Goddess Noirree
The room was 15 foot by 15 foot. It was smooth concrete floor to ceiling, windowless and warm. Tables created a crescent around the room, each strewn with various objects of pain and pleasure on the. The entrance to the room was a single doorway from a stairwell going up. I'm awoke, startled by a lashing across my ass, to find myself dangling from the ceiling by my wrists tied behind my back, nude, my manhood encapsulated, my testicles throbbing with weight upon them, my mouth gagged.

My mistress Noirree sternly addressed me "You shall call me Mistress and I shall call you pet, and you shall do as I say and refer to anyone else as madam, mam. Failure to do so shall result in consequences and punishment. Your pathetic cock and balls will remain caged until I deem it appropriate that they be released. Understood?" I nodded with out hesitance. My mistress pulled on my entrapped, weighted testicles to her delight i moaned in pain. She encircled me lightly whipping my ass with her flog, each loud crack was followed by a moan my cock and balls growing more red by the moment.

Mistress came up behind me in my dangling state, running her hand over my slender chest and sliding her other hand up my thigh sinking her fingers deep inside my ass. I gave a muffled moan behind my gag and she slapped my testicles and hard cock. She began fuck my tight little pussy with her fingers, taking pleasure in my little pathetic moans. Each time she pumped her fingers in and out would proceed with a swift spank to my genitals. I could feel her silicone cock pressed up against my thigh, the thought of it making my heart beat even faster.

"Today you shall be pleasing all of my girlfriends and I want you to satisfy before I allow you to cum. They will be fucking your ass and if I see you make one move to pleasure yourself or get on top of any of them or so much as touch them with your hands, you will be met with swift punishment." She slowly brought me down to the ground, undoing my wrist cuffs and gag. "Lay there and keep your mouth open and ready, keep your cock hard and hands at your sides at all times." I did as I was told.

She went to the door and guided a train of what must have been ten women into the room. All of these women clad in various latex and leather outfits, all outfitted with various sexual devices. Whips, crops, strap-ons of all shapes and sizes, you name it they had it ready. My asshole puckered with anxiety.

They encircled me, each gazing at my naked body with smirk. My mistress Noirree gestured to them to begin using my body for each of their sick and twisted desires. I'm lay naked on the cement for, my cock erect and quivering with anticipation. A tall blonde in a latex corset with buxom breasts bursting out the top and heals walked over to me and squatted on my face and proclaimed, "Lick my pussy, slave bitch and make me cum or your mistress Noirree will be unhappy with you."

"Yes mam." I meekly replied as I began to lick her asshole to clitoris with exuberance. Another woman approached me, tall, dark, long curly hair, topless with daisy dukes on. She wielded a riding crop and began to lightly caress my inner thighs and lightly tapping on them, working her way up and to my genitals. She began striking them gently, which made me moan with painful muffled sounds while the other women watched and giggled at me.

Some began calling out to me, "That's a good little bitch lick that sweet pussy."

"Suck that clit!"

"Hit me harder!"

The woman sitting on my face was moaning louder and louder, when all of the sudden her pussy burst with juices all over my chest. This brought the room to a dead silence. All of the women immediately readied their cocks for me. I was brought to my knees bent over, gagged, hands reaching out, my anus exposed. They rushed around me, striking my ass, face, cock, balls, thighs, back, with crop, flog and cane. One of them shoved her cock in my mouth fucking my face and making me gag slightly. They all lubed up and began plunging themselves inside me. All the while my mistress gauged as my asshole was used and abused. They repeatedly struck me over and over while they fucked me and continued demeaning me verbally. I moaned and screamed in ecstacy. Fucking both my holes as hard as they could. My cock began to leak heavily as they milked me more and more. They tossed me around in various positions fucking me, torturing me. As they began to slow down after each woman had a few turns, they all stepped back as my mistress came to me beaten and used. She gripped my cock and began to stroke. Harder and harder she ran her hand up and down my penis. She plunged her fist inside my ass as she continued to work my manhood. My cry's grew louder than they were while the ladies fucked me. My body quivered harder and harder as she stroked me. Suddenly I erupted in a flow of cum all over the floor. The women satisfied, left the room, my mistress stood up and said "Good boy, now clean up all my cum with your mouth, I will be back to make sure you did a good job." Kissed my forehead and walked away.
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