Going My Way?
For Angie...Past, Present, Hopeful...

Night's coming on rapidly. The moon, shimmering on the horizon, appears restless. Sunset's brilliance subtly wanes into a peaceful collage of multi colored hues, reddish oranges, blues and greys.There's something about an ocean sunset that sets my soul on fire.

I'm no stranger to Malibu Beach and the coast line twisting and climbing along Highway 1 all the way up to Monterey. I've driven this road on numerous occasions in hot rods and motorcycles. Can't say I have a favorite choice. They're both such thrilling experiences. This time it's a hot rod van decked out for sexual pleasure and maximum comfort.

More than the hot rods or motorcycles, I loved being with Angie. She's the sexiest woman I've ever known. We were best friends and lovers for such a short time yet the memories stay alive as does the smell of her hair, the touch of her skin, the taste of her lips, the glow in her sparkling blue eyes. She was always on fire and craved sex as if it were lifes' single, most ultimate, sole sustaining energy.

So, I come here once a year to satisfy a superstitious, fantasy craving desire to hopefully be traveling up the coast and somehow meeting the likes of Angie. On all these occasions I've helped people with flat tires, directions to Lake Tahoe, bikers who ran out of gas and given rides to numerous hot chicks wearing everything from extremely short cut-off jeans with barely fitting bolero type tank tops to eye patch bikinis to (one of my favories) a stretch lace bralette. (This gal is still a close friend who rides with me occasionally.)

Just north of Santa Barbara I'm heading for Buellton where my mouth is already watering just thinking about downing a bowl of Anderson Split Pea Soup with a Kona Coast coffee chaser (Maybe even some dessert...Oh heck, might as well wait to hit San Louis Obispo where the Modanna Inn has five star desserts).

As I'm pulling into the parking lot out of the corner of my evil mind's eye I spot a slender figure trying to hitch a ride. No one stops. She's got the most out of sight raised hip stance that's an instant sexually arousing stimulant. I'm wondering why someone hasn't grabbed up this stunningly sexy mystery I do. She's so out of sight cute, my heart's pounding to the rhythm of her arousing arousing phallus...hope she didn't spot me turning around to come back after her. After all, it is a separated highway.

"Where you headed." I try to hold back any blatant anticipated excitement but then as she turns her head my eyes are filled with kaleidoscopic memories of Angie. I swear this could actually be her. Then I realize it's just wishful thinking. Too many years, too many in betweens.

Her hair's about the same mixture of sandy blondish, light brown accented tint but way longer. Her body is way more slender but her breasts, mid section and slender hips fit the image I fall asleep to every night. Those mesmerizing blue eyes are exactly the same.

"Anywhere you're going, just get me the hell out of here. If your headed for Big Sur you've got a permanent companion...that is, if you don't mind. I won't talk much, unless you want me to."

"Jump in. What's up with Big Sur?"

"I landed a job as the hostess in a restaurant at one of the resorts along the coast. I've got this interview that I'm hoping goes my way. I've got a good reference from my former boss to one of his friends so I'm treating it as a sure thing."

"Which resort?"

"The Hyatt in Carmel. I'm meeting a friend in Big Sur and she's coming with me. Hopefully I'll be a good enough influence in getting her hired as well."

"So, if you don't mind me asking, why are you hitch hiking up the coast? Won't you need some wheels when you get up there?"

"I've just got this gypsy spirit in me that has a spontaneous desire for adventure. I crave the freedom of meeting new people that turn me on sexually. I can usually tell at first sight if I want to even be with someone or not. Like you, I had my eyes on you from the time you purposely turned to come back and pick me up. So, why are you driving up the coast looking for someone like me?"

"OOOps, my cover is blown! My focus on adventure isn't so much meeting new people. Rather, it's a fantasy based on meeting a specific person. Someone who has the same free spirit as a girl I once knew."

"Wow, I get the feeling this is gonna be one heck of an adventure. O K, I wanna know all there is to know about you and this free spirited girl, starting with your true motivation in picking me up."

"Can we just settle for letting this adventure unfold spontaneously?"

