Happy Campers Part 1
Happy Campers Part 1
By: Sassy Sue

The camping season was almost at an end and there weren't many campers in the campground. Our site is a secluded one, so even during the busy part of the season Ann and I still have some privacy. It was quite normal for me to walk into the camper in the middle of the afternoon and see her on the bed with her shorts hanging off one leg, the vibrator working the wet slit of her pussy.

If I would be sitting inside the camper, for one reason or another, Ann would wander in and kneel in front of me. Unzipping my shorts, Ann would rub my cock until I reached full hardness and then lick the head of my cock. Ann moving to the bed, pulling her electric blue, shorts down and presenting me a delicious offer, one I just could not refuse. The offer for me to step up behind her and just bury my hard, throbbing, cock deep into her wet inviting gash between her legs.

Maybe it is just being away from the phone and the hassles of work and home, but weekends at camp are a time of open, relaxing sex and we just fuck our brains out. Not a weekend of never leaving the bed or anything like that, but at least once a day we each would get off and sometimes twice a day. Our little zippered pouch of toys is frequently used during our camping excursions.

Our collection is not large by any means, of course, course her electric vibrator plugged in and ready for action at a moments notice. There are a couple of life-like solid latex dildos, a plastic battery operated dildo, a small penis shaped dildo about the size of your index finger, a strap on, a large bottle of lubricant and a variety of cock rings. Yes, summers at camp are certainly enjoyable.

I had decided to go to our campsite to begin fall clean up and was surprised to see that there wasn't any one around. It was only Thursday and it seemed strange to look around and see everything so empty. I had come down to not only begin cleaning up, but also just to enjoy the changing of the season. It was cool and the leaves were beginning to change giving the hills surrounding us a patchwork quilt design of shades of reds, browns and yellows.

I had sat down under the awning to take a break and enjoy a beer when I noticed a truck and camper pulling in just beyond the trees at the site next to us. I smiled thinking how nice it was to see that there were others who didn't find the evenings to chilly for camping and enjoyed this time of Indian summer. The guy pulled in and then backed up then pulled ahead, I watched for close to fifteen minutes before he got the camper somewhat straight. I chuckled to myself and grabbing an extra cold beer I walked down.

"Looks like you're having fun," I remarked as I handed him a cold one.
"I'm having a hell of a time!"

My wife and I just got it and I told her I would get it set up so it would be all ready when she gets down here tomorrow."

He was a young dude, probably in his mid-twenties I guessed, and it was a new twenty-six foot camper.

"I'm Jesse," and extended my hand, "I'd be glad to give you a hand setting up if you want."

"Thanks, I'd appreciate that, if you wouldn't mind," he shook my hand. "I'm Barry and my wife, Denise, will be along tomorrow evening. Are you staying the week?"

"No, we are only here on weekends now. Ann, my wife, is working and I'm retired so lots of times I'll come down during the week, maybe spend the night and if she gets off early she might come down for supper."

We worked getting the trailer leveled up and connected to the utility port. We talked as we worked, they had been camping in a tent for a few years and this was their first trailer camper. I had been close to right in my assumption; they were in their late twenties, been married for six years, no kids and they both worked.

"You're in pretty good shape now; I'll let you finish up."
I headed back up the path towards my place.

"When you get done come on up I have a full cooler and we can relax and enjoy the afternoon. Hell, maybe we will just sit, tell lies and drink beer all evening and I'll just stay the night. I'll give Ann a call and let her know. She worries about me sometimes and we always let each other know what is going on," I laughingly said.

"That's cool; Denise and I are the same way."

"Hi honey, are you busy?" I asked when she answered her cell phone.

"Hi love, not right at the moment, but I'm going to be late tonight."
That happened in her job now and then so I wasn't surprised.

"I'm at camp site," I continued to explain about meeting Barry and that I was going to stay the night.

"That sounds like fun, you stay and I'll come down after work tomorrow and then we'll make it a long weekend."

She went on about bringing down some food and we said our good-byes. After finishing a few more chores, I was sitting, having another cold one, when Barry walked up and sat down. We sat, shot the shit, just enjoying the day, each other's company and of course more cold beer.

"This is Denise," Barry bragged as he took out his wallet showing me a picture of his wife.

"Wow she is fucking hot piece of ass," I thought to myself.

It was a picture someone had taken of them standing in front of their old tent. She was wearing a very brief, bikini and looked to be about 5'4" and maybe 120 pounds; short blonde hair; and nicely tanned. What captured my attention was when the snapshot was taken her nipples were hard and you could see them pressing against the bikini top. Her breasts had to be 36C I speculated.

