Good bye, Tonya
Please know that this story is just that, a story out of my fertile imagination. This did not happen for real.

I wrote this under another pen name (Kincaid) and completely forgot about it. I'm reposting it here under my real pen name.

Tony sat down in front of his computer and clicked to his new favorite web site. He started to type in his username and then his password. He did it by memory, an unexpected benefit of his high school typing class more than thirty years ago. When the site opened, he did what he always did. He looked to see if any of his new found friends were on. He saw that, yes indeed, one of his buddies was on. He clicked on his profile and then clicked on the "start chat" button and typed...

"hey dude...whats new?"

A few seconds later, the reply popped up...

"hiya sweety, do I know you?"

Tony laughed, "asshole" he whispered to himself. He then typed in

"hey dick! Stop fucking around. It's me!"

"Me? Me who sweetheart?"

"it's me, tony!" Jesus Christ, he thought to himself.

"Tony? Tony who? ....oh wait... I see, you're doing the man logging on as a woman deal now, right?"

"what the hell are you talking about? It's me Tony A!"

He scratched his chin for a second and then looked over at the "Online Now" box and didn't see his name there. He checked his status and saw that he was online to everyone. He looked back and noticed an avatar that said "Tonya". It slowly dawned on him that somehow he logged on as Tonya instead of Tony A.

"What's the odds that she would have the same password as me?" he thought to himself.

He realized that he was some place he shouldn't have been, however it happened, and his first instinct was to log off and log back in correctly. But before he could do the right thing, he noticed that whoever Tonya was, she had several messages. Without a second thought, because he couldn't restrain himself, he clicked on the messages and waited for that screen to open.

When it opened he saw a string of messages running back months between her and another member, vinnybots. Knowing emails worked from the bottom up, he scrolled to the very last one and began reading.

Tonya said:
Vinny, I'm so glad we finally met over the weekend. It was wonderful. You were everything you said you were and then some. I have never cum so hard, so many times. I think I'm falling in love with you.

Over to the side it said "one month ago"

Vinny replied apparently later that day:

It was special wasn't it? You are the most beautiful women, and the most sensual I've ever been with I can't wait to be with you again, but in the meantime and until then we have here and the phone, right? Talk to you later Tonya, Vinny.

One month ago

Tonya replied:

I was thinking that I might be able to get away for a day in two weeks, Friday the 22nd, sound ok with you? call me when you get the chance. Tonya.

Three weeks ago

Vinny replied:

You don't think that's too soon do you? I mean, my wife doesn't have a clue about me and you yet. But do you think we should chance it so soon? Vinny

Three weeks ago.

Tony was beginning to feel dirty. He felt like he was eavesdropping on a private conversation. Obviously these two people were engaging in some kind of affair. He began to imagine the two of them in a hotel room. Holding onto each other. Naked and writhing in the lust of an illicit affair. Vinny, kissing and licking his way down Tonya's stomach, until he reached the musky den of her desires. His tongue dancing around and on her button. Her body moving so sensually, up and down. Her pussy pushing against his tongue and lips. Her moans filling the room as she approached her climax. Her tanned body locking in position as the first waves of pleasure coursed through her. Vinny backing off and watching her regain her senses. Her, pushing him off the foot of the bed and urging him to stand up, while she slid down and took his spot, and sat up, his dick now directly in her face. She took his tool in her hand and pulled him toward her mouth. Her tongue darted out as it neared her lips. She could taste the dew like droplets of his pre cum. She rubbed the head of cock on her cheek and then under chin to the other cheek. She kissed the sides and underside of his now rock hard penis. Finally, she engulfed his manhood with her mouth and worked the base with her right hand. Of course, it didn't take long before Vinny dumped his first load of sperm on her generous breasts.

Tony shook his head in order to snap out of the fantasy. He stared at the wall of his den for a second or two. What was he thinking about?

"I really should log out of this." He thought to himself.

But he knew he couldn't now. He was in too deep, so to speak, and that thought made him smile.

Tonya wrote:

I'll check in after work and I'll call you with the room number. Please try to be there as early as you can. I can't wait to see you again, talk to you later. I love you Vinny. Tonya.

Two weeks ago.

Vinny responded:

I'll be there as early as I can. I love you too. I can't believe I've found you. Two weeks ago.

