Happy. She can't help be anything but.

Even before she opens her eyes, it's the feeling that overtakes her mind, body, and soul.

Ever since he came into her life, things had been like a dream. Part of her is wondering, when will it end? SOMETHING has to "wreck" this blissful feeling that has become so routine lately. Yet, at the same time, she can't help but feel he is different . . .

Their time spent together was limited. States apart, these visits were few and far between. She was in a marriage that was so lifeless and draining . . . and he . . . a principal at a middle school; both busy, but in different ways.

Stress was prevalent in both bodies, and coming together was a much needed break and breather for the two of them . . .

Last night, after a long day at work, he picked her up at the airport. His smile she could "hear" over the phone, it was shining.

He kissed her on the cheek, and after a quick embrace, they were on their way to the Marriot. Being the planner that he was, he had already checked in before he came to get her. He opened the door, and the smell of roses overtook her immediately.

There, in a gorgeous vase, were a dozen multicolored flowers to welcome her. He never spared any details. He was indeed a gem, and she said a heartfelt "thank you" as she put her bag down.

Now, as she laid in bed this morning, the fragrance was still prevalent . . . she was reminded of the purity and sweetness of this man that she could call hers . . . at least for the weekend.

She hadn't even opened her eyes yet, but, could feel the sun hitting the part of her body that wasn't covered in the white linens. It was warm and felt great.

He had risen before her, and was in the shower. She heard the water shut off, and listened to him hum a tune while shaving.

She grinned to herself. He was a kid at heart, loved everything Disney . . . roller coasters, animal crackers and things of the like. She caught a whiff of aftershave, and knew he would be out soon.

Opening her eyes slowly, she wrapped the sheet around her, and went to her suitcase. As she was digging around trying to find the perfect thing to wear, she heard him, and felt him at the same time.

"Hey, Pretty Lady," he said as he kissed her exposed shoulders.

"Hey, Sugar", she said, turning around to embrace him. "My turn for a shower . . . be out in a bit."

Grabbing her clothes, she headed into the bathroom.

Steam still on the mirror--a smiley face drawn in the fog--it made her let out a giggle. He was so funny and she was so lucky.

What a sight she was! She wiped off the mirror quickly with a nearby towel.

Hair all over the place, yesterdays make up still evident and smeared in places it shouldn't have been, and a body she was far from happy with . . .

She sighed and hopped in the shower. As the warm water hit her body, she leaned her head back in the stream, and her mind drifted back to last night.

They had made love numerous times and it was earth shattering. He kissed her in a way she had never been kissed before, and at just the thought of it, she found herself getting aroused.

Her soapy hands ran over her breasts and down her tummy. She felt her shaved pussy and a wave of pleasure rushed over her.

After playing with herself for a few minutes, she knew it was time, time to get out of the shower and find him. She wanted him. Now.

She toweled off her slick, wet, body, wrapped the towel around her, and didn't bother with any other details.

Opening the door of the bathroom, she saw him making a pot of coffee. As she stood in the doorway, he turned to look at her. She dropped the towel, shrugged, smirked a little and raised her eyebrows. He grinned. She giggled, then walked towards him, biting her lower lip.

He welcomed her with a big bear squeeze and began kissing her neck. Her knees went weak with the touch of his lips and an uncontrollable moan escaped her mouth.

Knowing that was her "spot" he used it for both of them. He knew how good it made her feel and the way she reacted made him equally excited, an excitement that went straight to his hardening cock.

Moving to her mouth, he kissed her hard and deep. His hands were on her flushed cheeks, holding her to him, and she didn't complain.

As she began unbuttoning his shirt, his hands wandered to her breasts. Her nipples became erect as soon as his fingers brushed over them. She unbuttoned his pants and slid her hand down to feel his throbbing cock. She pulled away from his embrace, and pulled his trousers and boxers the rest of the way off. She went down to her knees, and looked up at him as she put her tongue on the head of his penis. She flicked it there for a while before running it down the underside of his shaft and back up again. Pausing again at the tip, she looked up to make sure he was watching her before she took him all in her mouth. He instinctively put his hands on the back of her head and thrust himself in deeper until his cock went down her throat and back out again. She reached around him and clenched his ass tightly to allow herself to have some control. After allowing him to touch her tonsils numerous times, she pulled him out, and made her way down to his balls. She sucked lightly on them, as she stroked him at the same time.

