Halloween Party
My husband and I received an invitation to a Halloween Party from a couple we didn't know very well. But a few calls to our friends eased my apprehension as they were planning on attending. My husband proposed dressing as a woman for his costume, which he always does. I ordered mine online. It was called Little Bo Peep.

I should have tried it on before the night of the part. Putting it on and looking in the mirror, there was a lot of me exposed. The little in Little Bo Peep was a good definition of this costume. I reasoned this would be with friends we both knew for a long time, and I was sure they would not be offended or shocked.

I went to find my husband, who was already dressed. Damn, he looked more like a woman than some of our women friends. He took one look at me and exclaimed, "Holy shit, that outfit could get you in trouble." I blew him off because he and I had gone to a nude resort and enjoyed every minute of it. But there is a big difference walking around naked and showing just enough to make you look sexy.

I am not going to play innocent about the nude resort. We both got laid by strangers, but our little adventure going to that resort was never known by our friends. To be honest, we went there multiple times with the same result, once with more than one stranger. This way, we kept our appearances at home with a secret fun time on vacation.

We arrived at the party, and my husband got all the sexual comments from the men, and the hostess said to me, taking my coat, "My husband will really like you, so sexy." The early evening was spent with the usual gab. Still, a lot of our men friends were more interested in talking to me than usual. A lot of them as the boozed flowed, talking to me as they stared at my exposed chest. The skirt is short, showed all of my legs, and my butt was patted more than once. The host more than once with a hand on my arm, letting his fingers rest against the side of my breast. I did envy the hostess married to that hunk, so I did not pull away.

I did drink too much, keeping up with my husband. Both of us had a lot of men around us. The hostess announced it was game time, she called the game skits. The game consisted of a couple going into her husband's office, and coming up with a skit to be performed for the group. Something funny, but sexy.

I was picked as the first participant. A name drawn out of a hat, had me partnered with the host. Being alone with him unnerved me because he was hot, and I quite frankly was drunk. I entered the host's office, and he made it clear that he was more than fond of me. He asked, "You got any idea's for a skit? The only thing I can think of is fucking you." He had his cock out, and I was just too vulnerable. He was all over me. It took him no time to have my breasts exposed and my panties at my ankles. I knew I was about to be fucked, and I didn't care who the fuck because who would ever know.

I, on the top of his desk, getting penetrated by a cock that was much better than my husband's. I liked the way he was using me, and I felt so feminine as he shot his load into me. I didn't care that I didn't cum, because I knew this was probably the start of a scorching affair.

As we left the office, he said, "Let me wing our skit, and by the way, when can you be free during the week?"

"Anytime, just call me."

"Fair enough," he said as he kissed me, and we left his office.

The hostess announced she had some TV to show us. Everybody moaned, but on the screen came a man fucking a man in a dress. I was mortified, it was my husband letting his best friend fuck him. Everybody clapped. Then the scene changed, and there I was on top of a desk getting fucked. I could not believe he recorded us. Everybody was clapping and cheering. The hostess then rolled out a platform in the middle of the room.

"OK, people, there is no need for the host to be selfish, who would like to see all you men have a little of the same thing, from Carol." With everybody clapping, stomping, and cheering, she took my hand and led me to the platform. The men in the group were unzipping, while some of them were out and already hard.

At that point, everybody in the room had seen me fucking the host. I always fantasized about being used in a gang bang, I laid down on the platform after two women stripped me. Every man in the room, except my husband, who was blowing the host, fucked me as the group cheered. I was so full of cum and slippery I really don't know how they all felt me.

"Carol wake up, wake up. What the hell are you dreaming?"

I had my husband's cock in my hand and said, "No matter, just do me." And like he always does, I felt his face between my legs. I came hard.

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