Happy Valley Social Club
It was a couple of months since we first met Aimee and Rita at a mall and I was taken by her beauty and warm personality. Aimee, an Asian woman with long jet black hair pulled tight in a ponytail which arched up and then hung down the center of her back and is the first thing I noticed. Her dark almond eyes sparkling and a warm smile that welcomed you when she looked at you. She wore a white form fitting silk top with an image of cherry blossoms on the silk. Her breasts were accented by the top but it was loose enough not to reveal her secrets. The top tucked into a pair of jeans I swear were painted on her. Her butt was round, petite and a perfect balance to her breasts. It was impossible to tell if she wore panties, lord knows I looked. She wore black three inch heels which made her butt appear real tight. Now I have a thing for Asian women and this fine looking fortune cookie was no exception.

Her friend Rita stood to her left and a step behind her and the first thing you notice is the black and silver collar she wore around her neck. The collar matched the bracelet that Aimee wore on her left wrist. Rita was an attractive full-bodied woman with shoulder long brown hair worn in a page boy style. Her brown eyes were warm as was her smile. She wore a cute blouse that hung from her large breasts and a pair of jeans not as tight as Aimee's but fit her nicely. She was wearing a pair of red Keds. She was a very attractive and friendly person and quick to engage you in a conversation. We talked for a few minutes and exchanged numbers.

I could not shake Aimee from my mind, she was a woman of mystery and I imagined her in all sorts of scenarios with the four of us having hot girl sex. Most troubling for me was the thought of what she looked like under her clothes, I had to find out. We have met for dinners, but Aimee always dressed impeccably and never revealing any more that what you could see. She remained my woman of mystery, feeding my masturbatory fantasies. Rita on the other hand dressed sensually and I really could see her in a threesome with Rachel and myself. Each time after a dinner, when Rachel and I would return home, the sex was intense, and many times focusing on domination and submission.

We have been yearning for, for several weeks now, this much-anticipated night. This was the night we meet Aimee and Rita at the club. It was to be an intimate dinner and the some special entertainment that Aimee had setup for us.

Aimee was so hot wearing an over the shoulder emerald green evening dress that was oh so tight with a thigh high slit to show off her slender legs and an occasional flash of her dark green of her panties when she flowed across the floor. Aimee had shaved her head except for the long braided pony tail that hung down her bare back almost to the sensual roll of her petite ass. I damn near wet my little thong.

Rita was hot as a firecracker; she wore a black and red evening dress showing a lot of cleavage with her big boobs it flowed over her full hips hugging her curves. While she is a full bodied woman she is not fat by any means. She wore a silver collar with some Chinese characters on a tag dangling from the collar. The collar matched the bracelet that Aimee wore.

The Happy Valley Asian Friendship Club is a privately owned club; Aimee works as the General Manger, and runs the place with grace, efficiency and a firm hand. I thought that was quite a good fit for a person who likes to dominate her world; I was hoping she was that way in a more intimate setting and maybe we would experience her dominance tonight.

The club is situated in a remote part of the county and is ensconced by a tall wall to ensure privacy. The wrought iron gates were open and the parking lot was full of cars, many high end cars. The sign on the gate read Happy Valley Asian Friendship Club. We parked and entered the club. It is a round building with six wings with the restaurant in the center, much like a wheel with spokes.

Dinner was marvelous, melting in my mouth, equivalent to food in a high-end restaurant. We talked, had a little wine and a decadent desert. After dinner, Aimee gave us a guided tour of the club and Rita vanished into the wheel of the club. A numeric pass code was entered the door to the wheel opened for Aimee, and we stepped into the rabbit hole.

The first wing was in support of the restaurant and the remainders of the wings were designed for the club members and their pursuit of happiness. The next wing is windowless and is for members who enjoy BDSM and all they rooms in the wing were being utilized. Aimee said the rooms were equipped crosses, restraining devices, and a sundry of toys to match the genre. The next wing is divided into two levels and very little ambient light. You would enter the room naked and crawl through narrow tunnels finding your way by touch, the more people in the tunnels the more chance there is to fondle a complete stranger. There were alcoves, many pillows where you and the lover of your choice could do whatever you desired. It is a very kinky room, for people into sex with multiple partners. There were windows along the spoke to which you could view the activities.

