begged her as I am an ass virgin and have never inserted finger also in my ass,she was delighted to hear that and said I will read your ass then today.And hold me by hair and insert her huge cock in my mouth and started pumping. After few stroke she made me bend and shoved her whole cock in my ass at one go.I cried in pain and begged to stop but she was unstoppable her thrust was deep and powerful and she started fucking me insane.She was furious and slapping my ass whole time,I lied there numb while she was fucking and after sometime she stopped and came closer to my face peeing on my face and asked "You deserve this now get up and get dressed and get out. Later I will introduce you to some of my friends who will love to have you. And they will enjoy a slave like you."
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