"I'm in! You have no idea what your in for, especially if you keep this excitement going. Wow!, a mystery girl and a guy who loves her so much he's on an eternal quest to find her, again. Now that's a turn on that gets me wet. But why haven't you picked someone else up by now?"

"Call me nostalgic but she has to have the same qualities of sexual arousal you have."

"Now that's the kind of flattery I can dig. And how close is that to our mystery girl?"

"So close it's scarry. Except for the long hair I can't tell the difference."

Her smile has an invitation to ecstasy unchained sparkling from her eyes. She settles in my lap by rotating sideways, lifting my arm off the steering wheel then replacing it as she slips between the wheel and my arm.

There's no mistake that the position of her body is calulatingly arousing. Her strikingly attractive breasts lead the way to finding just the right angle of persuasion. It's not that her breasts are any where close to large but the contour of them, her rib cage and her petitely tight belly, excites the hell out of me. Her body moves expertly with deliberate intention becoming satisfyingly comfortable as her soft right breast makes contact with the anticipated pleasure of her feeling an enlightened erection bulging through my jeans.

She snuggles her soft breast pleasantly into my thigh allowing it to tease an expanding excitement. She presses the hardness of her nipple into my crown then looks up at my open mouth lusting wonder. She smiles a most luscious smile. I lift my hips allowing the expansion to stretch out further to breathe. She's hip to my aching need for liberation, lifts up reaching her hand under her arched body, feels the tightness in my jeans, unbuckles my belt, unzips the fly, slides her hand down the inside of my thigh, wraps her fingers around one side of my shaft squeezing it into her palm, wraps her thumb around, strokes me several times feeling the engorgment swell in her hand then swipes her index and middle fingers across the oozing opening, licks her fingers then settles back comfortably squirming her way into what she knows is turning me on. Her tasty wet tongue open mouth kiss could only be enhanced by...

"Go ahead, I'm wet enough for both of us. Hope you're gonna like what most guys I've been with frown on."

After sliding my jeans off she opens her legs by lifting one up against the seat, the other stretching down to the floor mat. My right hand's already reaching for what my mouth is dying for. I unfasten her jeans, she lowers them just enough to expose the most luscious pussy I've ever seen then kicks them off. Her huge moist lips are beautifully engorged, swelling so wide they touch her thighs. My fingers are so eager to bring ecstasy to my mouth, my tongue salivates profusely. "Your pussy is what dream fantasies are suppose to be made of, mine have been until now. I hope you enjoy oral sex as much as I do 'cause I wanna get lost in your pussy and never be found."

"Nothing turns me on more than knowing I excite the sexual fury in a man. Not many men have ever wanted to take on the enormity of my abnormal anatomy. It's yours to enjoy to ultimate satisfaction and my desirous orgasmic pleasure. No one has yet to completely satisfy me orally but I get the notion that's about to change."

Not wanting to appear anxiously greedy I bite my tongue and allow my hand to slide into her groin with finger massaging delicacy. She keeps her pussy clean shaven with just a hood of hair high above her spectacular grand entrance. Before ever reaching her flowery petals my fingers slip into her abundant wetness now spilling onto her thighs. Trying to be subtle I hesitate using my middle finger as a test probe...

"Don't be at all bashful with me, if you love what I'm thinking you love don't hesitate or I'll beat you to it."

Spreading her legs wider, allowing me to be as free as ever, I let my palm cup over as much of her pussy as I can reaching deep down to where her cum has dripped into her rosebud.

"Have no fear, I keep myself ready 24/7."

With all four fingers I gently massage her tightening anal sphinkter. I take that as a come on and press into her swirling my fingers in a figure eight pattern. She relaxes allowing me entrance to her smooth chamber of bliss. Her body flinches begging for more. I swirl my palm over her blosoming lips, dive into her rosebud garden with two fingers and rotate my thumb around her rising extended clit. Her hips begin to rotatingly undulate as her breathing ushers in her first of many orgasmic climaxes to come. The arching of her back adds joy of satisfaction knowing she is an orgasmic queen.