"Very nice looking young lady," I handed the picture back to Barry. "You make a nice looking couple."

I reached into my pocket to get my wallet out to show him a picture of Ann.
"Thanks. Yeah, she really turns me on." Barry laughed as I handed him a picture of Ann.

It was almost as flattering as the one of Denise. I had taken it here at camp but it was a favorite of mine. She was on the lounger getting some sun the day I took it. Her light brown hair was pulled back and you could see the suntan oil glistening. For a 47-year-old woman, and three grown children later, she still had a fine body. Ann is about 5'7", 130 pounds, with the most sensitive 38D's a man could enjoy.

"Hot damn, pretty lady! Nice body!" Barry exclaimed. "Oops, sorry didn't mean to make that sound the way it did!"

I had to laugh, "Thank you, I take that as a compliment and so would Ann, no offense taken."

Taking the photo back we sat and talked some more.

"Excuse me, be right back." I said and got up and walked down towards the edge of the campsite to drain some of the brew. I was standing feeling the relief when Barry joined me.

"My turn too. I was wondering if this was OK to do. Some people feel they have to walk to the bathrooms, they don't feel it proper to piss in the bushes, ya know?" Besides I didn't want to fill your holding tank in your camper.

"When the place is full, I don't do this, but now with everyone gone I see no problem with it." I glanced over at Barry and couldn't help but notice that his dick was about the same size as mine. With a hard-on I am seven and one half inches from base to tip and almost four inches around. I tried to look out of the corner of my eye and could see that he was half-erect and probably my length though he wasn't as big around as I was. I noticed he was watching me.

"Sorry, wasn't staring. Guess you really had to go!"

"Not a problem." Barry laughed, "Growing up with three brothers there wasn't much privacy. Just circle jerks coupled with a lot of show and tell when we were kids."

I sat down, taking another beer and handing one to Barry. That was an interesting statement, I thought to myself, and with the image of his wife and her hard nipples burned in my mind I thought I would pursue it. Besides, with the amount of beer that the both of us had downed, my inhibitions were dormant by now.

"I didn't have any brothers, but some kids I grew up with we would camp out and jack off together looking at old Penthouse magazines," I said with a silly grin on my face.

Glancing over at Barry I could see that his cock was pressing up against his shorts and I continued, "Ann likes to hear those old stories and I guess I like to tell them," I chuckled.

My own cock was beginning to stir and I knew that when I went to bed tonight I would have to jack off. It had been ages since I thought of those times. Seeing Barry's semi-erect cock and the memories of my youthful friends stroking each other off had gotten my juices flowing. I hadn't told Ann those stories in a long time; my cock grew harder thinking of them and the promise of what tomorrow night might bring my way.

I would have to tell them to her again. I always enjoyed telling her of my youthful indiscretions, and watching her get excited. She always gave me a show of appreciation as she would masturbate with her finger or a toy. In my mind I was picturing my cock shooting cum across her naked breasts and I was so lost in thought I didn't hear that Barry had been talking.

"Denise likes to hear stories from my old college days. Of course she and her sorority sisters were just as wild and did things together like that too."
"Huh, sorry guess my mind was wandering."

"I was just saying that in college guys would do the same thing, you know jack off and some of them would go farther. Denise still likes to tell how she and her girlfriends would get off together in their dorm rooms..." Barry trailed off never finishing his thought.

I couldn't believe what he was saying. My cock was just about ready to burst and it was going to be difficult to wait until I went to bed with this hard-on!

"Hey! Barry, I'm going to get some hotdogs out and have some dinner. You getting hungry?"

"Yeah, for sure, I think Denise had the fixings for a salad so I'll put it together and bring it up."

"Sounds good," I replied getting up from my chair and stepping inside. "I have to thaw the dogs so it'll be at least a half hour before they're ready for the grill."

Actually, they were already thawed but I had to get off, my balls were full and in dire need of release with all the talk we had.

I watched Barry walk back to his camper and from the way he was rubbing his cock through his pants I knew what he was going to be doing. It had been a long time since I thought about another man's cock. Ann knew the stories, and enjoyed them, hearing about my experiences. I never doubted my sexuality and the need of a woman. I also knew that I was bi-sexual and had, from time to time, sucked off other men. I had never been fucked in the ass by a man, at least not yet, but it was on my bucket list.

However, when I told Ann the stories she loved to hear them, she convinced me to let her push a small dildo into my tight asshole while simultaneously stroking my cock. She always said my cum would shoot farther when she did that. I didn't know about that, but I did know that when she did it, that it would completely drain me. Right now, I felt the need to be drained as my balls ached.

