Good Morning Baby
I wake up before you and quietly slip out of bed. I tip toe to the kitchen and prepare your breakfast. Something light to start your day.

Orange juice, coffee with cream and sugar, some fresh mixed fruit and toast with just a hint of strawberry preserves. 

I place them on your breakfast tray and with my back, I push open the door.

I see you on your back now, your arms crossed over your head. It's hard not to notice your semi-erect cock tenting the sheet. Seeing that excites me.

Never one to miss an opportunity like that, I place the tray down on your bed side table.

I gently remove the sheet from you and crawl between your already parted legs. I rub your thighs in a circular motion and you softly moan.

I grab onto your cock, with my right hand, and begin stroking you up and down. My left hand is gently cradling your balls. A soft smile forms on your lips.

My head immediately lowers and my mouth opens over you. I take your cock tip in my mouth and I circle it with my tongue. Flicking and teasing it.

You let out a soft moan as your hand reaches for my head. You push my head down over your cock so I can suck you in deeper.

As I suck, your hips are thrusting up and down and we are in sync with our movements. Sucking you in deeper and deeper I feel your cock growing harder and harder inside my mouth.

My pussy is twitching and begins to drip with excitement.

My mouth is full of your cock as you begin pumping faster and faster.

The veins of your cock are bulging and your girth is getting wider.

I can feel your cock throbbing inside my mouth.

I can already taste your pre-cum leaking out.

I know that you are almost ready to explode and so am I.

You now have your both hands pushing on the back of my head, and I am sucking you harder, deeper and faster.

I feel the first stream of cum propel into my mouth and down my throat. I swallow quickly, as I know that there will be plenty more streams, of your sweet cream to follow.

I look up at you and your eyes are like slits, just partially opened.

As I continue sucking you, you start fucking my mouth at a furious pace, you are moaning loudly.

Then it happens, you explode with steady ribbons of cum, one right after the other.

Hot, thick, creamy, sweet, musky cum.

I have my own explosive, orgasmic release at almost the same time.

Load after load, you empty yourself into my always ready throat.

Your body is jerking and you are growling and moaning loudly.

I keep swallowing, but it spills out of my mouth and down my chin.

I try my best to catch it with my hands, but there is just too much of it.

Not only is your cock covered in cum, but so are your balls and the lower part of your tummy.

I methodically lick you clean, with no time to spare.

The clock radio alarm goes off, it's 7AM.

The song that's playing is Marvin Gayes', 'Let's Get It On.'

You open your sleepy eyes and say, " Thanks Marvin, we just did." 

You start humming with the song.

I look up at you with a smile and say,

" Good Morning Baby!"
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