Girlfriends kinky parents Ch 2. The beep of an answering machine
"Will you put the beer in the fridge for me sweetie" Selina asked as she put on an apron and prepared to cook. "Sure thing" I said and I started loading cans on the bottom shelf. My boner was still raging under my waistband and I had a serious case of blue balls. Jessica's spandex stretched and showed every crease, it was obvious she wasn't wearing panties. Selina's tits looked heavy and soft, her ass, even though a little bigger, looked great in her dark blue jeans. I still couldn't believe how nonchalantly she had grabbed at my dick just 5 minutes ago.

Jess turned on the radio mounted under the upper cupboard and her and her mom started grooving to soft dance music as they cooked. They playfully bumped hips then rubbed their asses together, then Selina got behind Jess and spanked her tight little bottom. They had good chemistry and I could tell they had a great relationship.

Just then a mini van pulled in, "DADS HOME" Selina squealed. Tom was fat with a big beer belly and broad shoulders. He had thick glasses and a gentle smile. He dropped his lunchbox on the table and walked over to me. "So you're him" he said. He told me how Jess had talked about me all the time and we talked casually. He went to the fridge and grabbed 2 beers and tossed me one then gave Selina a kiss on the cheek and a hug to Jessica.

I asked him to show me his 69 Road Runner that Jess had told me was his pride and joy. "Follow me" he said. We walked thru the living room and into a big beautiful bedroom, there was a giant sliding glass door leading to a back patio that lead to their pool and hot tub.

There was 2 sets of curtains on the sliding door, a shear, see thru set that was closed and a big heavy set that was open. Tom pulled the string opening the shear set and we walked outside. Tall mature bushes lined the patio and hot tub area secluding it from the rest of the big backyard. He opened the garage as I drank my beer and there it was, mint condition. His garage had every tool imaginable and it was spotless. Beer, Whiskey and Mopar mirrors and signs lined the walls.

Tom worked at the Chrysler plant as a mechanic and obviously did very well. He was extremely nice and we got along. He pulled out a hidden bottle of whiskey from under a steel work bench and 2 shot glasses and insisted that I do a shot with was harsh and disgusting, he laughed at my reaction. It was obvious that Tom was an alcoholic.

"Tom I need you in the kitchen" Selina yelled from their bedroom door. "Oh boy, I might be in trouble" Tom said as he got up to investigate.

I wandered around Tom's beautiful 3 car man cave in awe. Suddenly a phone rang from an open door in the back, it was like a garage office. Suddenly an answering machine beeped and a husky voice whispered through the garage.

"Hey guys, it's Mike. Tom, I talked to my buddy Jim and he's available tonight. I told him all about Selina's fantasy and he's cool with fucking her in the ass. I hope she was serious about this. Jim says he's packing 6 inches and hasn't blown a load in 6 days. Julie blew me Monday but that's the last time I blew a load. We'll be by around midnight so leave the bedroom door open. If Jessica's still awake just beep me like last time. Make sure you leave the alley gate unlocked this time, I'm not risking waking up Jess by coming to the front door again. See you tonight". BEEP.

My mouth hung open and I dashed out of the garage and behind the pool and pretended to be looking at their garden. My hard on had went away but my balls were filled full and my cum was boiling. I pictured Selina bent over getting fucked in the ass, I wondered what her moans sounded like and I realized just how kinky they were. Tom didn't mind sharing is wife, no judgment here.

Tom came strolling back out, tossed me another beer and started talking about tomatoes. Selina's voice cut him off mid sentence. "DINNERS READY BOYS" her voice rang out. As we walked back to the house I told Tom I heard his phone ringing in the garage. "Did the answering machine get it"? he asked.

"I think so, I thought I heard a beep" I said

"I better check it, might be a problem at the plant". He said walking towards the garage. "You go in and get started".

Jess was sitting at the table already and Selina was making a salad in the kitchen. I sat down at the table and all I could do was stare at Selina and picture her moaning like a whore while getting fucked in her ass.

Tom walked in and walked up behind Selina and grabbed her by the hips and kissed her cheek. Then he bent in and whispered something in her ear. Selina's head spun around and she screamed "REALLY"?!?!

She turned around and faced the table, she had the same lust filled look on her face that she did when she watched me rub my cock. We made eye contact and she licked her big juicy lips.

All through dinner you'd think they were serving fish and not chicken. Selina was happy as ever and I imagined how soggy her panties were. She was laughing and joking all thru dinner and I knew why. I needed to develop a plan because I wanted to watch.

After dinner Tom went to the garage and Selina and Jess cleaned the kitchen. I stuck around and helped for a minute, then grabbed a beer and said "I bet Tom would love one of these". Selina said "He LOVES a special delivery".

I walked into their bedroom and adjusted the heavy curtain away from the back edge just enough so you could see in from outside. If someone was out there they'd have a clear view of the bed and most of the long as nobody noticed and fixed it.

I lived about 2 miles away, I kissed Jessica and said goodbye to her mom then Tom drove me home. I complimented him on his car and told him about school on the way, all the while thinking about Selina getting pounded and what I might see later.

At 11:30 I jumped on my bicycle and started riding back to Jessica's house. I had a raging boner and blue balls. I had no other plan than to dump my bike in the neighbors bushes and sneak up to the back door and pray they hadn't found my adjustment.

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Up next, it's not what I expected, it was even more.

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