Honey came into our fetish studio just at closing time, looking to do a photo shoot or two, so she said to pick up some extra spending money and gain modelling experience. From the moment my partner Mike and I laid eyes on her, we knew there was something just a bit kinky about this blonde haired bombshell, but we had no idea how wild this sexy lady really was.
After checking out her ID and verifying that this gorgeous lady was totally legal, we closed up shop and took her out for dinner and a few drinks at a quiet, dimly lit restaurant, to get a feel of what she was looking for and how far she would be willing to go. Mike and I had been pretty active as Doms in the BDSM lifestyle for a couple of years, so our instincts were sharply honed to pick out prime slave material from the wannabes, and after about an hour of chatting with her, this 22 year old fox totally smacked of some hot fetish content. Mike gave her a run-down in regards to the model release and consent forms that she would have to sign and I swear that both our jaws dropped when Honey turned the tables and started interviewing us.
"How far will I go?" she grinned, wrinkling up her nose like a flirtatious imp, "The question here is, how far are you willing to go?"
Mike and I looked at each other, looked at her and we both broke out laughing. "How far are we willing to go? You picked the wrong guys to ask that question to. We'll go as far as you will let us" Mike continued to laugh.
Honey tossed her hair back and laughed, "Ok, I have to be on the level with you guys. I'm usually not this bold, but... I saw some of the intense bondage sets you did of my friend Bobbi... She told me that you two are the hottest Doms she has ever been with... I'm new to the scene and well... I have this bondage fantasy... ummmm... You know? Ropes, gag, blindfold, ravaged and not able to do a thing about it. Bobbi is always telling me to loosen up and just let go, so I figured that if I could get you guys to help me live my fantasy, make a bit of cash in the process and you get all the pics and video you want, I can show Bobbi that she's not the only one who can let her hair down."
There was no way in hell that Mike and I could let this hot number get away, so we invited her back to the studio for a late night photo shoot and to fulfil her bondage fantasy. After she filled out the pertinent paper work and signed every dotted line, we took Honey on a tour of the studio, letting her choose what set she preferred and felt most comfortable with. It really was no surprise when she chose the dungeon set, so we set up the cameras, and I changed into my leather wear and Honey stripped out of her clothes and made herself comfy by lying across a hard wooden table.
When I took one look at her great tits and Brazilian trim, I had to think to myself, "Damn, this is going to be one sweet fuck" Mike turned on the video camera and took control of the digital cam as I tied Honey's arms securely to the table, then put her wide spread legs into restraints and using the pulley, lifted them into the air, giving Mike and the camera some exceptional beaver shots at an angle where he could capture every moment of the intense action. I was really getting into playing out the role of a Master who was going to have his way with his submissive slave. Next came the ball gag, I popped it into her mouth and securing it tight, pulled a red silk scarf out of my pocket and wrapped it around her sexy blue eyes, leaving her in total darkness and a willing victim to the way we were going to ravage every inch of her.
There she lay, bound, gagged and spread wide, awaiting the fulfilment of her bondage fantasy, as Mike snapped shot after shot of her entire body, from ball gagged lips to her tender pink pussy.
"You're mine and I will take you whenever I wish", I played for the video camera while taking a flat tipped riding crop off of the imitation stone dungeon wall, "I am in control, you wicked little pussy. I control your pain. I control your pleasure" Honey could only nod her head in agreement.
I leaned down and licked at her nipples until they were hard, enjoying the feeling of her body as it squirmed within its restraints. I moved back and as Mike zoomed in, I began tapping her soft white breasts with my crop, smiling as they jiggled helplessly beneath the black leather tip.
I continued to tap at her firm tits, watching as the skin reddened and Honey squirmed more, raising her chest from the wooden table. "Keep still! You move when I say that you can!" I growled at her and delivered a few more heavier swats to her already red tits and as I tapped her hard nipples, Honey moaned out past her gag and tossed her head from side to side. Keeping my voice to a faint whisper, I leaned down to her ear, pretending to kiss her cheek, "If you want me to stop, nod your head" Honey shook her head slightly, indicating that she was enjoying her fantasy and wished for me to continue, and continue I did.
I gave an evil grin into the camera and moved down to Honey's wide spread legs, running my fingers up and down her silken thighs. "Hmmm, look at this soft white skin, so perfect, so smooth. No slave of mine should have such flawless thighs" She shivered, trying to open her legs further to avoid my soft tickling fingers. "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, she's ticklish too. How ticklish are you wench?" I asked her, leaning over to get the honey dust and feather from the shelf beneath the table. Honey threw her head from side to side. "Ahhhhhhh, my sweet. I will find much pleasure in watching you squirm helplessly as my feather teases every inch of your smooth thighs and pussy." Honey threw her head from side to side again.
