Going into service Part 1

Having moved to a small town with my boyfriend for his work I had taken a couple of part time jobs in a shop and at a nearby stables which gave me an income but not enough to be totally independent. This all came to hit me hard when I walked in on my BF fucking the woman from down the road, I stormed out then realised I really didn't have anywhere to live.
I drove around and went for a coffee realising I needed a job I bought a newspaper and looked for a temporary home and also a more lucrative job. I saw a job for a live in housekeeper/ maid/ stable hand, I rang the number and an interview was arranged for the following day. I went to a cheap hotel for the night then next day I got up showered did my hair in a French Plait, put on a little makeup and dressed in a thigh length skirt, pale blue shirt and heels then drove the 15 miles to Ridgemount House.

I was greeted at the door by a man in his early 50's
"Good morning young lady, you must be Natalie, welcome to Ridgemount Hall, do come in. I'm Mr Samson, when we are alone you can call me Ben but in front of company you should address me as sir.

He told me he was home alone at the moment as his wife was away in London she comes and goes on "business", he muttered who would probably be a gym20 to 30 year old, he apologised as he saw me blush.

Ushering me into a study he said "Now, tell me all about you, age, experience, skills, personal situation.

I explained my experience and what had happened saying my situation was complicated as my now ex and I had grown apart until catching him with the woman,
I blushed as we talked at being so open with a stranger and possible employer. As we talked it felt like his eyes could see straight through me, crossing my legs my skirt rode up a little.

He explained he and his wife led practically separate lives as their outlook and .

He led me to the kitchen, and asked me to prepare sandwiches for us he left and returned with a bottle of wine, I said I probably shouldn't as I had to drive back, but he said I could stay in one of the spare rooms and drive back the following day.

He asked more about my relationship and as I drank the wine and relaxed more I
explained we had been together for quite some time and had kind of gone stale, I rode he played golf and seemed happy to spend all of his time out with friends at cricket, football or clubs. He got drunk quite a bit and one night fell asleep with his laptop on watching porn and his hand in his pants. I was switching it off and saw a video of a girl a girl being spanked wearing a collar, which strangely did arouse me a little but when I asked if he wanted to try it and he went mad.

I gulped some wine blushing at what I had just revealed and even more when he said
"So, you like the thought of being spanked on that pretty little arse, do you? And having a collar around your neck, I wish my wife was that adventurous.

" I am open to new experiences but wouldn't want to be made to crawl
Looking at him I could see his cock outlined in his pants, I unconciously let my tongue trace my upper lip he smiled .

"We both seem to be in need of some release that we don't get from our respective partners, come here, Natalie," he said firmly, there's just one more important service I need my pretty young maid to provide for me but I do understand if it is not to your tastes."

He walked behind me and said if you wish to stop say Excalibur and all will stop.

I could feel his breath on my neck then suddenly my ass stung as he spanked it, he paused, the sting of his hand through my skirt made me jump, a feeling of panic ran through me he kissed my neck whispering good girl, suddenly he tugged my shirt open my lacy bra and breasts exposed to him.

My mind was in turmoil, could this be the excitement I craved but my BF wouldnt try, should I run.
Stepping in front of me he smiled my breasts heaving in their silky confines, taking my hand he placed it on the front of his trousers holding my breath I slowly rubbed him, I took hold of the zipper and slowly pulled it down wriggling my hand in I pulled his cock free wrapping my fingers around him stroking him slowly making him moan.

He kissed me gently then I felt his hand take hold of my hair guiding me to my knees in front of him, I hesistantly reached up and unbuttoned his pants and unzipped him and pulled at his underwear wriggling it down.

My hand stroking him I could smell the musky aroma of his flesh I stroked him slowly feeling has thick warm flesh, his hand tightened the grip in my hair as a drop of precum appeared I flicked my tongue over the swollen head of his cock tasting him for the first time.
I cupped his balls as I closed my lips around his cock and he slowly eased his hips forward his cock slipping into my mouth as I was kneeling submissively before him hearing him gasp with satisfaction and pleasure as I sucked him my tongue laving his cock.

Mmm, good girl Natalie," he growled tightening his grip on my hair as he pulled me further onto his cock.
He instructed me "Pull the skin down with your hand and with your mouth, now tuck your lips in there, just below the head, that's the most sensitive area. Massage it with your lips... Yes... that's good. Now stroke it with your tongue. Nice and slow. Make it last."
He held my head as he pushed deeper, suddenly he said Take off your bra I want to see your tits I followed his instructions undoing my blouse, I reached back unclipping the lacy bra , my breasts swelling forward my nipples so hard, hearing him grunt appreciatively he pushed deeper making me gag , I relaxed my throat as he pushed deeper.

Looking up into his eyes, the rhythm of his thrusts constant he smiled, suddenly his cock lurched and a jet of hot cum erupted into my mouth, his cock kept pumping his hand pulling my hair.

Suddenly he let go and pulled back, my face splashed with another jet of hot spunk which dripped onto my breasts, his head thrown back.

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