She's so wet my hand becomes drenched. As I raise it toward my mouth she tucks her head under my hand to catch sparkling droplets before they decorate her colorful skimpy tank top. As she swallows I lick the length of my palm then suck one finger, offer her another, suck one more and offer her the rest. The taste of her outrageously sweet cum sends me into dilerium as I pull off the road and park behind a road sign advertising the Madonna Inn.

"You have no idea how much I've wanted to meet someone like you." Before saying another word she's out of her clothes, ripping mine the rest of the way off. We roll each other into the back of the van ending up with her on top in a perfect 69 position, my all time favorite. She lifts my hips, slides her hands under my cheeks and begins pumping with a steady rythm. As my cock randomly bounces off my belly she plays tether ball with its throbbing enlargement. Swiping her tongue across the crown with ferocious swirls gives new meaning to sexual excitement. I immediately pick up on her desire as she offers me her pussy in the same fashion. Rotating her hips then swishing from side to side offers me an arousing opportunity to suck as much cum from her dancing lips one at a time.

I cup her breasts in each hand replicating her rhythm and adding a swirl massage pulsation. In seconds we're thrusting our favorite body parts into each others faces sucking and lapping up liquid gold as fast as it pours and oozes forth. I can't imagine a more satisfying taste so far beyond any food source in all of creations mystery gardens. Fresh uni comes the closest to mind but even that luscious food source pales in the presence of abundantly endowed saturated pussy.

She thrusts the head of my cock tightly in her mouth while stroking my shaft with a squeezing action allowing huge bursts of pre cum to surface steadily. The more I suck and swallow her cum the more she lets loose with, as if controlling an invisible faucet. Her clit has swollen so large it lays on my chin begging to be included in this feast of feasts. I begin rocking my head from side to side stimulating her clit wishing it were in my mouth. My mind fills with the thought of somehow being able to suck both those huge lips that are now overflowing with sweetness.

I feel her dripping on my chest as I start trading body parts randomly with my tongue diving deeply into her pussy then flatening out as wide as possible swiping upward toward then finally sucking her clit which has become so huge my teeth gently bite into her. Her body erupts again and again as I press the outer part of my thumbs against her lips forcing them into my cheeks. She starts chewing the head of my cock with such delicate nibbles the sensation sends me into an orgasmic fit. Jolting bursts of cum fly up onto her forehead, eyelids and nose before she's able to control my shaft which she holds far back at its base with both hands. Then I realize she's purposely wanting to watch the blasts of cum spray haphazardly as she tries to catch the globulets in the air. Her laugh is childlike and so playfully mesmerizing I wish I could cum forever just to watch her joy.

She raises her loose held handhold on my shaft allowing cum to saturate my pelvic bone. She slides her hands down tightly forcing more cum to cover my balls. Our combined body heat has raised the temperature inside the van to what feels like eighty degrees or more. My balls hang so low the sack touches the soft carpet. She grips her hand around the upper sack tightening my balls against her thumb an dindex finger. Then she begins licking cum off my balls while loosening her grip then tightening again. She sucks one ball deep in her mouth while massaging cum into the other one then switches from ball to ball. I'm amazed at how deep she sucks each ball then finally both at once. She opens her mouth so wide reaching up to my shaft allowing my balls and sack to relax against her tongue. As she slowly closes her mouth she tightens against the looose sack and pulls toward the balls. Then she flips my balls forward and catches the sack tightening the balls agasinst my shaft. She takes pleasure in watching me squirm and moan with blissful excitement as she jacks me off with both hands the entire time. One hand massages cum into the crown and head of my cock while the other strokes the entire length smoothly with a series of tightening and loosening grips.

Within seconds of her combined techniques I feel cum rising once again. As if she knows exactly where the cum is she tightens against my shaft then lets loose feeling the flow stop and start. The sensation sends me into a convulsive thrashing orgasmic explosion. My body doubles up then expands uncontrollably.

