Green Thong
Cara turned and glared at her father. The object of Mr. Walker's outrage was the bathing suit Cara had on. It was a tiny lime-green thong bikini that barely covered her frontal pubic area, and left the 18-year old's round,upturned buttocks completely exposed to view as well as her small breast with her super hard nipples.
"I can't believe you would even think about wearing a bathing suit that is so indecent, much less leave the house in one."
"I don't want to see you in that suit again, not even out in the yard, much less wearing it in public. Go put some clothes on right now!"
"If I see you with it on again, I'm going to give you a good spanking! Don't think you are too old for that!"
Cara continued to scowl at her dad. At the mention of a spanking ,she threw back her long hair, and let out a laugh.
"dad, that is the stupidest thing I have ever heard.I'm a grown girl, you can't spank me."
"And you can't tell me how to dress either. I'll wear this suit whenever and wherever I want to!"
Cara gave her father a smirk and turned toward the door.
"See you later dad,I've got some rays to catch."
Cara continued her course, her nude plump buttocks swinging provocatively.

Looks like I need to give that spanking now, Mr. Walker thought to himself.
His daughter had crossed over the line with him insolent attitude and her disobedience. In fact, for some time she had been acting like a teenage brat, one who thought she no longer had to listen to her parents.
Striding across, the room he grabbed his daughter's bare shoulder."You and I are going to have a little family discussion about your behavior"
Her father had a firm grasp on Cara's neck,on the nape and proceeded to march the bewildered teenager toward the bedroom. They entered and with one hand on Cara, he reached to the back of his closet and pulled out an object. Next he seated himself on a chair and pulled Cara over his lap.
Cara then saw what her father had in his hand.It was the wooden paddle that had last gone across the seat of Cara's jeans several years ago.
The pretty teenager then realized the seriousness of her predicament. She was turned over her father's knees about to get a spanking! Here she was , a girl who saw herself as a young adult woman who did as she pleased, one who was in the popular crowd at school, who was going to be cheerleader captain when school opened in the fall, in a situation she never thought she would ever have to face again. She flushed with the shame of it.
And then she remembered something else. It was how bad the paddle stung when she got spanked on her tight jeans. But now she was going to get it on the bare bottom. She may as well been nude , as the thong bikini left nothing between her and the paddle.
"You are going to a get a spanking for wearing that suit in the first place! And you are going to get more for your sassy mouth and disrespectful attitude."
"Any girl who speaks in that tone of voice to her father needs her rear tanned, I don't care how old she is."
SMACK! The first blow landed, searing across both of Cara's upturned cheeks, her "bubble butt" she liked to call it, and had so looked forward to displaying it that summer.
"Its supposed to hurt. I want it to hurt. I want you to think twice before you decide to go naked again," her father snapped.
The spanking continued, hard smacks peppering first the right cheek, then the left, then across both at the same time, with some extra "elbow grease" being applied to the very soft,tender area at the base of her buttocks. her dad couldn't help but to notice the deep crack of her sexy ass and flashes of her dark pink butt she moved her ass up and down with the licks..
Cara felt like she was on fire, that someone had poured gasoline on her backside and lit it. She had never felt the paddle on bare skin before, and never this much. Soon she collapsed in tears. The full-of-herself teenager was bawling like a toddler."
The last smack landed. Two swollen dark red mounds contrasted with the tan on the rest of her body and the green fabric of her tiny bikini bottom.
Her father looked on his work with satisfaction. He noted some blistering on the tenderest area of Cara's bottom cheeks.
"She'll not be sitting down in comfort for quite some time" he thought.
"And she certainly won't be wearing that bikini out in public, he smiled satisfiedly.
Cara stumbled to her feet, her fingertips brushing her throbbing ,burning,and very sore bottom. Not noticing that her small breast with their eraser like nipples were out of the small top for her dad to see..She wished she had not talked back to her father, and wished even more she had not bought that thong bikini.
Her dad said," since you like showing off so much, I want you to keep that suit on the rest of the day.
"See how you like walking around the house with a red bottom. Oh, and you're not to put anything on it, like lotion. Do so, and I'll wipe it off with a rough cloth and then paddle you some more."
"I want you to get the full benefit of your punishment, it will make you think about your behavior, and what happens when you get out of line. "
"I'll not have my daughter dressing like a slut, and showing no respect for authority."
It was a long afternoon for Cara,most of it spent face-down on her bed,still sniffling and whimpering occasionaly, as the fire in her punished butt still blazed.
Worst of all was when her father insisted she come to dinner. Cara ate standing up, with her paddled bottom on display. She was grateful that she was in her bikini and not naked. Her younger brother kept looking at her bare ass. But at least none of her friends would know what happened or would they? as she thought with her red naked ass on display. It was bad enough when she realized that her parents and brother had a full view of it, and commented occasionally "that it looked the way it ought to look for wearing a bathing suit like that."
For the next several days or so, Cara rested her injured buns on pillows. She had no desire to wear a thong bikini, or anything else her father considered too revealing or provocative.
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