Good Memories
Ten years together. It was hard to believe they had been together that long. But here they were, having dinner out together for their 10th anniversary.
So much had happened in those ten years, good and bad. And here they sat, looking into each other eyes. They still lusted after each other. Time and circumstance had not been kind to them in that regard, and they had not been able to "connect" much of the time they had wanted to.
But tonight there was synchronicity. Nothing was going to get in the way tonight.
The cell phones were off. The home phone answering machine was set to screen, silently, all calls, so when they arrived home, there would be NO distractions.
So, dinner complete, after dinner drinks onboard, they talked innocently about this and that, keeping their hunger at bay. Never speaking of the heat building between them as they chatted.
She spoke of her wish to finding a way to build the gazebo in the back yard that she wanted for so long. As she spoke of the pleasant evenings they could enjoy sitting out in the spring and falls months, she toyed with the silken-lace of the rose-pink silk-satin slip she wore beneath the almost red silk dress. She moved the soft material up a little, and then back down into her cleavage, as if savoring the feel of the smoothness...
He felt his cock fill with blood, as she deftly touched, ever so gently, this one of many of his "buttons".
By the time they had risen to leave, he could barely stand, for the rigid erection that was nearly painful......
On the ride home, she sat with her skirt risen up her lovely thighs, exposing more of the exquisite silk and lace of her slip, and spoke innocently of perhaps painting the guest room a more subtle blue color....
As they secured the car and garage and walked into the kitchen through the adjoining door, she turned on the small under-cabinet light. She turned to him, reaching behind her, and unzipped her dress. Very, very slowly. It blossomed open, and slid slowly down around her, the soft silk puddling around her five-inch heels. She stood as if in a lake of silk, wearing the soft rose-pink slip..... They said nothing.....
She smiled at her husband, and said, "I have something I must do in the bedroom". She turned and walked toward it.
Transfixed, he followed her lithe movements, as she moved into the bedroom. The silk of the slip and her stockings hissing seductively with each step.
Now as she moved into the relative darkness of the bedroom, he could discern shapes next to the bed. The ironing board and iron were set up, as if she were going to be doing some last minute pressing before they had left for dinner....but there were no items of clothing laying about. Just the board and her old iron, one she'd bought at an antique store, from the 1940's or 50's.....
He opened his mouth to speak, but she turned and faced him, her index finger to her lips....she moved close to him. She reached out her hand and pressed it against his erection beneath his pants.
Slowly, but deftly she undid the pants' zipper and button. He stepped out of his shoes, toed-off his socks, just as his pants hit the floor and he stepped free from them as well.
She softly pulled down his underwear, freeing his hardness. As he stepped free of these as well, he discarded his shirt.
Now she moved to him, pressing against him, against his hard cock, letting him feel her warmth through the butter-soft silk she wore.
She nuzzled his neck, kissing him softly, as he moved his hands down her back, caressing her firm round buttocks. His hands nearly buzzed as the warmth of her passed through the silk to him. She backed slowly away.....walking behind the ironing board. She went into her closet.
He could smell her still, her perfume, her warmth, even her sex........
She then emerged from the closet, a long gown draped over her arms.
"Do you recognize this, baby?", she asked....
"It's one of the exquisite silk-satin nightgowns from my wedding trousseau. I had several lovely gowns, but none more beautiful and sensual to me, or you."
She spread the floor-length gown out upon the ironing board, the lace trimmed bodice at the narrow part of the board, the expanse of the pure-white silk-satin material draping almost to the floor, either side of the wider part.
Now she walked to his side of the board again, and turned to the ironing board, brushing her hip against him as she did so. He moved in behind her, pressing his hardness into the soft-cleft in her bottom, feeling again the silk warmed by her.... She turned the dial of the iron...moving it to a 'low' began to click, heating......He reached around and softly grasped her breasts through the soft slip....she wore no bra.....they were heavy and warm....the nipples hardening at his touch....She cooed as he ran his thumbs over them....pushing herself against his hard cock, moving up and down a little causing the silk to ride up her legs some....