Dipping the feather into the honey dust, I threw my head back and gave an evil laugh toward the video camera. Honey squealed behind her gag and wiggled her sexy body as my feather tickled its way up and down the inside of her thighs, across her shaven pussy lips and down the crack of her delicious looking ass. "Mmmmmmm bitch, you look sweet enough to eat. And I will eat you, but I like my honey warm. Nice and warm, my sweet"

Taking my crop, I stepped back and gave a series of snaps to the insides of her thighs and just above her clit. She squeaked helplessly, trying to move away from the sting and I stood back, admiring my work, the crop marks reddening nicely and I could tell by the glistening of her labia, that Honey was very turned on by what I was doing. I didn't want to push the cropping too far, as I didn't know how much she could handle just yet and I wanted her to get a taste of it, so that she would want to come back for more.
I replaced the crop with my tongue and licked the honey dust from her thighs. The closer I got to her pussy, the more she squirmed and moaned and the more my cock ached to fuck it. Giving a long flat tongued lick from her asshole to clit drove Honey wild, so I dove right in, parting her pussy lips a little bit more and popped her clit right into my mouth. I sucked it long, tugged it hard and the scent of her musky pussy made my cock grow hard and I wanted to fuck her, drive my cock deep inside of her and fuck the living hell out of her. I maintained control as I continued to devour her sweet gash, letting my tongue dart in and out of her quivering vagina, feeling my own power as she writhed and moaned, gyrating her pussy as hard as she could against my face. My cock throbbed inside of my leather pants, so I unleashed it, opened my zipper and set it free so it was ready, ready for when she begged for it, if she begged for it, she would not feel it unless she begged for it.
I stopped sucking on her magnificent snatch and reaching up between her legs; I undid her ball gag and threw it to the side. I wanted to hear her beg for my cock, the power was consuming me and I had to hear her beg for the hardness of my cock deep inside of her drenched shaved pussy. Blindfolded, unable to see, she panted, her reddened breasts heaving into the air, my body brushing against her gyrating pussy as I moved back down between her red welted thighs and began sucking on her juicy pink fruit once again.
Honey was wild with lust as I tugged at her clit and darted my tongue as deep as I could into her wanting gash, making her desire me, making her cunt desire the hardness of my thick manhood. I looked up from her quivering cunt, stroking my meat to its thickest hardness, "What do you want Honey? Tell me what you want!" I grunted, my cock throbbing, pulsing, aching to fuck every inch of her. Honey moaned, rocking her ass, thrusting her pussy upward, "Fuck me! I want you to fuck me! I need your cock!"
"Beg me slave!" I grunted at her, "If you want it, beg for it!"
Honey let out a lustful whine, lifting her head as though she was trying to see me, "Ohhhhhhhh, please! Please fuck me! I want to feel your hard cock fucking my pussy! Please, please fuck me!"
I turned my head toward Mike and cast a wicked look into his camera, then taking all 9 inches of my throbbing meat; I slipped my condom over it and pressed its swollen head against her dripping pussy, moving it up and down her slick gash, making her want it even more. Honey purred, thrusting her hips up and down, "Ohhh, my pussy is so hot. Please fuck my pussy"
Honey gritted her teeth and squealed as I plunged my thick long cock deep into her hot pussy. Fuck, it felt so damned good that I couldn't take it slow. I just hammered the living daylights out of it and really got off on listening to her squeal and moan as her tight pussy accommodated all nine inches of me. Mike zoomed in and went snap happy as my cock fucked her pussy with a vengeance, my balls slapping against her ass, sending Honey into a fit of squeals and moans. The harder I fucked her, the more her luscious tits bounced and the louder she began to scream, "Fuck me! Fuck my pussy! Ohhh gawwwwwwwd my pussy! Fuck me!"
Football? Rugby? It didn't matter what I tried to think about, nothing dissuaded my urge to bust a nut in a fury deep inside of her fully stretched pussy. I grabbed onto my own ass and forced my cock as hard into her as I could, looking down and losing it as my meat hammered into her faster than I had ever fucked before. My body tensed and I totally lost it, cumming in a cock-slamming fuck that made me damned near fall onto my ass. I rode it out inside of her, holding on tight to her hot cropped thighs, then jerked out of her and kept my focus on her hard, unspent clit.
"Do you want to cum slave? Huh? Do you want to cum?" I growled at her. Honey thrust her pussy upward, lifting her ass off of the table, "Make me cum, Master, please make me cum! Oh god my pussy is burning, make me cum, pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!!" she screamed back at me.
I pressed my hand against her pussy, rubbing it back and forth in a fast motion, and then slapped her clit several times. Honey howled, screamed, struggled against her restraints, and I did it again. "Then cum slave! Cum for your Master! Cum now slave!" I barked back at her, rubbing and slapping her clit until she thrust her pussy higher into the air and screamed. The video camera rolled on and captured Honey cumming in a screaming orgasm that damned near shook our fake dungeon walls. "I'll cum for you!!!!! Fuck!!! Oh god!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!" she screamed and howled, bucking her pussy in mid air, her juices spilling out all over the wooden table.
Releasing Honey's ankles and wrists, she cupped her pussy, squeezing her thighs around her hand, making Mike and I both laugh, "Holy shit! Bobbi wasn't lying when she said that you were hung like a horse!"
With her wallet full of spending money, we walked Honey to her car, and I knew that I had played my cards right when she turned to me and said, "I'll be back... Master"
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