Happy Bday on the boat
It was a lovely day out on my birthday. Buddy invited me out to the Marina to have a day out on his boat and who can say no to the Marina on a warm Summer day. I call up my lady, we met at my place, and proceeded to ride out to the west side together.

The day was nice out, about 75 degrees. We pulled up to the store in the boat and tide her off before jumping out to grab a few snacks for the day. Chips,beers, sandwiches all a go. Ready for the voyage we sat sail down the coast to hang out for the day. It was a chill way to spend a birthday that I am sure of.

As the day progressed, we drank fast and flew through the waves like we were flying. I couldn't help but notice my lady all beautiful in the sun just laying out and enjoying the ocean while my buddy was fishing off the side of the boat I decided to have a little play time. I reached down and felt inside her bathing suit. As suspected she was soaked and loved that I was touching her in semi view of the public as a tourist ship with fishers was floating by.

Once they were out of site she was ready to continue the fun and I started playing with her again running my fingers in and out of her pussy as she leak out all over the seats. After a bit I couldn't resist and I let my throbbing dick out of my pants and let her have a taste. She was hooked and ready to play.

My buddy looked over but didn't say anything. I took her down low to the restroom area just to the side so it could be a little more private as she was a little bit shy but not much. We shut the door and my was it a tight fit, but I was sliding in and out of her with ease as she bounced up and down facing the opposite direction riding me cowgirl style.

The door to the restroom flew open and there was my buddy just standing there, his shorts coming right up to my girlfriends face and she was not amused. She kept riding me and he kept pushing himself forward at which point she got irritated and whipped his cock out and started suck as fast as I had seen her suck.

I think she was enjoying herself a bit and I fucked her harder from underneath. I believe he heard me going harder under her and started cumming in her mouth and as she started to swallow she clinched her pussy causing me to start to squirt deep inside her. When she felt this she let out a loud moan and turned to kiss me. She whispers in my ear, "Happy Bday".
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