Dropping my shorts I looked down at my cock and it was rock hard, the head swelling and was a deep purple hue. It wasn't going to take long I thought, leaning against the counter I began stroking the shaft.

"Oh damn," I moaned!

Barry's semi hard cock, Denise's nipples, Ann with the vibrator, and me with a nice hard cock in my mouth the images that filled my mind as I stroked my cock. OMG, I thought of Barry in his camper there doing the same thing, stroking his prick. My eyes closed and I continued to stroke faster feeling my cum filling my balls.

Ann wouldn't believe this; she would be excited and would really give me a show getting off by fucking her sultry pussy with one of her toys. At fifty years old my cock didn't perform as it did in my youth, but it still did work. By tomorrow night I would be ready to give Ann a load or two. Once again I thought of her fucking her cunt with the big dildo, her legs splayed and her juice dripping from her. Her stroking her hard pink clit, she always was fondling her clit.

"Ah," I moaned as I gripped my shaft tighter and jacked it faster; I bet Barry's cock is hard and he's going to cum too. Then I heard someone speak.

"I thought this is what you would be doing and you wouldn't mind if I came back."

"Oh shit," I jumped at Barry's voice!

I hadn't heard him come in. I stopped in mid-stroke. Barry had stepped out of his shorts; his cock was rock hard, a good two inches longer than mine. Drops of pre-cum dripping from the tip as he slowly stroked the length of the shaft. The veins stood out along the sides of his thick, rigid, prick and his shaft tapered to a point. I stared at it as my hand resumed gentle stroking of my own turgid prick.

"No, I don't mind at all, you just startled me."

"Sorry about that," Barry laughed and moved over onto the bed.

"Get up here on the bed and I'll show you how we did it back in college."

Barry was on his knees, sitting back on his heels, his cock was standing straight up towards his belly and he kept stroking as I moved onto the bed.

"Sit like me and move in so that one of your knees is between mine and one of mine is between your knees."

I positioned myself as directed the scene.

"Put your forehead here on my shoulder looking down, and I'll do the same."

We both moved and I found leaning this way we were supporting ourselves and were looking directly at both of our pricks.

"Not a bad view, is it?"

"Cool, its fucking erotic!" I watched as we stroked our cocks.

"Now take my cock in your hand, jack me off and I'll jack you off."

Barry's hand took my shaft and began stroking. I, in turn reciprocated and I heard his breath catch as I pulled on his shaft from base to tip. As he leaned his head against me, his other hand slipped under my balls and cupped them in his hand.

"Oh damn," I jumped as he manipulated my prick!

My hand between his legs cupping his balls as I stroked his long slender cock until his body trembled.

"Oh, shit, you had a real education in college" I groaned as Barry caressed my balls.

"We did lots of things while I was there," Barry continued to fondle my shaft.

"Denise loves to finger her bald pussy when I tell her the stories, although she doesn't believe most of them. Tells me I am full of shit," he remarked.

"My balls were getting ready to explode and I knew he could feel it when he slowed his vertical movement up and down the shaft of my cock.

"Damn your cock is thick! She isn't going to believe this when I tell her! I'd love to see you stretch her pussy with this sausage."

His grip tightened keeping constant pressure on my erection. "Keep stroking me like that and I'm going to blow my load, hot damn."

"Denise would love to see your cock, feel it inside her cunt and I would be tickled to see you fill her cunt."

I worked on Barry's cock sliding the warm tender flesh in the palm of my hand, feeling his prick pulsate. I added some lube to my hand, his hard, slippery cock slid easily through my hand that wrapped around the erection.

"I love to see you fuck Ann's shaved, wet pussy and make her cum. For a mature woman she really likes cock."

I watched the head of his prick turn a deep purple color and could feel his cum flowing up his shaft as I continued to massage his long, slender prick.

Barry's first load erupted as my hand slipped over his knob and his cum coating my fingers. My fingers curled on his pulsating shaft working effortlessly milking his boner. I watched the second eruption spew forth.
"Oh damn, yes, yes," I moaned as the second blast of sinewy strands of thick, white cum shooting from the head of his prick and landing against my chest running down my belly.

Barry pumping his hips against my fist and I slowed as his body shook. Gripping his cock I stroked as I loosened my grip and the last of his cum flowed hot from his cock.

Barry's fist was a blur on my shaft, the sight of his cum covering his prick, combined with his pungent odor and the squishing sound of his pumping my lubed cock was causing my balls to fill with cum.

