Greetings All V 9 Friends
******************Thanks Beth******************

Here's a special thanks to Beth (V9's Petite), one of the sexiest members I've met over the years. (V 9 has the sexiest women I've ever met outside of a swinging club). Her inspiration to start a new album set me off on another adventure. I love sharing information with a multitude of V 9 members. Beth's from the great state of Texas where those wide open spaces influence wide open ideas.

Sometimes members get carried away into a sex chat which is always welcome. Sometimes we just chat about sexual pleasures and how to enhance those pleasures. Whatever the topic, I'm always turned on by new stimulating ideas.

This wasn't intended to be a story...however, it has turned into one. Just want to thank all of you who have commented with messages about the albums I've posted. It started out as sort of a hobby after another sexy petite V 9 friend and I were chatting. We started sending each other private pictures of our dream cocks and pussies...actually, starting out with our own.

Once I became inspired, I just got off on searching for those dream cocks and pussies that turn me on. In private chats I've been asked a multitude of questions. Here are some answers to those frequently asked questions.

I've enjoyed a life time of exercises designed for penis enhancement. It all came about when I just didn't have the size cock that one of my swinging partners craved. I had the tongue, oral skills and techniques, thanks to sex work shops I attended, but I lacked that vital anatomy some swingers desperately desire.

So, I got involved with a detailed search of how to truly increase penis girth and length. For me, pills don't work. Some pills like L-Arginine and L-Lysine do enhance the amount of ejaculate. Some others like(corn silk, astrogalus, pygeum africanum, epimedium, long jack, yohimbe, etc.) definitely enhance orgasmic intensity and to a certain degree aid in causing the penis to enlarge temporarily during intercourse. However, this wasn't nearly enough if I wanted to satisfy those size queen goddesses.

Another swinging partner gave me the ultimatum that she won't have intercourse with any guy unless he has a 12 inch cock or more. Having enjoyed sex for over 60 years I've seen a multitude of dudes mostly in showers, gym rooms, barracks and in group sex. I've seen so many sizes that it became common place. At first I felt like the little shrimp in shark infested waters. Now, at least I'm a sand shark...:)

Because of the workshops I attended for the purpose of overcoming premature ejaculation I learned how to sustain intercourse to where my name at the swinging clubs got passed around to girls looking for an all night sex partner. Most of the guys with heavenly blessed huge endowment couldn't last very long. This baffled me but encouraged me to get with the program. So I did.

Yes, I've increased the size of my penis tremendously, but it wasn't in 4 weeks, or 4 months, or 4 years. It's taken more like 40 years. I work out at a gym five days a week so I'm in the shower a lot. That's where I enjoy a multitude of penis exercises.

The stretching ones have been the most successful. After showering which leads to sensuous exercises, especially with a partner, which leads to the sauna where while sweating out all the toxins I use a weight apparatus for further stretching (Be careful, start out light. Remember, the penis is not a muscle. It has no muscle in it, through it, around it. So, any enhancement involves lengthening and widening of the blood vessels in those three massive chambers. That's what's ultimately responsible for erections, blood flow).

For me, stretching exercises work better after I've had intense sex producing a few orgasms. That way your penis is limp and supple. It will now stretch to it's maximum. Those of you who are multi orgasmic know that each orgasm produces less and less sperm. That doesn't mean the orgasm is less intense. My experience has been that prolonged penetration eventually results in reaching a state of prolonged orgasmic pleasure.

Using soaps, creams and lotions has intensified the pleasure. One night I climbed into bed, my cock and balls were hanging loose and unintentionally slipped between my thighs as the rest of my body sprawled out. Bringing my thighs together left my cock and balls behind my thighs. I was so tired I didn't care, the sensation was actually pleasurable.

I stretched my legs out for comfort and realized I had just created a new stretching exercise. It took a couple weeks to become comfortable with all night pulling and stretching of my cock with my thighs. In the morning when I wake up the first thing that's in my hand, or my partner's hands, is a limp extra elongated penis. Of course by the time I hit the shower it's contracted some but over the years it's helped me gain more length. Nikki encourages me to start stretching right there in bed. The only problem is I get hard to quick and that's what she loves to see and feel which leads to foreplay, which leads to oral pleasure, which culminates in deep penetration. You now have our secret formula for sex at it's finest.

One issue that turned out positive was that at first where my thighs came together holding my cock, it actually stretched out longer but remained thinner. The up side is that it squeezes the shaft forward and creates a bulbous flare in the upper shaft. Nikki loves that flared engorged section because it stimulates her clit and feels so good traveling through her cervix.

The real fun part of penis exercises is when one of my swinging partners shows up unannounced. All my partners know when I work out and when I come home I jump in the shower. Many times there's someone already in the shower. Other times I'll be lathering up and an extra pair of hands shows up. My partners have actually created exercises with me in the shower.

The girl who's helped me out the most is the girl I like writing about, Nikki. We're really old friends unlike the previous story line. One day after we had an awesome session of seeing who could make the other one cum the quickest, she grabs hold of my limp cock and pulls downward until she's on her knees. Then she starts pulling downward hand over hand stretching me to lengths that almost reach my knee. Of course my cock doesn't stay that long, yet. It contracts about a third of the way back. Over time it has grown considerably.

Anyone interested in pursuing these topics feel free to message me or if I'm on line strike up a chat.

Have fun in the shower...:)
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