Girlfriends kinky parents Ch 4. Permission granted

The next morning I called Jessica 1st thing and said I'd like to spend the day with her. Her parents dark blue mini van pulled up 15 minutes later and Jess was in her pajamas and slippers.

As we drove back I pulled out the condoms her mom bought us and told her the story.

"My mom, bought US condoms, you're lying"?

"Nope, she said when we're ready to fuck she wants me to wear one" I said.

As we drove Jess suddenly turned down a side street and parked in front of a house.

"I woke up so horny, will you lick my pussy before we go to my house"? She said.

Jessica was terrified of getting caught messing around by her mom. She wouldn't tell me what happened but it was obvious that sex at home was an issue for her.

I suddenly had a plan. The minivan had black tinted rear windows so I laid her on the back bench seat and slid her pajama pants down her athletic legs, her hairless mound came into view.

I lightly kissed her thighs, licking upwards but skipping over her pussy which was already wet and fragrant. I kissed down the other thigh then back up letting my lips just brush against her hooded clit. I kept this up until she was squirming and finally begged "STOP TEASING, PLEASE JUST LICK IT, PLEASE"!!

I pushed her legs back and dipped my tongue through her slit, savoring her flavor as I moved to her clit. I used my fingers to lightly pull it's hood back and it popped out. Lightly I tongued it until Jess was leaking onto the seat, my chin was covered in her juice and I knew she was close. I decided to change tactics and put my kinky pleasure plan into action.

I let my tongue slide down thru her beautiful pussy until it started circling her tiny pink asshole. Her pussy juice had leaked down into it and her naughtiest hole was glistening. Jessica's eye's shot open and she looked at me with a blank stare. As I opened her ass with my tongue she gripped the seat and moaned "OH MY GOOOOOOD...FEELS SOOOOO GOOD".

I stroked her clit with my fingers and pushed my tongue deep in my beautiful girlfriends ass until she started to climb the hill to orgasm. Once I sensed she was close, I stopped and sat up.

"NOOO DON'T STOP, I'M SO CLOSE" she yelled.

I pulled the front of my basketball shorts down exposing my rock hard cock to her eye's for the 1st time. I grabbed it tight and shook it at her and said "I get blue balls every time I eat you out and this guy gets no attention, no more orgasms until we talk about that" and I climbed back in the front seat.

Jess didn't talk the rest of the ride home and dashed to the bathroom when we walked in the door. Selina was cooking breakfast when I walked in, she had an apron on but I noticed she wasn't wearing a bra, I tucked my hard on under my waistband again and I went in for a big hug. "Good morning Selina" I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist and gave her a tight squeeze.

"Awe good morning sweetie" she said. Selina and I were practically cheek to cheek and I heard her sniff the air, then she smiled a knowing smile. Her daughters pussy was still pungent on my chin and I knew she could almost taste it.

Her hand dropped between us and using the back of her hand, she stroked her fingers across the front of my shorts until they bumped over my hard cock. Her knuckles dragged up and down on my raging boner and she leaned in and seductively whispered in my ear "Did my little girl not take care of this yet"??

"Not yet" I said. Just then Jessica came in the kitchen, I pretended to be helping with breakfast.

"Mom, did you buy us condoms"?? Jess asked.

"I just want you to be safe if the time is right again". Selina stated.

She went on to tell her that she was a big girl and she trusted us to make good decisions and she wanted us BOTH to be happy.

"Really, you won't be mad"? Jess asked.

"Everyone has needs Jessica" Selina said as she went back to making breakfast.

"OK...let's go upstairs" Jess said as she grabbed my hand. Halfway up the steps I looked back at Selina and she winked at me. I had permission to fuck her daughter under her roof.

Jessica locked her bedroom door and our tongues danced together. Soon our clothes were on the floor and I laid her on the bed and started eating her pussy again, then her ass. Jessica flooded my mouth twice with girl cream. I didn't use fingers because I wanted it nice n tight on my cock.

Jess was panting after her second O when I climbed up next to her and presented my cock for her to suck on.

Jess turned away and said "Just put a condom on and fuck me".

I reluctantly fished them out of my shorts and opened the wrapper. "Can u put this on me" I asked. For the 1st time Jess took hold of my cock with her dainty hand and gently rolled the Magnum down my throbbing shaft.

Jess had lost her virginity to her last boyfriend the year before. She said the sex was horrible and they only fucked twice. I knew I had to be gentle and make it good.

I lined up the tip of my golden cock and slid it up and down and through her warm wet pussy. Jessica's body was tense so I took it slow, I worked the head inside and let her pussy adjust, she was incredibly tight and the sensations, even with a condom on, were amazing.

After awhile she relaxed and I worked more and more inside until her little pussy was packed full, then I started stroking. Her grip on my hips loosened and her eye's rolled back in her head by the third stroke. "OH MY GOD" She squealed.

Her pussy loosened up a little and I fucked into her with long strokes until I felt her start to cum. Her cunt clamped tight on my shaft and I leaned in to kiss her while she came. Our lips locked together but her orgasm had taken over her body, she could only tremble and moan into my lips.

