Going to the lake with Karen
The next morning after ample love making we had our breakfast and packed the car and headed for the lake. It was a beautiful day with lots of sunshine and warm temperatures!
A perfect day for enjoying the lake. Norris lake is one of the deepest lakes in Tennessee and it's water is always cold! Brrrr.
Karen had worn a very sexy polka dot bikini today and she was looking good. She smiled and waved at everyone that looked at us.

One time a car with four young guys pulled beside us and she noticed them gawking at her so she smiled and said "watch." She removed her bikini top ane bottoms and put her titties up to the window for them to see her gigantic breasts. Then she stood up and turned around to moon those poor guys. They we hooting and cheering like crazy. She loved the attention! She told them yelling "I can't show you my pussy because this man driving is busy fucking it right now with his hand!! haha" They hooted and hollered some more then sped off into the distance. She did put her top back on in case we were stopped by the police.

We found a secluded spot and laid down a blanket and she got naked and handed me a bottle of lotion to rub on her. I always paid special attention to her big tits and her inner thigha where I would flick at her clit and she moaned in pleasure. She suddenly looked around and seeing no one she pulled my trunks off and said "let's fuck. I've been wanting your cock in my pussy since we got up this morning. There's no one to watch us even though I wish there were!"

I agreed and mounted and rammed my hard cock inside that wet pussy all the while hearing her sounds of music escaping from her mouth.
To say this woman loved to fuck would be an understatement indeed. She was almost insatible
She kept repeating "I'm cummming. O yes make me cum! yes yes I'm cummming. Now give me yours." In just a few strokes more I did just that!

She pushed me off and told me "now I can relax and get some sun and a nap." "I love you!" she told me and kissed me. I told her that I loved her and laid back down and started reading a book. After about an hour I woke her and told her to turn over before she got sunburned. "Okay, but while lying on my front how about fucking me doggie style. I like that too." she told me.
I agreed and got up behind her and held on that magnificnet ass as I plunged my hard cock back inside her pussy for another round.

It wasn't too long till I heard her usual "I'm cummming. OH yes I'm cummming. I love it!"
She finally collapsed to the blanket in deep pleaure. She pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately and said "thanks I needed that!" I told her anytime she needed to be fucked just let me know. She said she would.
She then fell asleep for a second time.

I picked back up on the story I was reading. As I was reading I got to thinking that since I had her pussy well taken care of I might as well fuck her ass too. I reached down between her legs and smeared it on my cock and then got some more and put in it her hole to get it lubricated enough for a cock to enter. She immediately woke from her nap when I put the cum in her hole and raised her ass in the air and told me "I'm ready when you are!" I inserted my cock slowly at first but then she just pushed back hard so she took it all in with no problem.

I fucked her ass for some time while holding and squeezing those big tits and we rode like this until I shot another load of cum in her.
I was surprised that I could cum that quickly but I did. We finally finished and she laid back down and told me "now that you've fucked me in my pussy and ass I need a nap. Leave me alone and let me sleep for awhile! You can have some more later, I promise!" I let her sleep to her hearts content and picked up my book again.

After an hour or so I had to wake her up again so she wouldn't get burned and I applied more lotion and she went back to sleep. I don't have the slighest idea how many times we fucked that day but it was many! She even forced me once to go into cold ass water so we could fuck in it. She wrapped her legs around my waist and we water fucked!

When we finally got home I went straight to bed to get some rest since she had absolutely worn me out. I heard her telling the others that she wasn't tired because she had taken a nap and I didn't.
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