As cum pours out of my cock she swallows faster and faster. Her double handed stroking increses in intensity. Her head bobs up and down in an amazing face fucking attack the likes of which I have never come close to being part of. She withdraws my cock from her mouth and slaps her cheeks, her neck then both tits. She presses her engorged nipples into my wide gaping slit one by one as cum continues to flow easily onto her chest. Then she finishes me off by sucking so hard on my crown her lips tuck behind the hood as she pulls forward then releases then sucks harder. The last flow of liquid disappears with such orgasmic pleasure I've never experienced before. I only hope I can satisfy her with the same intensity.

After switching back and forth from body part to body part I suddenly realize her rhythm speeding up. Before I can match her speed she explodes with a moaning roar that vibrates the head of my cock down through my shaft into my balls. I completely loose control as my cock bursts with erupting gushes of cum. Her body thrashes uncontrollably when my hands open her flowery lips so wide I can tuck the tip of my chin into her widening pussy while sucking her clit with long vacuum like sweeps. Her clit elongates with each continuing swipe. Her body wrenches, squirms, goes wild with ecstaic bliss. My body convulses involuntarily as we enjoy the most outrageously long lasting orgasm in history.

She slides around with cum aiding her slippery moves. Our lips and tongues can't wait to fuse together. My cock continues to pulsate uncontrollably as she reaches down grabbing hold of my shaft and begins to aim it toward the entrance to heaven's gate. I'm so turned on I remain rock hard as I feel her spreading her legs wide to accept the head of my cock. As I feel it enter her flowery gates of paradise I feel her pussy contract lightly. She commences rocking backward...

"Oh Wow!!, I thought I could take you in one thrust. Come on, help me propell this titan missle to the depths of forever, I want you so bad. Fill my wanton pussy like its never been filled before."

I thrust my hips upward as she rocks back. With each thrust my cock deepens with such a satisfying feeling of completeness that I momentarily flash on an unrealized fantasy image. My smile is a dead give away...

"I know what your thinking. You want my pussy to be as infinitely wide and deep as your cock is outrageously thick and long."

"You must be some kind of witchy woman, how'd you know that?"

"'cause we're two of a kind, I sensed it the minute you asked where I was headed. I was never more right. I knew this was going to be one hell of an adventure. The funny part is, we don't even know each others names. Hi, I'm Angie and I wanna fuck you into forever."

I can't believe my ears. No way, this must be some kind of out of sight extra terrestrial encounter! Or, has fate finally reached its inevitability? I start fucking her as hard as she starts fucking me. She leans her hands on my chest and works her hips like a jack hammer on steroids. I thrust harder arching my back so I can hold the position long enough for her to force her hips back down, again and again.

The rhythm of our attack becomes confused with how hard her downward thrusts become. I finally rotate into the perfect angle to match her thrusts. We finally coordinate our moves and that's when we reach a depth charge, spine bending, full throttle orgasmic explosion that has the shock absorbers of the van bottoming out. Our combined startling moans of ecstasy are nothing short of white noise gone berzerk. Her pussy is so amazingly stimulating I never want to stop fucking her.

"This is the most outrageous orgasm I've ever experienced and I don't want it to end." She rotates one way, I follow her lead. She holds tight to my hips so we don't separate. Then she raises her legs up over my shoulders spreads her knees lifting her hips so the angle of our thrusts is a direct line of fire.
"Keep fucking me as long as you can. You've got me on an orgasmic roller coaster to the moon."

Her pussy is so cum saturated that it's easy to keep fucking her with a steady intense rythm. "Ah yes, keep those long strokes coming just like that. I'm loving the way your cock makes love to my pussy. What a perfect match, where've you been all my life."

"Hi, I'm Rod, pleasure meeting you. Think I wanna move up to Big Sur if you'll have me."

"Only if you promise to fuck me like this every night. I've never felt such pleasure. OOOOooh, do that again, yes, again...again." I start thrusting into her with the longest sideways strokes that slide one lip into her pussy then the other and finally come down from the top burying her clit and upper extensions of her flowery lips. The sensation is so overwhelming it feels as if a steady flow of cum is streaming out from my cock. As the peaks of each orgasm subside she picks up the conversation again...