I pulled out and flipped her over. Her ass was perfectly toned like the rest of her body. Jess was a swimmer and her body reflected hours of pool time. Her tiny asshole was again glistening with her cum and I had reflections of watching Selina get her ass fucked just the night before. I remembered how Mike had to slowly work his giant cock up her pussy and I chuckled to myself that I was doing the same thing now.

I lined up and sank in much easier, her warm pussy walls felt great and I grabbed her hips. I slowly fucked and Jess moaned into the pillow. Soon I was fucking her deep and firm, Jess was screaming into the pillow, then I started slamming it hard and pulling her hips back onto my dick.

Jessica's head shot up and she screamed "HOLY SHIT"!

I took the lead and pounded her pussy hard and deep, then I started spanking her. Jessica grunted and howled loud enough that I'm sure the neighbors could hear.


Jessica had the biggest orgasm of her life as I pounded her deep from behind. Her fists clinched her pink sheets and then the flood gates opened. With every out stroke her pussy sent warm cum splashing against my balls. I slowed down and withdrew my cock then brought the head under her clit and rubbed it hard. Jessica's body shuttered again and more cum squirted from her pussy, soaking the sheets.

Jess was spent when I flipped her over. She threw her arms around my neck and smiled a big satisfying smile and said "I never knew I could squirt....that...was amazing".

I layed down and she straddled me and we hugged and kissed deep. Jess reached down and brought my condom covered cock to her hole and slowly worked it in. Again, I had flashbacks to Selina riding cock last night. I gripped her hips and pictured Selina's face getting blasted with powerful ropes of cum. As I grabbed Jessica's hips and guided her tight pussy up and down my cock I felt the 1st signs of my impending orgasm.

I pulled Jess down to my chest and guided her, then the walls of her pussy started contracting again. In this position it was the perfect pressure on my throbbing boner and I told her I was going to cum. "Me too" she said as her eye's closed once more. Her cunt milked my dick perfectly and I blasted the condom full of my young cock cream.

Jessica fell asleep next to me, I got dressed and dropped the condom in a small waste paper basket next to her computer desk. I washed up in her bathroom and went downstairs into the kitchen.

"Help yourself to breakfast sweetie" Selina yelled from their bedroom. I made a small plate of eggs and followed her voice to the bedroom.

Tom must have been at work, the Ram was gone and I doubt Selina would have let me fuck his daughter if he were home. As I walked into the bedroom, Selina was at an ironing board in her bra and panties getting ready for the day. My jaw dropped as I stared at her tiny purple panties and humongous bra. Tit flesh pushed up forming perfect cleavage and the room smelled like her perfume.

I started to back out of the room when Selina stopped me and said "Sweetie, if you're going to hang out here you better get ready to see old ladies in their panties". I chuckled. "Now, did you get your load lightened"??

"Yes ma'am" I said. "And you wore a condom, right"?? She asked.

"Yes" I said.

"Well I heard Jessica moaning from the kitchen so I figured she was having her needs met". "I didn't like her last boyfriend Dan, he was a jerk to her, I wish you could have been her 1st".

We chatted about Dan while I ate and stared at her tits. "Do you think I could play some basketball while Jess naps"? I asked Selina.

"Sure, the balls somewhere in the garage". She said.

I put my plate in the dishwasher and went back through her bedroom, I wanted one more look at those tits. Selina was sliding on a short sports dress, I watched as it was pulled down over her tits and fell into place riding just inches below her ass.

I walked outside, found the ball and started shooting around. After a few minutes I heard the phone in the garage ring again. I listened intently for the beep.

"Hey Selina it's Mike, Julie's been pissed at me all week and is holding back sex again. I was thinking I'd stop by at 2:45 and we could sneak in your bathroom and I'd leave Tom a snack in his wife's snatch for when he gets home hahaha. Gimme a call babe". BEEP.

I was getting horny again and my cock stirred in my shorts. I went back to shooting around. Just as I was draining a 3, Selina walked out and said "NICE SHOT BIG BOY". Her short white dress looked amazing. She had matching shoes and ankle socks.

"How about some 1 on 1"? She suggested.

I wanted some 1 on 1 alone time with my cock between those tits I thought.

We played around and Selina actually could play, she dribbled passed me and scored. We played serious for awhile and I watched her white panties appear when she'd jump. Her huge tits were firmly trapped in her big bra, they looked as if they were tied down to avoid the slightest jiggle.

"OH hey, I thought I heard a phone ringing and a beep on the answering machine awhile ago" I told her.

"Time out" she said and walked into the garage office. The message played and I heard her turn the volume down. She walked out with a cordless and was dialing.

"Hey Mike, yeah that sounds good. Tom's home around 3:15 so that's perfect. Just Jessica and her new boyfriend, no it's fine, just have to be quick. Ok see you then.

Selina was going to have their friend stop by, fuck her and fill her pussy with cum for her husband to lick out as soon as he got home, what a whoreish thing to do, I loved it, and again, wanted to watch.


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