Tony now imagined the sexual tensions building between the two of them, the greed of sex driving them towards each other at breakneck speed. He knew Vinny was married, but he couldn't figure out what Tonya's status was. But he was now half way through the thread of messages, and couldn't stop himself even if he wanted to, from reading further.

Tonya wrote:

Oh God Vinny! It was wonderful! Where have you been all my life? I mean, I love my husband and our life is great together on every level, but I need this, I need you! I love you. Tonya

11 days ago

Vinny responded:

This is the best thing that's ever happened to me. I can't remember feeling this good about things. We've spoken endlessly about this. I'm never leaving my wife, I love her way too much. And you're not leaving your husband either, for the same reason. So what do we do now? What's wrong with us? I've never thought about doing anything like this before? But now that you're in my life, I just can't imagine you not being there anymore. I guess we'll just let it ride and see where it takes us. I'm so in love with you.

10 days ago

Tonya's next entry:

Hiya Love, we need to meet again soon. I can't go without you for long. Funny thing? My husband asked me where the phone bills are. He's never asked about them before. You think he's suspicious?? Anyway, call me when you get a chance. I love you.

7 days ago

Then there was this one from Vinny:

Hey...where are you? you're not answering the phone. Going straight to voice mail. Been looking for you on here for three days now. Something wrong? Are you mad at me?? let me know. I love you Tonya, Vinny.

5 days ago

Tony was now nervous too. Where was she? Why wasn't she answering the phone? Did something happen to her? How could she be so in love with Vinny one day and then just stop talking to him? Especially when they were setting up another rendezvous with each other. He scrolled up and there was another post from Tonya.

She said:

i can't do it.........i can't risk what i have here........i love them too much..........i won't be back to the site..........i won't be at the hotel either ......take care of yourself and know that you will forever be in my heart, when i think of you i will smile, and i will always be so very grateful.

1 day ago.

Holy shit! Tony was stunned! He was totally fucking stunned. What happened?

"She must've gotten caught! That's what happened! Jesus Christ! This is awful!" Tony thought to himself. He thought about it and then had just an inkling that he didn't want to read anymore. But he couldn't tear himself away. He had to find out how this was going to end. So he continued to scroll up, until he found Vinny's response. He read it. He was immediately sorry he did.

Vinny responded:

i don't know if i'm wasting my time replying to this or not. i hope you come back to at least read my response.

know this Tonya, you are the last great love of my life. and while this saddens me, i'm grateful for you telling me now. i've suspected as much. i'm also grateful for the time we've had together on the phone and in person. i'll miss you for the rest of my life. i've learned a lot about myself since i've met you. and it's all been positive. i wish you nothing but happiness in your life because you deserve it. i want you to take care of yourself and your family. i want you to think of us once in a while because i certainly will. and i too, will smile at your memory. and when it strikes you to see how i'm doing. check my My Space page and see.

the loss of you in my life will be tough to take. But, the fact that you were in it at all, is both miraculous and leaves me grateful to whoever or whatever put us together.

don't forget me and don't forget what we had. and i will never forget you, and always take care of yourself first. Otherwise, you'll be useless to others.

i loved you dearly. i love you now. and i'll love you forever. and when your thoughts do wander to me, know this, at that exact moment, when you're thinking of me, i love you.

you'll survive this, as will i, because that's what we are. you and me are survivors.


3 hours ago

Tony could only sit there and feel the lump in his throat and feel his eyes welling up with water. "Is that it for them?" His thoughts wandered. He could see each one leaning over their keyboards reading the messages and the emotions were overwhelming. There had to be more. He scrolled up and saw that Tonya did respond. Tony was happy to see she at least read Vinny's words.

Tonya said:

I hope you're happy now. You made me cry.

2 hours ago.

And then he saw that Vinny responded so he scrolled up farther.

Vinny said:

I guess we're even now.

1 hour ago.

Tony slumped into his desk chair. He felt empty and drained. He scrolled up, but there were no more entries. He felt as if he just watched a school bus get creamed by a train. He had never done anything like this before. He never even listened in on someone else's conversation. He just relived five weeks of someone's life in ten minutes. He could only imagine the hurt and confusion. The guilt and joy of the last few weeks of their life.

"Someone forgive me for what I just done. I'll never do anything like this again."

He moved his curser up to the "log off" bar and clicked. "Good luck to you two, you're gonna need it!", he said just as the screen cleared.
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