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It was a cold and rainy night in October. I was driving home after my best friend's engagement party, and was still getting use to the duties of being the best man. My mind was thinking about putting together a bachelor party, when a woman appeared out of nowhere. I slammed on the brakes and swerved to miss her, and found myself in the ditch. Blood was running down my forehead. I remember the woman did I hit her? Opening the car door, I looked around to see if I could find her. She was not there. I called out, "Lady are you alright? . . . Hello." No reply. Maybe she is hurt or can't answer, I thought.

I started to panic and took out my phone and called 911. A woman answered, "911 what is the emergency?" I told the operator everything and that a woman maybe injured. Soon after a police, ambulance and fire rescue were on the scene. I was being checked out by the paramedics, the police and rescue was looking for the lady.

As the ambulance pulled away I said a silent prayer, "Dear God, please let her be alright." One of the paramedics was wrapping up my head and was asking questions, "Dustin, do you know what day it was?"

I looked up and answered, "The 29th of October. The It's Saturday night." My head was throbbing. I was feeling a little sick to my stomach, but I believe it was over the not knowing of the woman's fate.

A little while later I was looking into the eyes of a lovely nurse who was checking my blood pressure. I thought to myself, I should be admitted more often if all the nurses were the nice. "I feel better already." I said with a wink.

She smiled and replied, "Settle down Mr. Hall, you took quite a blow to your head."

About an hour later Dan Hawkins an old friend walked in. Dan was one of the officers that were heading the search. "Dan, did you find her?"

Dan just shook his head and said, "No, how was the party?"

"Dan I'm not drunk I had a little champagne that's all. I know I saw her."

"I know you're not they took a blood alcohol count the minute you got here." He said and continued, "Now about the girl maybe she went for help or maybe she didn't stick around."

"You think so. I hope that is the case. Hey Dan, how is my car?"

Dan just smiled and said, "I called Billy, he will tow it to his shop. So are you ready to get out of here?"

"Hell yeah, I'm glad this night is over with." I said with a smile.

Home at last, I thought. Just as I sat down on the sofa, and the doorbell rang. Taking in a deep breath I went to the door.

I almost fell over; the woman was standing there before me. She was soaked with water dripping from her dark curly long hair, petite and the darkest eyes I have ever seen.
Her white blouse was very sheer and her nipples were very visible. I found my voice and said, "It's you, are you alright? . . . I thought that I had hit you with my car. . . . Please come in and get warm you have to be freezing."

The woman nodded her head and stepped in. "Hi, I'm Dustin. And you are? . . . I'll be right back with some towels and I have some sweats you can change into. We were looking for you all over; I was hoping you were all right."

"Hello Dustin, I'm Anna I'm happy you were not hurt." She acted kind of shy and very fragile.

I came back into the living room and handed her the towels and grey sweats and said, "The bathroom is just through that door. Do you need me to call someone?" I was starting to wonder how she knew where I lived. Did she follow me? Questions flew threw my mind.

There was something about her that made me a little uneasy. I couldn't put my finger on it. With her being soaking wet she couldn't weigh more than ninety pounds. "I'll make some hot coffee and try to get you warmed up." I said.

Anna just looked at me and said, "No coffee for me but I would like to get out of this wet clothing."

A little while later she came out of the bathroom dressed in the gray sweats and a white towel covering her dark hair. She was very cute I thought. I smiled and said. "Make yourself comfy, can I get you anything."

Her voice so low I barely heard her say, "No thank you."

I grabbed a beer and sat beside her. "So Anna, where are you from? You can't be from around here, or I would know."

Her eyes never left mine as she spoke, "I am from Macedonia, and I have only been in Dallas for three months."

"You're English is perfect. I can hardly hear a Greek accent. Not like my Southern drawl." I replied with a smile.

Her face lit up as she said, "I love your Texas accent, I find it very sexy." She curled her legs and moved closer to me.

"Are you getting warmer?" I asked.

She took my right hand in hers and wrapped my arm around her and said, "I'm much better now . . ."

Anna just looked at me with this gaze in her eyes that made me feel funny, kind of like I was on the edge of being drunk. I started to say something but my mind went blank. She kissed my lips I didn't fight it I blindly kissed her back. Her fingers gently touched my chest. My body responded to her touch, and though I was not in control on some level I wanted this woman. Bad.

