Good Samaritan
He sat alone in his car - chatting to a friend on his computer before going into his schedule appointment. Joey always likes to arrive at his appointment early, being late is one of his pet peeves. He was so focused on his conversation he did not even see the woman approach his window.

She gently knocked, causing Joey to jump. He rolled down the window and became suddenly aware that his manhood was very much alert from his conversation. He pulls his computer over his lap to hide the evidence.

"Can I help you?" he asked awkwardly, still feeling unsettled by the sudden intrusion. "I am sorry to interrupt you, but my ex-boyfriend and I had an argument." She tears up - gains her composure then finishes, "And he left me stranded. I have no money on me and I know I should not ask a stranger for favors - but you seem like a nice guy. If you're not too busy, would you mind giving me a lift home, I will pay you when we get there?"

He glances up and down taking in her beauty. Her long brown hair gently flowing in the breeze, her short floral skirt rising gently as the wind lifts the edges - showing off her long legs which are further extended by the red pumps. His eyes linger at her exposed cleavage bursting from the sleeveless button up blouse she wears, her red bra show through the material - leaving a little to the imagination. Joey, clears his throat, "Hop in, there is no need to pay me. It's hot out there, come on into the car where the air is cool".

"Oh, thank you". She smiles and climbs in the passenger side. As she slides in, her skirt rises revealing more of her long legs and the edge of her red lace panties. His manhood jerks from the thrill running through his body. She readjust her skirt and asks, "Can we just sit for a moment?" She becomes quiet.

Joey looks at her - touches her shoulder and gently whispers, "I'm not in a hurry. My name is Joey by the way". She faces him, "You can call me Bubbles". He smiles, "You know, you startled me before, but I am glad you did. Do they call you Bubbles because of your personality?" She giggles slightly, "No, it's probably because I am full of hot air. Do you have anything planned today Joey?" His eyes run up and down her legs, "Nothing I can't cancel. Did you have something in mind?"

Bubbles sighs, "Well my roommate will be home with her boy-friend and I really don't feel like being around them. I was just thinking, kicking back at a lake or someplace quiet would be real nice. Do you know of any place like that?"

Joey thinks for a moment, "I know a quiet place in the forest, it's shady and cool". She perks up, "Ok, that sounds good. Can we listen to music on the way?" He reaches for the radio, "Sure, what type of music would you like to listen to? Do you like Reggae?" Oh I love it, the rhythm of the music feels good to the body"

He turns up the music, the base vibrating through the seats. She leans back, closes her eyes and loosing herself in the music. Her eyes still closed, her hips begin to move slowly to the rhythm of the music. Her hands drift to her knees and are moving slowly up and down her legs. He wants to test her reaction, so he places his hand on her thigh. To his surprise, she places her hand gently on top of his and slowly glides his hand higher, and he moans at the touch of her delicate panties on his fingertips. She turns her head toward him, and with her other hand slowly begins to unbutton her blouse. With each button more of her breasts are revealed and his erection becomes stronger. He is finding it difficult to focus on driving.

Joey turns onto a narrow dirt road and drives into the forest - shortly he pulls off to the side of the road, turns off the engine and looks into her eyes, "I want to experience all of you, if invited to". She is startled by his gentleness, "Oh Joey, you feel so good, yes, you are invited". He smiles wide, "You are a vision, are you real?" Bubbles blushes, "As real as I know how to be".

He touches her face and pulls her to his lips. She looks into his eyes, "I see you". He moans slightly, "I want you". She becomes a little seductive now, "And what do you want Joey?" The anticipation is driving him crazy, "I want to taste you, and for you to taste me". She replies softly, "I would love to taste you Joey. You can taste me all you want; I need to be devoured".

Joey swallows hard, "Want to go walk around in the trees, no one is around?" "Yes", she says breathless. As he opens his door he says enthusiastically, "Damn, let's go then". He comes around to open her door, looking between her legs as she exits the car, he gasps for air. She gets out and begins to run, he chases her as she giggles like a little girl, throwing her pumps into the air.

Bubbles stops at a huge tree and leans against it. Joey, watching her chest rising and falling draws him to her. He presses his body against hers and she can feel his arousal pressing against her. He hungrily begins to devour her heaving chest. Squeezing her breast, pulling her nipples to his mouth, he begins sucking and nibbling them. Bubbles thrust her breast out to meet his hunger - wanting more. "You want it babe", Joey says as he unzips his jeans. "I do Joey, I do"

Bubbles squats in front of Joey as he tweaks her nipples. Her hand reaches inside and pulls out his erection, now at full attention. She gently kisses his head, pre-cum covering her lips making them glisten as the sun through the trees fall upon her face. She looks up at him and licks her lips. Oh those eyes of hers - the intensity and passion coming through makes him weak in the knees.

She takes in his beautiful member with such a large head, dark red with blood pulsing. She continues to stare into his eyes as her tongue rolls around his head, gently sticking her tongue in his tiny hole - cleaning out the pre-cum lingering there, savoring every drop of his juices.

He leans forward and reaches for the tree to maintain his balance as her mouth surrounds just his head. While his head is encased in her hot mouth she rolls her tongue around his beautiful mushroom. The wind blows harder, her hair flowing; the sounds of her gentle sucking with the wind blowing through the trees makes Joey feel primitive.

He puts his hands on the back of her head, taking her long flowing hair in his hands and slowly begins to pump her mouth. The pleasure surging through his entire body is overwhelming, he leans his head back looking to the sky as her mouth moves down his shaft. Her right hand takes a firm hold of his erect base and begins to massage in unison with his hips. Her other hand squeezing his nipples which are already erect from excitement; he moans loudly. The veins are popping and throbbing; he begins to feel a sort of animal lust growing between them.

Joey's cock is so large he fills her mouth, head hitting the back of her throat and still leaving a full handful for her to enjoy touching and stroking. Her tits jiggle as he pumps her mouth. She feels her hair becoming tangled in his hands as they feverishly run through it - grabbing it - pulling her head closer. Hips thrusting forward - he can't seem to get enough - more - he wants more. "Damn" he yells, she looks up into his eyes as he gasps, "Where do you want it?" She replies, "Where do YOU want it?" Breathless he responds "I'm ready to explode, we better decide quick".

She takes on last plunge of his manhood and then stands up; turns and press her hands against the tree, spreads her legs and thrusts her ass out towards him. She turns her head around and seductively says, "Come and get it". He lifts her skirt, runs his palms over her round ass cheeks, letting his fingers slide to her wetness. Joey takes a wide stance, bends his knees a little, spreads her cheeks for a good view as he thrust his huge cock inside her hot wet pussy; she screams and her body begins to tremble as she explodes all over his cock.

Her orgasm takes him to the edge and Joey begins to wildly thrust his cock inside her willing pussy. She lifting her hips to meet his thrusts. His thrust become faster - grabbing her hips pulling her closer to him as he continues to press hard - going deep. They become one as they fuck one another - with abandonment. Sweat pouring off their bodies - sparkling in the sun rays and cool as the breeze hits their naked skin.

Bubbles feels Joey's body becoming tense, "Fill me with your juices Joey" she moans. He feels her pussy lock onto him and he slaps her Ass hard as he screams and growls with release, legs shaking - holding onto her for support. His body will not stop shaking from the intense release. He slowly moves his hips, he does not want to leave this warm wet cave, but he knows he has to get this girl home as promised.
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