Hal's Wife
I couldn't keep my date with Hal at the Esquire the following Thursday and had no way to contact him. After school on Friday I went to Hal's apartment but was afraid to just go up to the door uninvited. I paced back and forth on the sidewalk in front of his building and was about to go on home when Hal's wife came down the street and recognized me from last week.

She greeted me with a big smile and asked if I was looking for Hal. I stammered a little and she told me Hal was out of town for a long weekend. Then she asked me in for a coke and I followed her up the stairs. I think I mentioned she was damn good looking woman and following her up the stairs was a pleasure. She had a lovely rounded butt and I would have sworn she had no underwear on. I wondered what Hal was doing playing with guys in the Esquire Theatre with something like this at home.

We went in and Deb got cokes for each of us and motioned to the sofa as a place to sit. I remembered the sofa well from last week when I had blown Hal as he sat there. I sat at the far end from Deb and couldn't help blushing as I thought of last week.

We talked about nothing for about five minutes then Deb said she thought she better tell me about Hal and her. She went on saying they had been married for ten years and Hal lost all interest in her sexually. Then one day she came home from work early and found Hal being fucked in the ass by one of the neighbors. There was a big argument followed by a month's separation before they finally hashed it all out. Hal admitted to being gay and having no interest in women. He didn't even want to be a bi-sexual for her sake. They still had feelings for each other and financial ties that neither wanted to break so they stayed married and led their separate sex lives. Hal met men interested in men and she seldom met anyone unless she got really horny. She thought when she first saw me that she didn't see a gay young man, but one who was just exploring other things. Not knowing exactly what to say I just said that I would rather do something with you than with Hal. She just smiled and said I was a bit young for a 33 year old woman. I told her I was 17, which wasn't too true by a couple of months, and had been with a woman old enough to be my mother. I didn't tell her it was my step mom.

She gave me a weird look, scooted over on the sofa and planted a kiss right on my lips. I responded with one of my own and we were off and running, so to speak. We kissed and our tongues explored every part of our mouths. I kissed her neck and she pushed me away to remove her blouse and I lowered the straps on her bra and started to kiss downward from her neck to her hard brown nipples. She was struggling with my belt and I loosened it and worked my pants off as I fondled her tits and kissed first one then the other.

Her hands worked my shorts off and I fumbled around with her bra until it was off then pulled her skirt down with a pair of panties that might as well have been nonexistent. I was back to kissing her lips as she was caressing my dick as we slid around and were soon lying on the sofa.

The next thing I knew was my cock sliding into her wet pussy. She trembled and arched her back then shoved her pussy up as I was shoving my cock down into her. I could feel her tighten and loosen as I stroked into her. It felt oh so good I wanted to go on forever.

Suddenly she pushed me away and told me to do her from the back. She half flopped off the sofa and I got behind her and my dick found her pussy from the back with her helping hand. She said to reach down there and rub her clit as I fucked her and I finally found it and rubbed it as I pumped.

"Fuck me, fuck me and don't ever stop." She cried and I could feel her tighten on my cock.

Soon we were both moaning in unison and fell from our position in our frenzy of half on and half off the sofa. She rolled on her back and I was over her and between her legs with my cock entering her lovely tight little love box. It only took a few moments and we were moaning again as I fucked for all I was worth.

I cried out, "I love it, I love you, I love fucking you, I love your beautiful pussy," and shot out my load as she cried out in her own pleasure. We collapsed together on the floor and wrapped each other in our arms until we could move without the passion shakes taking over.

After cleaning up and as I was leaving she told me that I was welcome to suck Hall all I wanted as long as I would fuck her just as often, but she said she'd prefer that I just save it all for her and not get lured to the other side and end up like her husband.

I thought it was a great idea.
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