The blood was pounding through my heart, my pulse was racing and Anna was kissing my neck as if I were the only love of her life. Her mouth was cold, but still inviting. Her tongue beckoned to me as I was drawn into her.

I'm not sure what happened next I must have blacked out, or something. I found myself naked in my bedroom; trying to move but my hands were tied, and so were my feet. "Oh Jesus," I said. Trying to break the ties that bound me to my very own bed, the woman stood over me. I felt fear for the first time.

"Don't be afraid, Dustin I have chosen you."

I saw the fangs when she smiled, "Chosen me for what, Anna?" I managed to get out. My voice quivered.

She walked around the bed with her long finger nails teasing my neck moving slowly down my torso. "Mmmm I love your body Dustin you must work out a lot." She looked at my six foot two inch fine haired muscled frame; short dark brown hair and dark hazel eyes. "I could just eat you up and maybe I will." She said, licking her lips slowly.

"Anna what do you what from me?" I was really getting scared; why did I let a crazy woman into my home? Was she a serial killer with murder on her mind? My mind was racing.

"What if I told you that I was a member of a very exclusive club, I'm on the membership committee?" She sat on the bed next to me tracing my inner thigh making me tremble with ever light touch her finger nails pasts over. Her hand gently touched my balls then slowly run her finger tips up the veins of my shaft. I could not help myself when I arched my back. "Would you like to know more about it?" she asked.

Taking a deep breath I said, "I'm interested to hear what this is all about." She wrapped her fingers around my hardness and she squeezed it till I gasp. Anna watched me as she played with her prey. Her fingers were cold and hard but still felt good. She could tell that I was enjoying her intentions.

"You see Dustin, I'm a Vampire. I am over two hundred years old." She smiled as her fingers kept playing with the head of my throbbing cock. Anne loved teasing me. I think it was because I was so vulnerable.

"A vampire? So I guess you feed on me. Is that why I woke up like this?" I did a mental inventory; I didn't feel any pain anywhere. Of course with her touching my cock like that how could I tell?

She shook her head, "No, but I did seduce you." A pool of pre cum formed on the tip of my hardness. Her tongue covered the tip and she wrapped her lips around it. "Mmm sweet as candy."

I tried to think as I spoke, "So you didn't feed on me." My breath was getting raspy.

"I feed before I came here, although I love how sweet your blood would be." She said with a laugh. I started to realize that I wasn't in any real danger at least not for the moment.

"Anna, Is that why you tied me up? Just in case that I was going to freak out or something." She smiled as she started to jerk my cock faster.

"Mmmm Yes, and I wanted to play and really get to know you. I have been watching you for a couple of weeks." She slowly pulled off the gray sweat shirt and her small lovely breast was in my view. Anna slowly pulled down the sweat pants and stepped out of them. She crawled up on top of me and guided my hard shaft with in her.

"Anna can you untie me I'm not scared anymore." I started to thrust my hips to meet each advance she gave.

She smiled and said, "I like having you like this. Besides if I convert you, you will never tremble like this again." A grown found its way from my throat, while she rode me faster and harder. "Dustin I love sound of all that blood pumping through your body."

I was trying to hold back for fear that if I came, she will kill me and get it over with. But maybe as long as I was entertaining I might live through this. Anna was riding long and hard I could feel her squeeze around my cock. She bent down and kissed my mouth this time I could feel her fangs with my tongue. She bit my tongue and blood filled her mouth.

My cock was throbbing inside her and I could not take it anymore I came so hard and filled her. I'm twitching within her as she is sucking the blood from my mouth.

"Mmmm Dustin, I knew I would love the taste of your blood. She began to kiss my neck tenderly her tongue danced over my rapid pulse and I suddenly felt her fangs puncture my flesh. I sighed; I knew that this was it I was going to die. I could feel her tongue hungrily lick as her mouth covered the bite sucking it feverishly.

With a weak voice I cried, "I thought you had already fed for the night." My mind was getting fuzzy.

"Yes, darling . . . But you gave me an appetite. I find myself hungry again. Hungry for you!"

I felt her pull way I could feel the blood running down my neck. My eyes were getting blurry. I wondered if I was going to die or will I become a member of the vampire race. I closed my eyes and fell again.

I awoke with the sun in my eyes. I felt my neck and there were no bite wounds. Was it a dream? It had to be. Maybe it was a head injury? With a sigh of relief I started to get out of bed. I noticed the gray sweats on the floor in the very spot where she stood.
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