Hands on for both of us.
The DVD lit up the TV screen in the bedroom. The porno on the screen didn't have much of a plot but the action was hot with good looking men and women engaged in some very erotic sexual activity.

I was naked from the waist down, waiting for my lady to finish her shower. The hot action on the screen was having it's effect. My cock was filling with blood, the head lifting from my shaved balls. I keep myself shaved all around my cock and balls, the air around my anus is removed on a regular basis.

On the screen there was some good old fashioned fucking, doggy style. That scene always turns me on because I know the male actor is preparing for the 'money shot' as they say in the porn business. My hand found it's way down to my swelling cock. I'm a cut model so my foreskin is always pulled back with my cock head showing. The slit in the head of my cock was showing a bit of slick pre-cum. It's also my practice to keep the slit well lubricated with some KY type lubricant. I use a ordinary Q-tip, dip that in the lubricant then insert that just a bit into the slit. With a bit of practice it's quite enjoyable. But back to my story.

The lady will join me in a few minutes. Now she's not into porno at all, her enjoyment comes from watching me, and my reactions to what's happening on the small screen. She really gets off when I begin stroking my fully erect cock. Sliding the skin up over the head and then back down. Each stroke will usually pump a wee bit of pre-cum out the slit. Her watching me gets her all fired up. Lying next to each other, my hand finds her smooth legs. With one hand around my cock, stroking slowly, the other caressing her gently. Moving my hands to the insides of her thighs is always well received. She's usually reading one of her paper back novels, enjoying my caresses at the same time.

With more time spent on caresses, it's not too long before she's ready for some different activity. Another of her favorites is for me to examine her very closely. I mean just like the doctor would perform during the female ob/gyn visit. We don't have the stirrups, but the examination is just as thrilling for the both of us. First licking her female lips, then using my tongue to probe gently. Making certain that she's well lubricated the caresses become a bit more intimate. The lips are soon swollen, and more entry is needed.

The tip of one finger finds it's way between the lips. Moving so slowly and more than gentle, the finger tip is curved upward to further manipulate the female g-spot. Talking nasty now, telling her how much I like to finger fuck her I increase the strokes on the female magic spot. Being so careful not to harm my lady, I increase the tension a bit by wrapping my hand around my cock and stroking it while my other hand is busy at the juncture of her legs.

The tension increased until the explosion for both of us cannot be denied. Her legs clamp together, her breathing is now just gasps, her hands grab my wrist as wave after wave of orgasm sweeps over her. First one, then two and then the third. Her breathing becomes nothing more than gasps. Through eyes now wide with the release of orgasm, she watches as I pump my cock faster. Now, finally the cum begins to surge and spew from the head of my cock..I keep stroking, milking all the cum from my cock onto my shaved skin.

Both of us collapse into a near coma. Dragging ourselves out of bed into the shower is a very real task after such thoroughly enjoyable sex between a loving man and his woman.

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