Handcuffed Surprise
"Yes, I know it's an unusual request. It's also its also a little embarrassing, so do you think we could hurry this along a bit?" Said Dale into the telephone.

"Yes, that's right, handcuffs...well, what do you think we were doing with them? We are married you know. It is legal!...Yes...yes... the key broke off in the lock and now they won't open...yes...police standard issue...I got them from a friend, if you must know!...what's that got to do with - ...yes, okay...yes, fine...fifteen minutes? Good!...yes, thank you...goodbye!"

Replacing the receiver he made his way back up the stairs to the bedroom. He was certain that he had heard muffled laughter in the background before hanging up his call to the emergency services. He wasn't surprised, if he had been on the other end of the phone as some poor bastard had informed him that they had locked their wife to the bed in handcuffs and had then broken the key, he would have roared with laughter!

As he entered the bedroom, he could not help a small smile himself as he looked at his wife, Wendy, securely manacled, hands and feet, naked to the bed.

"Well, what did they say?" she said as she saw him enter.

"Fire department will be here in about fifteen minutes" replied Dale

Wendy groaned in embarrassment. "Well at least put a sheet over me or something," she said. "I may be a horny bitch, but I don't really want the whole county fire department drooling over my body!"

Even as she said it, the words sent a tingle through her body. She couldn't resist a giggle.

"You know, we'll NEVER live this one down!" she said with a laugh.

As Dale picked up a sheet and draped it over his wife's body, he saw how hot she still looked. Wendy saw his gaze.

"Yeah, I know," she said. "I'm still horny! But we haven't got time to finish what we started now. Wait until I'm out of these things, then you can fuck my brains out, okay?"

Dale eagerly nodded has agreement as he heard the tones of the front door bell. As he began to leave the room to answer the door, he called back over his shoulder with a laugh.

"Don't go away now!"

The fire department had obviously decided that this particular job did not warrant a whole team and had sent only two burly looking firemen. As Dale showed them the way to the bedroom, he noticed that the taller one, who had introduced himself as Simon, was carrying a large pair of bolt cutters over his shoulder. The other, Marc, carried a hand held radio. Both were dressed in the standard fire department uniform; wind-breaker jacket, waterproof trousers and boots. Dale watched both men's eyes widen as they entered the room. Although Wendy's body was covered by a thin sheet, they were still able to see the soft curls of her strawberry, blonde hair as the tresses splayed out over the pillow. Her ample chest rose and fell with every breath outlining a pair of still hard nipples under the sheet and her red painted toes peeked out seductively at the foot of the bed.

"Evening, love!" chirped Marc cheekily as he looked towards her.

"Got a bit of a problem, have we?" Simon joined in with a grin.

"Yes, very funny!" laughed Wendy. "Just get me out of these things will you?" she continued, rattling the handcuffs against the ornate iron headboard.

Dale sat down to watch the men work as they both approached the prone figure of his wife. Obviously deciding to tackle the ankle restraints first, they moved to the foot of the bed.

"We'll have to pull this sheet up a little," said Marc. "So we can get a the cuffs, I mean!"

Wendy giggled in anticipation of her legs being exposed to these two big men. She felt a cool draft on her feet and lower legs as Simon pulled the sheet back, first just a little, and then back to just above her knees.

"Nice legs!" cried Marc, as they were revealed. "Okay, Si, lets cut them off...sorry love...I meant the cuffs, again!"

"Seems a shame," said Simon as he began to snip away with the cutters. "I could look at legs like these all day!"

The restraints were made of high density steel, and cutting them free turned into a more difficult job than either fireman had expected.

"Go on Si," chided his partner as he watched him struggle. "Put some muscle into it!"

Simon grunted with the effort. Wendy could see his arms bulge as he closed the cutters. With a final burst of energy, the ankle cuffs split and, together with the sheet, fell to the floor. Wendy squealed as she realised, without the covering of the sheet, her nakedness was visible to all in the room. Her legs, now free, contorted and kicked the air in a vain effort to cover herself. She knew that her nipples were still hard and was almost certain that the moisture around her labia would give away her excitement. Excitement that she was sure was due in no small part to having these burly firemen staring at her.

"Nice legs and nice tits too!" laughed Marc as he looked over towards Dale. "Looks like she's still in the mood for a little more fun, man!"

As Marc looked at this woman's husband, he was surprised that he showed no sense of shock, or even made any kind of move to cover his wife's modesty.

"I think you may be right fella's, she seems hotter now than she did an hour ago!" Dale replied.

Simon was still staring open mouthed at Wendy's lower body.

"Come on, guy's," said Wendy. "I'm sure you've seen a pussy and a pair of tits before!"

"I haven't seen a cunt as wet as that for a while!" Said Simon, almost without thinking.

