Good Morning Mom
Sleeping in bed with you, our naked bodies together under a light blanket. I wake up long before the alarm goes off and feel and hear you lying next to me. I roll over and push the blanket down off our bodies. You are still asleep, looking so lovely. I begin kissing your shoulder.

Moving down to your chest then to your tits. Your nipples respond though you remain asleep. I lick at them, pushing on them with my tongue. Feeling them bounce back off my tongue. Taking your nipple and breast in my mouth I kiss them and then suck on them lightly, not wanting to wake you just yet. I kiss and suck on both breasts, then move down your belly, kissing a line to your bellybutton. I lick it, kiss it, suck on it. You begin to stir, trying to roll a little, then rolling back flat. Your arms slide around a bit, a hand going to your breast and rubbing it. Your dreams are very erotic now, very vivid. Your hand squeezing and pinching. The feelings and urges increasing in your mind and body.

I continue kissing down your body, pushing the blanket down further, kicking them off completely. I kiss over to your hip. As I slide down the bed, I kiss down your leg, pushing the blanket all the way to the floor. When I get to your feet, I push your legs apart and kiss your toes. I kiss the sides of your feet, then your ankles, working my way back up between your legs. I get to your thighs where I kiss and lick. Moving back to the other side, kissing and licking your thigh, then kissing down your other leg, to your ankle, kissing your toes, back up the other side.

I have slid off the bed, kneeling next to it. My naked body also on display. My hands caressing the insides of your legs as I kiss up your other leg to your hip. Slowing so my hands can gently caress lightly over your pussy. I kiss up your side, licking and sucking on your breast. You are stirring again, lightly moaning as I continue. Kissing up your chest, along your neck. Your moans a little louder. Kissing up over your chin and onto your lips. You respond by kissing me back. Your hands coming up, wrapping around my head and pulling me to your lips. Our tongues meeting, sliding over each other. We kiss deeply, passionately. Breaking the kiss, I look into your eyes, so dreamy and lovely. Your smiling face warming me, bringing out a loving smile of my own.

"Good morning Kelly, did you sleep well?"

"Yes mommy, and such a wonderful way to wake up also"

I go around to the foot of the bed, crawling up between your legs. You open them wide, bending at the knee. I lay on my belly with my face at your pussy. I kiss both thighs, feeling how warm they are. I lick upward to the crevice between your leg and you hip, kissing again. I move slowly over towards your pussy, my nose brushing lightly over your skin. I stop and hover directly over your pussy. Inhaling your beautifully sexy, excited womanly scent.
Your hands caressing your breasts, rolling your nipples. Your hands slide down your body to your pussy, your fingers spreading open your pussy. I lean forward, kissing your clit. Kissing you lips. Kissing your fingers. Kissing your pussy. Then licking slowly along your lips. Licking along your slit. Licking your clit. Flicking your clit, sucking on it. Pinching it in my lips, tugging it. Letting it go and licking down to your pussy. Pressing my lips hard against it, feeling your morning wetness on my lips. My tongue slowly enters you, slipping in along the moist walls. I tilt and curl my tongue inside, licking every inch I can reach. Smelling your excitement as it escapes. Feeling your wetness building on my face.

I continue this process as you grind against my face, your hips moving, your ass wiggling on the bed. Soon your hands release your pussy and pull my face hard into you. "YES MOMMY YES. SO GOOD. KEEP SUCKING. OH GOD MOMMY YES I'M CUMMING" , you yell out as your cum starts spilling out. Not quite a squirt, but a very heavy sensual release of desire. Flooding my face, running down and soaking the bed. I lift my face from your pussy, it is coated in your cum, my tongue licking at my lips. I crawl up over your body, laying on you. You take my face in your hands, pulling me to you. Your tongue gently licks around my lips, tasting your own delicious flavor; then again we kiss deeply, sharing your morning cum between us.

The alarm finally begins to sound as we kiss. We break the kiss and smile at each other, the love between us evident. I gently slide off of you, rolling over to turn off the alarm. Your hands roam up over my butt, onto my hip. I know what is coming and I smile. I bend my upper leg at the knee, lifting it in the air. Your hand pushing my ass open. I feel the warmth as your other hand bring a butt plug to my ass. You have lovingly applied a small amount of warm lube. You rub it on my anal cavity for a moment, and then slowly push it in. I grunt a little as it enters, but I relax easy enough and take it inside. You ensure it is properly seated, and then release my heavy cheek, caressing it with your hands.

"Go wake the boys mom, we don't want them to be late for school". I get gently out of the bed. I pick up my robe, putting it on but leaving it open. I walk over to your side and stand next to you. You reach up and loosely tie the belt of the robe. As I turn to leave, you pat my bottom through the robe, the sudden feeling makes me moan as it was centered right over my filled anal region.
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