She could feel his excitement building, and got pleasure out of knowing it was her who was making him that way. She wanted to taste him in the worst way, and was giddy with excitement. She moved back up to put his entire shaft in her mouth. She hummed a little, as she got a taste of what was yet to come.

She massaged his sack as she took him in and out faster . . . and faster
. . . and then slow, running her tongue firmly along him, as he slid in and out.
"I'm gonna cum baby, I'm gonna cum!" She squeezed his ass to let him know it was okay and that she was ready. Seconds later, she felt his warm juices shoot all over her tongue and hit the back of her throat.

She couldn't help but smile, and that caused some of his cum to drizzle out the side of her mouth. She looked up at him, and he watched as she gulped and licked every last drop of him from her supple lips.

They paused in silence for a moment, and, when he had caught his breath, he helped her to her feet. He kissed her passionately, and headed towards the bed.

She laid on her back, and he was on his side next to her. She turned her face towards him, and he kissed her lightly on her lips.

"Hi" he said, as he put his hands in her tousled hair, and kissed her again.

"Hi", she said, as she reached up to feel his freshly shaven face.

They kissed slowly and sweetly for a while, and when his hands began to caress her ample breasts, she grabbed the back of his head and pulled him in closer for a deeper, passionate lip lock.

Their tongues intertwined and danced, and she could feel herself getting moist, from the anticipation of what was soon to come.

He broke away from her and took one of her breasts in his mouth. His tongue flicked her hard nipple. He sucked, and nibbled before moving to the other one. While she enjoyed this, she knew what she really wanted, and he could tell too. He knew how self conscience she was about her tummy, and although he wanted to kiss her all the down to her womanhood, he skipped it, and went right for her inner thighs.

He kissed her there, then in the creases where her leg met her torso. She was watching him the whole time, and he liked it. She was moving around a little, and finally, when she couldn't take it anymore, she grabbed his head and pushed it where she wanted him to go. His lips touched her pubic mound, and then his tongue found her slit. Instantaneously, she moaned, her head leaned back on the pillow, and her eyes rolled in the back of her head. He was a master, knew every nook and cranny, and took his time. He tasted a bit of her sweet nectar, and found himself getting hard again as he was pleasuring her. He licked his fingers, and slid two into her pussy. She was warm, wet, and oh so tight.

As he slid his fingers in and out, he found her swollen clit with his tongue. He could hear her breathing getting heavy, and knew she was getting close. She grabbed the back of his head and pushed him harder into her.

Releasing her grip, she arched her back and begged him to fuck her.

"Please baby...I want to feel you inside of me. Fuck me baby, PLEASE"

She didn't have to ask him twice. He climbed on top of her to take his prize. She spread her legs wide open to allow him full access.

He teased her slightly, running his member up and down her smooth pussy lips, until he finally slid into her wet box. His wanting cock was a great fit. She was so tight and he was so big.

The song "It Hurts So Bad In A Real Good Way" played in her head as he continued stretching her over and over with his thickness, pumping in and out slowly to make sure she was okay. But soon it was too much for both of them, she could feel the build up and the release couldn't come fast enough. He was close too. She could see it in his eyes.

She wrapped her legs around him and dug her fingernails into his back. She came hard, and let him know by squeezing her legs tighter and digging her nails in deeper. This sent him over the edge, and, he came soon after she started. He collapsed, and laid on her chest for a brief moment before rolling off of her onto his side. He looked at her, her cheeks flushed and warm, and stared at her as she caught her breath. Her eyes were still shut when he kissed her forehead, nose, and finally a peck on the lips. Life was good.

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