The next wing contained specialty themes; one room was filled with naked men and a few naked women. The men were loping their mules, some slowly, some like maniacs. Hard cocks of different shapes and sizes, a real meat market for a woman to enjoy. There were several men encircled around one woman on her knees. They were sucking cocks randomly and when a man was ready to cum he would pull from their mouth and cum and cum on them. Aimee informed us that Bukkake parties were one of the most popular parties for men and women as well. Neither Rachel nor I had ever experienced one of these Bukkaes and we were transfixed watching the men cum on this woman. She had cum dripping from her breasts, running down her face and gobs of cum in her hair. She would smear the congealing cream over her body, even her cunt. Aimee took our hands and we moved on.

There were rooms for water sports, just plain fucking, and some with Symbian machines, which is something I really want to try. Aimee was done playing tour guide, her nipples were pressing against her dress were very noticeable. We stopped at a room, Aimee entered a code, and we entered a white room. Standing at the door was Rita and she was damn near naked. The collar glinting in the ambient light, her large breast were jutting out with her gum drop size nipples were erect, pierced with silver rings dangling from her pink nubs. A small silver chain connected her nipples and on the chain was a sliver tear drop weight which hung between her breasts pulling on her nipples. My eyes traveling over her curves resting on her crotch which was barely covered with a red sequin G-string. Rachel squeezed my hand as we walked into the room with Aimee leading the way. I noticed that Rita had her head bowed and her hands clasped as Aimee entered.

"Rita will help you prepare you for our dessert and will return shortly for my dessert, Aimee said in a commanding voice.

Aimee was in charge and the three of us were clear on that point and when she left Rita took over. We walked to the back of the room where there was a small table with two glasses of wine and a single chair. Then there were two, what looked to be massage tables both draped in black sheets. Rita took my hand and invited me to sit and indulge in the wine; I did as she told me. Then she took Rachel and they stopped in front of the table. Rita walking around Rachel, running her hands over Rachel's breasts, down her curves and over her butt. I watched a little envious, a little nervous, I never had such a passive role in watching another woman with my sweetie. I was a mass of raging hormones.

Rita was easing the zipper of Rachel's dress down, the blue fabric parting revealing the bra that Rachel wore and Rita then slipping the dress over Rachel's hips. I was raging on the inside, excited as Rachel was stripped. Once again Rita running her hands down Rachel's long tan legs allowing Rachel to step out of her dress which Rita hung on a hangar. I longed to ease my hand under my dress to just see how wet I had become, but resisted. Rita embracing Rachel, her breasts against Rachel's bra, Rachel is running her hands across Rita's bare back and her fingers brushing the sides of Rita's breasts. I am squirming in my seat, watching intently as Rita undressed Rachel. Rita stepping back and Rachel, boobs were now naked.
Rita's next target was the navy thong concealing Rachel's sex.

Rita, meticulous as she rolled the thong from Rachel's hips and I know from personal experiences that Rachel is dripping wet when she is touched so intimately. Rita's face just scant inches from Rachel's almost naked wet mound, Rachel surely feels Rita's breath on her pussy. My pussy aches from watching. The bra and wet thong are place on the hangar with the dress and placed on a hook on the wall. Rachel standing there naked, her pussy glistening with her nectar, her ankles crossed, her fingers on her mound getting ready to rub her lips.

"No Miss Rachel, not now," she reprimanded Rachel like a child sneaking a cookie.

"On the table please and lie on your tummy with your legs splayed," Rita directed.

Rachel hopped up on the table and I could not help but notice her breasts bounce as her butt landed on the table. Rachel is flat on the table; her legs splayed with her toes touching each corner of the table. Rita had a clear bottle that contained an amber colored liquid which she dribbled out onto Rachel's back and suddenly the room was filled with scent of cinnamon, Rachel's favorite. Rita's strong hands were rubbing the oil on Rachel's back; from her neck to the soles of her feet, Rita did not miss a spot and Rachel was melting on the table as Rita massaged her ass and touching her anal ring.

"Please roll over, Miss Rachel."

