Girlfriends kinky parents. Ch 6: That was close!

"I can't, I just can't suck my daughter's boyfriend off, it's not right" Selina said looking up at my cock through horny eye's.

I stroked it slow and deliberately, her filthy talk had taken it's toll and I really needed to cum again.

"That's fine, here, just rub my balls a little for me". I told her.

Selina looked up into my eye's, her face said total submission, then she raised her hand up, cupped my balls and started slowly rubbing them.

"Ahhh, that feels really good Selina" I said to her as I slowly seduced her. I continued stroking my cock inches from her face, she sat quietly and watched intently at my cock. Her freshly fucked pussy was fragrant in the air but I knew she hadn't gotten off, the slow manipulation of my young horny cock was obviously turning her on. As she studied my stroking technique, she unconsciously began licking her lips.

"Squeeze a little harder and pull on them a little bit" I told her...she obeyed. The cum in my balls was churning as Selina rolled my balls around in her palm. I squeezed my cock tight and stroked up to the head, my piss hole opened and a long, thick stream of precum drooled down.

"Ahhh look at that Selina, warm and fresh". Her eye's were half closed as the cream ran down the swollen head of my 7 inch cock. She couldn't take her eye's off it.

"It's OK, have a little taste, it's our secret" I said to her as I leaned my cock closer to her lips. Selina looked up at me as if to ask if I was sure, I just shook my head yes.

She looked left and right, as if to see if the coast was clear, then said quietly "OK, our secret".

Her eye's rolled back in her head as she closed the distance, her lips parted and her warm tongue lapped into my precum, then traced up and down. I let go of my cock, hoping she would take over for me. As my cock slid away from her tongue, her other hand reached up and instinctively took ahold of my shaft and bought my creaming dick back to her lips while her other hand pulled on my balls.

Her lips closed around the side of my cock shaft and her mouth moved down slowly to meet my balls, her tongue snaked all over them as her other hand lifted my nuts to meet her mouth. Her cock hand expertly stroked my shaft as she continued to lick on my heavy balls.

"Look,there's more cream pouring out" I announced to her.

Her eye's opened and she squeezed my cock tight and stroked, more prejizz spilled down and her eye's were excited and lust filled. Her lips sank into the river and she slurped under the head and down my shaft again. Her mouth felt incredible and I could tell she was a voracious cock sucker.

"Does that young cream taste good, does it make you feel naughty sucking it up"? I asked her.

She pulled away just long enough to say " I can't believe I'm doing this". Then she returned back to my cock cream.

"But you ARE doing it, and it feels so nice and naughty after all the flirting" I said. "It MUST be just as good for you too".

Thru half closed eye's she said "It's so fresh and creamy, I could just drink it all day". She continued slowly jacking me off with a tight grip, my head ballooned and started to turn red. More precum poured from my piss hole and down her thumb. "Your cock is like a leaky faucet, LOOK AT ALL THAT"!! Selina moaned.

"Well, don't let it go to waste" I seductively told her.

Her tongue snaked out and licked up her thumb and back onto my cock head. She repositioned onto her knee's as her lips parted and wrapped around half of the head. She stroked upward towards her lips and her eye's gently closed again, she moaned into my bloated head, it was obvious that she had just been fed even more prejizz, I could feel the tip of her tongue massaging my head through her loose lips.

"You really love cock, don't you" I said.

"If I'm in the mood, I could suck cock all day" she said between licks.

As her lips worked over the tip of my head I watched her lips moisten with a combination of spit and young precum, they glistened in the soft glow of her bathroom light. She rolled her head around in a circle, never letting my fat knob slip from her lips.

Then her cock sucking instincts seemed to start taking over, her lips slid down over my entire crown as her head swung and her hand milked; my God, this woman can suck dick I thought to myself.

Selina purred into my cock head, warm delicious nectar continued to bathe her tongue as her hand stroked on my shaft.

She slid me from her lips long enough to start sliding her tongue up and down my rock hard shaft once again, as she neared the tip to continue teasing me I heard her quietly say "oh fuck it" to herself.

Selina's wet lips parted and she slowly slid half my cock in her warm horny mouth. I tilted my head back and moaned as she sucked me over and over.


"Is it just precum or do you like full loads of cum in your mouth too"? I asked.

"You're trying to get me to say it, aren't you, you bad boy...YES.....I love the taste of cum....YES... I LOVE cum in my mouth and YES....your cock is producing the tastiest pre-ejaculate I ever had and sucking your cock is making me soaked" she said.

"Is that what you wanted to hear, a little dirty talk"??

Selina squeezed my cock hard and stroked it back into her mouth. I asked her to take me deeper and she did, sliding me right to the back of her mouth, my dick head was kissing the entrance to her throat.

"Can you deepthroat me"? I asked her.

Her eye's shot open and she slid me from her mouth, she had a big grin on her face and she vigorously shook her head yes.

"I can't do it by myself though, you have to force it down for me" Selina said submissively.

Both my hands slid into her bright blonde hair and held the back of her head. She spit on my cock and stroked it until it was glistening then put it back in her mouth. She removed her hand from my shaft and I started fucking her face slow and gentle. She was moaning like she was about to cum so I fucked harder and deeper until I hit the enterance, her hands grabbed onto my hips and beckoned me to go deeper.

I put a little force behind her head but felt resistance at her throat. Her hands moved to my ass and pulled me in closer as I felt her start to choke on my cock. I gave a little more force and Selina was able to move her head slightly lining me up then suddenly, 3 more inches of cock disappeared into her mouth.

I held her head and fucked into her throat twice then pulled all the way out so she could breath. Her face was bright red, eye's watery and spit hung from her chin. Then I hear her say "MOOOOOORE".

My cock quickly found then enterance and like a battering ram, I was back into her throat. I fucked it deep and held still. "Lick my balls while I'm in your throat" I commanded.

Selina squirmed around trying to get away but I had a firm grip on her head. "Come on, lick my balls, I know you can do it" I said.

Her mouth opened even further and her tongue slithered out below my cock. Her hand raised my balls up and I felt the tip of her tongue lick them side to side.


Spit and cum poured from her mouth as I pulled out. Selina was panting and tears rolled down her cheeks. She looked up at me and I looked down at her, we both knew there was no going back to just teasing. Our secret must be kept from Jess and Tom, who knows what would happen if they found out. But I also wasn't going to stop having fun and pushing boundaries with Selina.

Selina had just started licking my cock again when we heard Tom pull in the driveway. We'd lost track of time and were seriously close to getting caught.

"Hurry up and go out through the back door before he comes in here". Selina urgently said.

"But I didn't get off" I complained.

"I'll take care of it after dinner, I promise" Selina said.

I pulled my shorts up, tucked my hard on under the waistband and tied the drawstring, trapping it against my belly. I just made it into the backyard when I heard Tom walk into the bedroom, that was close I thought to myself.

As I stood on the deck I watched Selina appear at the glass door, she had fixed her face and looked presentable. She seen me standing there as she pulled the blinds closed. Right before they closed all the way, she reached down and lifted the front of her short white tennis dress, she had taken off her panties so Tom could eat Mike's creampie out of her. She winked at me then closed the curtains all the way.


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