I'm thirty miles from Hagerstown and I'm getting nervous. What if she doesn't like me? What happens if we are lousy together in bed? I know we have a "secret" signal to tell the other all is well. We just reach for the other's hand. If it's taken, things are going great.

As I near the hotel, I give her a call. She says that she's as nervous as I am. I pull up, park the car and head for the elevators and wait.... The doors open on one of them and out steps a gorgeous woman! To say she is fit is an understatement. She's in her 50's, but looks like an athlete. Her smile is hypnotizing. She walks up to me and she introduces herself like we did on line so many times on Lusty Library where we played so erotically.

We planned to have lunch at a nearby restaurant, and it was a short walk. A perfect May day, so it was a lovely walk. We got seated immediately. She sat opposite me at the table and I couldn't stop looking into her hazel eyes. I'm sure my smile was as permanent as hers was. During lunch we got to know each other rather than the characters we were on line. As soon as my lunch was gone, I reached across the table with both hands. They were taken firmly by someone who exhaled happily by someone who told me that she wanted to take my hand at the elevator. I could feel my arousal grow as soon as she touched me. She whispered, "Let's get out of here!" I quickly agreed.

We almost ran back to the hotel. I stopped off at my car to pick up my bag and then walked with her directly to the elevators. I had a reservation for a room, just in case things didn't go right with our first meeting. That room won't be needed!

As soon as the elevator doors closed, we kissed. Then we held each other firmly from "Hips to lips" and our arousal was powerfully evident. I had a tent and my lady had a scent that was driving me crazy. The doors opened and we exited on our floor, but didn't stop wanting to kiss, caress and feel each other's bodies tight to our own. Finally we stopped to find our room. She opened the door to a beautiful room with a king sized bed with the covers pulled back. There, too, was a stack of bath towels next to it since she is a "squirter".

We were on each other, touching, kissing, unbuttoning, unzipping, removing layers of clothes. I was i front of a woman whose body looked as great, if not greater, than when she was dressed. Firm breasts with prominent nipples. Abs that flattened her tummy and, below that, a prominent mound with just a wisp of blonde hair.

"Oh my God!, she said. "Are you kidding me about your age? You look younger than me and you're almost 20 years older!" I laughed because I was thinking how good she looked. We came together again and we stumbled toward the bed.

Our legs intertwined and I felt her warmth and wetness on my thigh. I'm sure she was feeling my erection against her pussy lips. We kissed harder than ever. My hands went to hold her ass so we could feel that perfection between us. She moaned and told me that she had fantasized about this moment ever since we agreed to meed, but it was even better than she envisioned.

Her hand went down and grabbed my hardon that was firmly against my belly. She gently stroked it while looking hungrily into my eyes. I started to moan and told her that I wanted her so much. She slipped down and kissed the tip of my cock as she stroked it. She opened her mouth and her tongue teased me skillfully before she took me into her mouth. "Oh, fuck! You are good, baby!" She got a lot of me into her mouth and her tongue did its magic as it wrapped itself around my glans and shaft. She got me very close to an orgasm before I touched her face to tell her to stop before I came. It was my turn!

I laid her back and she opened her legs knowing what was coming. I moved down and her scent was both beautiful and very arousing. I kissed her pussy lips and my tongue found her firm clit. I criss-crossed it and then sucked it into my mouth She almost screamed, but moaned as she lifted her hips so my mouth was filled with her heat. I caressed her lips and opened them. Her pink flesh was hot and wet. I gently slid two fingers into her cunt and pushed until I found her G spot on the roof of her pussy. My curled fingers caressed her there as my tongue excited her clit. She shouted out just before she came the first time and I experienced my first squirt. She was and is delicious! I continued to eat and finger fuck her for several more orgasms then she told me to stop.

"Fuck me! I want you inside me!" she begged. I came up to her, kissed her and she licked the cum off my face. She grabbed my rod and pulled it down to her pussy and I pushed. She winced a little, so I went slowly, letting her get used to my size before going deeper. She smiled as we were totally one and my groin was tight to hers. I began to stroke her and I could feel her squeezing my cock and thrusting so my glans gently touched her cervix at each stroke. Our bodies fit perfectly so we could kiss as we fucked. I stopped and told her I wanted to feel her on top of me. She smiled and I pulled out of her. I laid onto my back and she climbed on board. This time, my cock was a pull for her to get me in again, but she told me that sitting on me made my cock rub her G spot and the roof of her cunt like she had never felt before.

She rocked her hips for a short while then started to pump her onto me. After a few minutes of this, she leaned forward to touch the wall at the head of the bed and she started to fuck me HARD! "Fuck your slut, Baby, Fuck me!" Thank goodness we put two of those towels under us because she came like I've never experienced. Ever! Her cunt was tight and slippery. She fucked me harder and faster, cumming repeatedly before I felt that heat in my groin.

"I'm going to cum, baby!" I grabbed her hips and pushed deep and hard into her. I spanked her ass as I started to pump my cum into her. She clamped my cock in an iron grip.

Soon, we had to pull apart. We were both exhausted. I was still on my back and she came to me, lying her head on my shoulder, her legs straddling one of mine and her right hand cupping my spent prick and balls. We held each other for a while and I think we both slept for a moment or so.
I awoke to find her asleep in the very same position. I stirred and she awoke.

"Are you ready to get fucked?"

"I thought you'd never ask."
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