Far from being upset, Dale was extremely pleased at the direction this situation was going. There was nothing he liked better than to watch his slut of a wife perform with other men, or on occasions, other women. If he wanted this to progress, though, he knew that he would have to move things along a bit himself. With a glance towards his wife, he looked for approval in her face. Wendy returned his glance with a look of pure, animal lust and he knew that she wanted these men as much as he wanted to watch them. Slowly he rose from his seated position and moved towards her. Marc and Simon, having now regained a little of their composure, were preparing to start on the cuffs around Wendy's wrists.

"Hold on a second, guys," said Dale. "I think she needs to be taught a lesson before you free her completely. She's been very bad today, look at her nipples, they're really hard and her pussy's wet too!"

With a quick movement, as if to demonstrate his point, Dale swept his index finger along the length of his wife's open slit. Slick with her juice, he brought the digit up to her left breast and circled it around her engorged nipple causing the flesh to tighten further and Wendy to groan deeply.

"Wow." Cried Marc, "she really is hot, isn't she. I'd love to get a taste of that pussy!"

"Go ahead," said Dale with a wicked grin. "See what she tastes like!"

Marc needed no second invitation and immediately joined Wendy on the bed. Taking hold of an ankle in each hand he roughly spread her long, slender legs and eyed the wet vagina that was now completely revealed.

"That's it," continued Dale. "Don't be too gentle with her. She's a real slut and loves to get it rough!"

Encouraged by Dale's words, Marc spread her legs further and literally dove his head between her thighs. She tasted sweet as honey and he began to drink her juice like a man dying of thirst. As soon as his lips came into contact with her clitoris, he felt her whole body tense and was rewarded with a mouthful of her fluid.

Wendy screamed out in pleasure as she felt his lips close over the hard bud of her clit and draw it into his mouth. Her orgasm ripped through her body; her hips bucked up off the bed and her back arched deeply, attempting to get more of her private region into the fireman's mouth. She was gasping and sighing as the climax overtook her, but the noise was quickly cut off as she felt the unmistakable sensation of a hard cock pushing urgently against her lips. She opened her eyes and saw Simon, stripped below the waist and urging her to accept his engorged tool. Without a second thought, Wendy opened wide and sucked three inches of the large penis straight into her mouth. She felt Simon's hands in her hair as he gripped her and began the process of sawing his manhood in and out of her hot, wet mouth. She could tell by the way he was twitching, that he was in a state of extreme excitement, and as she opened her mouth further and swallowed the large invader deep into her throat, she felt the wide mushroom head swell further. She just had time to tighten her throat muscles once before she felt a huge rush of semen stream straight into her mouth. She tried to swallow the hot, sticky fluid, but inevitably, some escaped and trickled from the sides of her mouth and dripped down her chin.

"Hold her legs back, man." Said Marc to his partner as Simon slipped his tool from her abused mouth. "I want to fuck this bitch hard!"

Happy to also assist the horny fireman, Dale joined Simon as they pulled back Wendy's legs so that she was bent almost double. Marc was kneeling on the bed looking down at her exposed vagina and tight little anus.

"Oh man, what a sight!" he cried as he positioned himself. "I'm gonna fuck you hard and fast baby. I aint had a woman for over a week and my balls are full of cum!"

"Yes..yes.." cried Wendy, cum still glistening on her lips and chin. "Fuck me you big bastard. Fuck my wet pussy with your big dick...shove it in me all the way...YYYYEEESSSSSSSSS..."

Wendy's cry of passion was nearly drowned out by Marc's as he drove his cock deep into her pussy. He used no finesse, no subtlety, he simply thrust his huge member in to the hilt.

"Aaahhhhhhh...she's got one tight cunt, man. Gonna fuck this little slut til I cum...oh yes baby...take my big dick..take it all..."

Marc fucked Wendy with a fast and furious passion as Simon and Dale watched still holding her ankles back as far as they could. From this position Marc could attain the maximum depth of penetration with his eight inches of hard meat. For nearly ten more minutes he pistoned his cock in and out of Wendy's vagina, the slurping sounds of their sex driving him on to new heights of passion. Sweat was beading on his forehead, as with gritted teeth and an expression of pure lust on his face he finally pulled out of her sopping snatch and released a torrent of semen over her pubic mound. With her legs still bent back so, the fluid began to trickle down her body and pool in her navel. Marc's hand jerked his meat furiously as he made sure that he emptied all of his cum onto this delicious woman's hot skin beneath him.

"What about you, man?" said Simon to Dale. "You've not poked that pretty pussy yet yourself!"

"Well," Dale replied "Why don't you guy's just leave her hands cuffed and then I can take my time with her! After all I've got a spare key for when I'm finished with her!"

As the two firemen left with Dale and headed for the local bar, a bewildered and still restrained Wendy could hear their laughter all the way down the street!

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