My own cum gushed from my cock, covering his pubic hair and thighs. Barry fondled my balls and cock.

Moaning as I came, Barry enticed the last drops from my now, spent shaft as I collapsed onto the bed. Barry moved up between my legs and putting his cock next to mine took both in his hands and continued gently massaging the two of them simultaneously. I just laid there and enjoyed his ministrations that he was applying to our cocks.

"Hmm, feels good," I closed my eyes enjoying the sensation and thinking how Ann would work the vibrator in her cunt or play with her sexy pink clit as I told her about this experience.

After cleaning the cum off our bodies we sat at the table and talked for a while we feasted on hot dogs and salad. Barry related a couple of his college stories. He told me how Denise would get excited hearing them. I, in turn, told him how Ann and I had participated in various sexual encounters. Of course, we talked of fucking each other wives and eating their pussies; we were akin to two drunken frat boys fantasizing after a few too many beers.

I glanced up at the clock, "I didn't realize it was getting so late," and began doing up dishes.

"So do you think Ann be up to having some fun with Denise and me this weekend," Barry asked.
I'll talk to her tonight. I don't know if she will participate but we've talked about doing something like this and I'm sure she would like to at least watch and see what is on the table so to speak.

Will Denise want to swap partners and maybe make get it on with Ann or would she have an issue with that," I asked Barry. "What do you think?"

"No I'm sure she wouldn't, it would not be the first time she has had her tongue in a pussy. I know that she will want to ride that thick prick that you have. She likes to have her cunt stretched and my skinny dick can't do it for her. One look at your prick and she will be drooling like a bitch in heat."

I looked over from the sink and was surprised to see Barry sitting there with his cock erect and jutting from his boxers. He had been rubbing his hard on as we talked.

"Damn Barry, I wish I was young again and could do that!" I had to chuckle. "When I was younger it was that way but anymore I'm good for maybe twice a day and sometimes every other day."

With the conversation and seeing him playing with himself, my cock had partially filled with blood but I knew from experience that it would only be half a woody.

"The old saying of 'the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak' applies to me, although Ann does love to fondle and suck my prick when I'm like this."

I turned towards Barry and he could see my chubby pressing lightly against my shorts.

"Take your big prick out," Barry demanded as he was staring at my cock and his hand working his shaft, "that broad cock of yours will split Denise wide open."

Turning and leaning against the counter I freed my cock and balls from the restraints of my shorts, exposing them to his gaze. Reaching over I picked up the bottle of body oil and let a few drops drip over the tip of my cock my fingers worked the oil over the tip and around the crown.

I dribbled some of the oil onto Barry's erection watching it travel down his unbending shaft and over his swollen balls, "go ahead and play with your cock while I jack off." Barry directed.

I grasped my shaft and began loping my mule as I spread the oil on my erection. Watching Barry spreading the oil on his turgid dick, he polished his pole and made me smile.

"So you think Denise would like my cock?" I asked.

His fingers moved faster along his shaft. "Damn straight, she would proably even want you to fill her ass with it. You will have to spray her with cold water to get her off your cock," Barry said with a devious laugh.

Barry had brought my dick back to life and I could feel it swelling and my balls filling with my hot cum. Now I was approaching my pinnacle and I moaned loudly as I burnished my cock.

Barry worked his magic on his hard dick. His fingers pumping his shaft, varying his speed and grip, he had me ready to reward his efforts.
Cum seeping from my cock, warm filaments of sticky white cum clinging to my unyielding shaft slid over my hand just seconds before I ejected my second load of cum. Once again Barry made the old man erupt and filling me with pleasure. My cock quickly started to fade, however Barry was just starting to flow.

Cum shot from his cock as his fist was a blur, moaning and muttering in coherently his cum began to flow from the tip and over his slowing fist. I watched as the load spurting from his shaft with vicious intensity and then his cock softening in his hand. Smiling as I handed him a clean towel.

We both cleaned up for a second time that day and I felt I was back with my adolescent friends looking at pilfered porn and seeing who could shoot their cum the farthest. Ah those days of lost youth.

More tales of sex and women were passing our lips, increasing as we consumed the remainder of the beer, bringing the night to close around midnight. Barry wobbled off to his camper and I, I just fell asleep on my bed with my hand gripping my now flaccid dick and a dopey grin on my face.

The morning came early, my head was throbbing, as I had a king size hangover. I had all I wanted to do to stumble from the bed and piss out the camper door. It was way too early so I barely managed to stagger back to the bed, topple back into it, and pass out.
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