Hanging Curtains
Euphemisms are a great thing.......the different words and phrases that people use....just plan fun.
Stuart looked up from the game that he played with his young children. Courtney stood framed by the door, her trim body was clothed in a pair of shorts and a tee shirt that tantalizingly covered her figure. Stuart's eyes flashed with passion as they always did when he looked at Courtney.

"Can you come help me re-hang the curtain rods in the bedroom," she asked.

Stuart glanced at the kids and knowing that they would be fine without his presence, he stood and followed Courtney down the hallway to the master bedroom. Courtney quickly explained what needed to be done and Stuart eagerly complied.

"Hey love, can you come hold this for me."

Courtney flashed a dazzling smile at Stuart and ducked down under his outstretched arms to hold the rod steady while he affixed it to the wall. Safely nestled between his outstretched arms, Courtney smiled and leaned back against his hard body. Stuart's body immediately reacted to her soft body pressed against his. Courtney smiled and pressed back harder, grinding her bottom against his thick rapidly growing hardness.

Stuart leaned down and nuzzled Courtney's ear and lightly teased her, "And here I thought you needed help with the curtains, turns out you had ulterior motives."

Still holding the curtain rod steady, Courtney saucily answered. "If you stop lolly gagging around, we have time for both."

Stuart laughed but finished his job with all due haste. As soon as the rod was securely anchored to the wall, Stuart wrapped his arms around Courtney and pulled her back against him. They both signed with satisfaction. Life was so busy that they were often asleep before their heads hit the pillow each night. That made these stolen minutes pure bliss and very much needed.

Courtney turned within Stuarts arms. She raised her chin and pressed her lips against him. Their eyes met and the passion flowed freely in their locked gaze. Stuarts tongue searched and traced her full lips before plunging into her warm mouth. Courtney sighed and slithered even closer to him. Stuart in turn grasped her gently rounded ass cheeks and lifted her body. Instinctively, Courtney raised her legs to lock them around his waist. Their kisses were fierce and deep, filled with a deep passion that had their bodies straining against the restraints of their clothing. His manhood rubbed against her cloth covered cleft, pushing in a futile effort to reach the entrance of her warm center. Her hips circled and pushed against him. Her lips became frantic, nibbling and licking his earlobes. Her hands became desperate, clawing at his shirt wild with her need to feel his skin burning against her bare skin.

Their bodies screamed with unleashed passion until Stuart slowly lowered her body to the floor. They both stood, trembling as they quickly shucked off their clothes. They came back together with a force that surprised them both. Stuart once again lifted Courtney and held her to him. He could feel his cock slipping through her moist natural lubrication as he slid up and down her slit. Her hands held onto him and lightly tweaked his hardened nipples. She laughed with delight at the feel of his cock twitching, knowing that her tweaks were sending shooting flames of passion directly to his cock. Holding onto his shoulders she levered herself up over his cock. Looking him directly in the eyes she lowered her quivering body onto his hard throbbing manhood.

He sucked in his breath as they both became accustomed to his penetrating position. Courtney however was the first to move. Her hips lightly rocked against Stuart. He could feel her muscles rippling in her body as he held her tight allowing her actions and passion to roll over him. His hips began to buck against hers. Her eyes glazed over as the sensations built within her. Her breathing became choppy. Her body screamed for release even as his panting escalated. With a slight nod, they both exploded in a wildly exuberant surge.

They stilled as their bodies settled. Forehead to forehead they enjoyed the intimacy of the moment. The room was quiet around them and they felt buffeted from the craziness of their daily lives.

That crazy world soon collided with their serene cocoon as they heard a young voice calling out asking when dinner would be ready.

Courtney slowly released her legs, allowing them to slide down Stuart's strong body. Reluctantly he released her and they both set about cleaning themselves, redressing and returning to their fast paced family and life.

The next morning Courtney drove to work. It had been a hectic morning and she was feeling stressed even at this early hour in the morning. But everything had finally gotten straightened out and she was only nominally late. She took a deep breath to calm her nerves and glanced down at her phone as it vibrated. She laughed out loud with delight and she smiled all day at work all because of the text that she received.

The text from Stuart read, "Lets hang some curtains tonight."
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