"We've got a furnished house that's all paid for by the resort management. How about staying as long as you like?"

"If you're serious about wanting to be fucked every night, I'm in. You're that mystery girl I've longed for ever since Angie."

"Wait, I am Angie! Oh, you mean...WOW, what a coincidence this is!"

"I don't believe in coincidence, only synchronous moments when two hearts become one. No greater intensity can ever be matched."

"Well, you've just taken my pussy to a level of intensity...that...just...OH YES, deeper Rod, give it to me like there's no tomorrow"...

Her breathing goes ballistic and I start fucking her so hard as her body lifts upward, her eyes roll back, her constant blissful moans are so stimulating cum flows freely as an answer to a most rewarding quest. In this moment of ecstasy there's an unspoken wish fulfilling prophecy that begs for more. Yet, the realization that the human body can't sustain perpetual motion finally becomes a reality.

After experiencing the intensity of fucking her so hard it hurts I realize she must be hurting as much as me. We slow down between orgams as my cock becomes semi hard. It's so engorged it stays semi erect then becomes rock hard after long slow thrusts. The smoothness of every entry into the depths of her amazingly deep pussy has my orgasms so close together I never realized the prossibility of a never ending stream of mini orgasms.

After several hours of making out, enjoying oral sex unlimited and fucking each other beyond belief we slowly share a few more long twist rotating thrusts. Then our bodies collapse into each other. I roll her back on top of me as we sprawl out in a comfrotable position. She rocks her hips to one side, lifts up just far enough to grab the base of my saturated shaft, yanks it from side to side then circles clockwise, counter clockwise ultimately ending with pulling my cock the entire length of her massive pussy stimulating her blosomed lips and clit to fulfillment. Her body quivers as she puts the final touches of an orgasmic experience never before achieved to rest. My cock is so swollen it feels as numb as if a leg that's fallen asleep is waking up.

"Hey Rod, would you be up for doing a threesome with my friend? She'll love the way you fuck and I'm sure you'll love her pussy. She's built like me with the same anatomy."

"I'd love to do a threesome but I can't imagine anything topping what we've just experienced. That is, except for a more comfortable environment."

"Well, the house we have has everything from waterbeds to futons to shag rugs and pillows everywhere."

"You've just described my image of heaven, I'm in!"

"I'm so tired I think I can fall asleep right here on top of you."

"I've got reservations at the Madonna Inn. Come on, you'll love it, it's my favorite resort along the coast."

We only have a short drive to San Luis Obispo. The entire time is speechless. However, our hands keep fondling each others favorite body parts with mini orgasms continuing our quest for mutual boundless sexual satisfaction.

"I reserved the Hideaway for three nights if you can stay that long."

"I have a week and if I need it another week extension. Wanna take some time to really get to know each other? I sure do!"

"You took the words right out of my mouth."

We're both so exhausted we lean on each other playfully tickling each other and purposely teasing those body parts we've become fond of. After registration we collapse on the king sized bed. Angie's eyes roam in amazment at the rich sensual taste of the room.

"You devil in disguise. Come on, get in the shower. I'm gonna see what you're really made of. My pussy's so sore it's numb and I'll bet your cock is aching out of control. Let's massage each other with tons of lather, enjoy oral sex 'til we're turned on enough to slow fuck ourselves to sleep. Rod, your cock thrills my pussy like it's never been thrilled before. You're gonna find out that I've got an itch that can't be scrathed enough to ever go away."

"Angie, I hope you're ready for what's gonna happen. I hope you're serious about craving oral sex and fucking every night because that's my kind of itch that can never get enough scratching."

"All I can say is I'm sure glad you spun around to pick me up 'cause I'm gonna be the Angie you've been looking for, the Angie that I am and the Angie you are going to have for the rest of forever."

"The only thing I know is that I've never met anyone who craves sex as much as you, except me. Forever isn't long enough for enjoying the satisfaction we've just experienced. Let's make it eternal."

"I'm in!"

Thanks Blue Eyes, for the intense inspiration!

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