Girlfriends kinky parents. Ch 5: cuming out the closet
Selina hung up and we played a little more basketball only now she was being flirty and touchy feely again. She'd reach in to get the ball and grab at my cock. Or she'd smack my ass when I'd do a jump shot. She kept it up until I decided to play dirty pool too. I knew she was horny and I knew why, two can play this game I thought.

Selina went to shoot and I grabbed both her tits while pretending to go for the ball, she smiled and called a foul.

I was all over her ass, I had a hold of her hips from behind and ground my hard cock into her white panties. "That's reaching in"!! She yelled,

"No, this is reaching in" I said as I got really ballsy and reached between her legs and cupped her crotch. I immediately noticed that her panties were a little wet and she didn't really pull away or swat my hand.

"You cheat" she said while my finger added a little pressure over her mound. "Let's take a break and get a drink". She grabbed my hand and led me to Tom's garage office. Inside was a mini fridge and Selina pulled two ice cold bottles of water out.

It was May and the office was super hot but Selina sat down on the couch and patted the seat next to her, I took a long sip and sat down, Selina had lust in her eye's and it was making me real horny.

"Did you take it easy with Jessica"? She hasn't had a boyfriend in over a year, I'm sure she was wound up TIGHT, in more ways that one"

"Selina I promise, I was super gentle with her "tightness", we really took our time" I brazenly admitted.

"Well good, it sounded like Jess definitely got what she needed and you finally got taken care of too, everybody's happy" she said.

"Well...." I hesitated.

"Well what" Selina asked as she scooted right next to me and put her hand on my thigh just next to my aroused dick.

"You told me to be honest so here goes...Jessica won't...put me in her mouth" I said.

"OH my baby doesn't know what she's missing" Selina stated as she started rubbing my thigh closer n closer. "Keep trying sweetheart, she might come around"
Selina said.

In the heat of her husband's office, I could start to smell Selina's pussy in the air.

"It's just that, I don't like condoms, I'd use them if she'd just let me take it off at the end" I said.

Out of nowhere, Selina hit me with "I know, young hard cocks like to shoot cum in warm tight pussy or a soft sucking mouth but Jess is young and can't get pregnant now. I'm sorry she won't suck your dick but I need you to keep wearing condoms" she said.

Selina must have been soaking, her aroma was so heavy in the humidity I could almost taste it.

"Keep working on her, maybe watch blowjob porn with her, see if it gets her in the mood, it always works on me" Selina said.

I couldn't believe the bold conversation we were having. I was rock hard and Selina was soaking her panties and we're talking about blowjob porn with her finger an inch away from my rock hard cock. My balls were once again full.

I glanced at my watch, it was 2:35. Selina would be getting fucked in 10 minutes and I didn't have a plan to watch.

"I better go check on Jessica" I said.

"Try blowjob porn or better yet, an oral cumshot compilation porn" Selina suggested.

"Go on in, I have a phone call to make" she said.

As I walked thru their master suite I looked in the bathroom where soon Selina would be taking a load. I walked in and noticed it was shaped like an L. Just inside was 2 sets of wooden closet doors with downward facing slats. Around the corner was the sink, toilet and shower. I opened the closet and there were boxes marked X-mas and Halloween, some clothes and their white bathrobes. The good news was, I could fit in there.

If they opened the doors I'd be busted but it sounded like they were in a hurry so I decided to risk it. I hopped in and closed the door. I stood in the back and hid behind Tom's suit just in case. I didn't have to wait long, I heard their voices in the bedroom, then in the bathroom.

"You parked in the alley" I heard Selina ask.

"Yeah, let's go, gotta make this quick, I don't feel like dealing with Tom" Mike said.

"Where's Jess and her boyfriend"? Mike asked.

"They're upstairs Selina said as I heard her start to suck his big cock.

"What's he like" Mike asked.

Between licks and sucks Selina said
"He's a very nice young man...he has good grades, he's on the basketball team, he's extremely handsome, he as a big cock, dreamy eye's....

"Hold on, how do you know he's got a big dick"? Mike asked quizzical.