She turned to him now, taking his cock in her hand, feeling it pulsing....she wrapped it in some of the silk slip, and moved it ever so agonizingly slowly up and down his shaft.....
"You know how expensive that silk is.....and you know how much I love that nightgown....?", she asked......
"Yes," he said. "I know. I've made love to you while you wore that gown many many times. It's priceless....I've never felt anything so soft and smooth in my life".
"We're going to do something very dangerous now," she said. You're going to turn the iron up for me now....all the way hot as it will go. Just let it sit on it's heel, getting so very very hot..."
"Do it for me now, baby....turn up the temperature", she said.
He reached out, finding the dial. She watched him as he turned it up....slowly, as if to give her the chance to say 'stop'......but she said he turned the old iron up higher, and higher past 'Wool', 'Cotton', 'Linen', on to "Hot", and then to "Very Hot". Again the old iron began to click.....
She stroked his cock with her slip, ever so slowly, looking into his eyes with love and adoration. He felt his love for her fill his heart, and he leaned in to kiss her, she opening her mouth to him, taking his tongue, sucking gently on it...they kissed deeply like this for a long time.... She could feel him about to climax.... and grasped her thumb and forefinger underneath the head of his cock, and squeezed....shutting down the climax.......before it could go too far.....She smiled at her wickedness, hearing him groan with a mixture of pleasure and frustration.....
But he didn't fight her. She knew exactly what he needed, what he wanted. And giving this to him meant that later she would receive tenfold the attention from him. He was masterful with his hands, fingers and mouth on her....he could bring her to climax and keep her there for a very, long time.
Now she let go of his throbbing cock, allowing the slip to fall away from her grasp. She walked again behind the ironing board, standing close to it, and beckoned him do the same. He did so, moving to within an inch of the board, which was about three or four inches beneath his engorged cock....
She picked up some of the incredibly soft satin material, and again, wrapped his cock in it. This time leaving the purple, swollen head outside of the swath of butter soft material....and again she began the slow, soft, slide up and down his shaft...
"Pick up my iron, darling", she said...... He reached out and picked up the heavy instrument, so hot now both of them could feel the heat coming off the soleplate...He saw her breathing become faster as he lifted the hot iron from it's place on it's heel.
"Do you love me, only me?", she asked.....
"Yes baby...So, very much",.......
"Burn my nightgown, darling....burn it for me"....
She was massaging her swollen, wet pussy with her free hand, and still slowly stroking him....her control was magical....He began to lower the iron toward the silk....both their eyes glued to the spectacle.....closer and closer he moved the glimmering soleplate to the soft sea of silk...."Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h", she began to say...
The iron barely touched some of the higher folds of the gown...they smoked at once, turning a dark brown. "AH-h-h-h-hhhhhaa....." once more came from her, louder now, her eyes big with the incredibility of what was happening before her.....He slowly lowered the hot iron to the gown...a soft 'puff' issued from the contact, and blue-brown smoke rose all about the soleplate, the air now full of the scent of her perfume within the burning folds of her exquisite silk nightgown..She felt him start to cum...and watched his semen squirt across the gown in front of the iron.... He slowly moved the iron forward, burning a nearly black swath through the dress of the gown...the cum sizzling as the iron contacted it....
She came with him....shuddering as waves of orgasm engulfed her....she still holding his pumping cock in it's silken glove, smoke rising from beneath and behind the utterly ruined silk........ They stayed like that, until they were both spent.... only then did he raise the burning hot iron from the ruined gown....setting it on it's heel once again. She cleaned his cock with the silk of the gown...... Leaning across the still hot burned silk, they kissed again...a long deep loving kiss. When they parted, there was a gleam in his eye..... She knew that gleam.....they would need refreshments......
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