"I seen it, it was hard and big, not as big as this monster but it was nice".

"Details"...Mike commanded.

"OK, as soon as I met him I knew I was gona flirt with him a little, but when I offered to buy him condoms and he said he needed Magnums, I wet my panties in the middle of the grocery store".

"I had him drive us home, he admitted he hadn't fucked Jess yet but fingered her and ate her; I might have touched his thigh....maybe grazed a few fingers on his dick, just to make him squirm a little. When he adjusted his cock under his waistband, I seen the big head sticking out, he was close to cuming".

"You felt it too, Jesus you're such a little whore....what else"?

"If I tell you the worse, you'll probably cum" Selina said.

"Is your pussy wet and ready for another big load" Mike asked as I listened and got hard as a rock.

"It's been horny since this morning when I gave Jessica my blessing to fuck this guy".

"He fucked Jess this morning, lucky bastard, I bet she was tight, hasn't it been over a year since Dan"? Mike asked.

"Easy there bub, that's my daughter's tight, wet, fragrant pussy you're talking about". Selina said in a horny tone.

"That's not even the worse part" Selina said after a few deep sucks of his cock.

"Go on" Mike said.

"Well, I decided to check on Jessica after he fucked her, he was outside playing basketball and I went to see if she wanted to talk but she was asleep".

"Sooooo"? Mike asked

"I noticed the condom wrapper on the desk and in the garbage was the Magnum he just filled. I looked at it and drooled, then bent down and picked it out of the trash. It was still warm and fresh, just 5 minutes old. I took it in her bathroom and dipped a finger into his cum and tasted it, my pussy soaked my pajamas, I haven't tasted cum that fresh and delicious since high school".

I was listening and about to cum in my shorts. This woman was a sneaky, horny little whore, I wanted to treat her like one. I couldn't believe she tasted my cum out of the condom.

"You're a filthy bitch" Mike said. "Anything else" he asked.

"I drank it all then turned it inside out and licked it clean.....then I went and played basketball with him" Selina admitted.

"Ahhh suck that cock you filthy whore, omg your such a fucking whore" Mike moaned.

"Awe fuck I'm gona cum soon, bend over the sink honey, hurry get those panties down" he said urgently.

"Fuck you're soaking wet you filthy whore" Mike said as he slid in.

"Come on, fill your little whores wet pussy with cum, I'm YOUR little whore, I'm your little whore" Selina said over n over as Mike fucked his cock up her cunt.

Mike started to cum, I could hear the sounds of hips smacking and Mike grunting as he pumped her full. Selina was moaning but it didn't sound like an orgasm, not the way she orgasmed.

"Hurry, pull your panties up before it leaks out" I heard Mike say.

"I can't believe I didn't cum, as horny as I am I didn't cum" Selina said.

"That's OK, I'll just ride Tom's mouth in 20 minutes, that'll get me off and be a nice surprise for him" She laughed.

"Go on, get outa here before he gets home or they come downstairs, I gota freshen up anyways" Selina told Mike

"You really are a filthy bitch Selina". Mike told her

"You love it though" Selina said with a laugh.

Selina yelled.

"I'm working on it" Mike said as he shut the bathroom door.

I could hear Selina talking to herself, it sounded like she was doing her makeup. "Come on Tommy, mommas got a full and horny pussy for you" she said under her breath.

Then she started pretending to talk to Jessica about me.

"He's a very nice boy, good grades...big delicious looking cock...sorry sweetie, mommy had to drain his balls right in her mouth because you wouldn't"

I burst through the closet door scaring Selina half to death, she stumbled backwards and ended up sitting on the edge of the tub.

"You drank my cum you fucking little whore, how dare you" I said as I marched over to her.

The look on Selina's face was pure horror, she was busted in the worse way. "PLEASE NO, OMG YOU HEARD EVERYTHING DIDN'T YOU"? she admitted.

"YES I DID" I said.

"You want more cum don't you, you little slut".

With that I took my chance, I was right in front of her seated position and I pulled my cock out and stroked it in her face.


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