Rachel complies, her erect nipples sticking up in the air on her bountiful breasts and then the warm oil cascading over them as Rita poured the amber liquid on Rachel's torso. Rita drawing her fingers up Rachel's body from her tummy to her shoulders caressing her breasts and paying particular attention to Rachel's thick, hard, pink nipples. Now Rachel's nipples are super sensitive and extensive manipulation fills Rachel with uncontrollable carnal desire bringing her to an orgasmic edge. Rita, rolling Rachel's nipples between her thumbs and forefingers, pulling on them is making Rachel groan and she is thrashing on the table. I knew Rachel's breasts were aching and I wanted to relieve her pain.

Rita's hands were moving south to the full clefts of Rachel's pussy. Pouring some more amber oil from the bottle, the warm oil landing on Rachel's engorged slit.

Her thumbs pressing on Rachel's dark swollen lips, the oil oozing onto her mound and Rita working the tender flesh into a frothing frenzy. Now every inch of Rachel's body was glistening with oil and Rachel was on the precipice of an orgasm.

Rita is taking Rachel's hand, helping her sit up and then leading her over to me.

"Miss Sue it is your turn," Rita takes my hand and escorts me to my table where I lie face down.

I hear the clicking of heels on the tile floor getting closer, I cannot see who it is but I can see a pair of shapely calves in black heels standing next to the table. I suspect it is Aimee. The room is quiet and Rita pours the amber oil onto my back. I can feel it running and Rita's hands working the oil into my pores. I feel something tapping my ass cheeks and then Rita spreads my cheeks. A strange sensation as something tickles my ass crack and touches my sphincter and then warm pools on my anal ring. Rita's hands delving between my thighs, her thick fingers rubbing on my perineum making me squirm. I feel a sting on a butt cheek. I now know Aimee has a riding crop and knows how to use the whip.

"Lie still," Aimee, says with a firm, authoritative tone.

With every fiber in my being straining to remain stationary as Rita is plundering me. I fail and Aimee retribution is swift and unwavering.

Spreader bars and hoist both of these sluts, Aimee commands her minion, which sends Rita scurrying with her scrumptious boobs flailing about as she moved quickly. I was first, with Rita spreading my legs as far apart as she could get them and next was a pair of thick leather restraining cuffs on my wrists. Rachel was next, Aimee had wheeled a second table in, and Rachel was now lying on the table. Rita did the same to Rachel and then rolled the tables to a dark corner of the room.

There was a soft hum, then the area flooded with light and I saw two long bars dropping over each of our heads Aimee commanded us to sit up and raise our arms. With our arms in the air Rita expertly secured the wrist restraints to the long bar.

"Stand," was the command from Aimee.

Difficult at first, but my oil coated ass slipped easy from the table. I stood there, naked soaked in a cinnamon oil, my arms over my head and my tits jutting out with extremely hard nipples. I was facing Rachel who was in the same predicament and now I could see Aimee for the first time since she reentered the room.
Her breasts, exposed, conical shaped, with her dark areolas covering the pointy tips of her tits with perky, pink, engorged nipples. Her tan torso, lean, toned, and curvaceous, down to her small flared hips with a simple black G-string with a dragon is scarcely covering her pouty lips and she is wearing a pair of at least three inch black heels which made her petite ass very tight.

My pussy, wet with desire as my eyes followed her movements; Rachel had pussy juice running down her the inside of her thighs as Aimee is dragging the tip of her crop over Rachel's pussy lips and her slit. Rachel groaning as Aimee raised the bar and Rachel's feet were barely flat on the floor with her arms fully extended over her head. Aimee is now flicking Rachel's nipples with the square leather tip of the crop. Rita has two thick long vibrators in one hand and a tube of lube in the other. She squirts lube all over the vibrators and hands one to Aimee.

Aimee takes the vibrator and draws it across Rachel's erect nipples with it vibrating on her sensitive nips. Drawing the tip of the vibe down Rachel's tummy and onto her quivering lips and Rachel was the first to experience Aimee's slender finger is opening Rachel's cunt. Aimee tosses her head back as Aimee slides the vibrator into Rachel's cunt and with a quick turns the base of the vibrator to high and leaves the flesh colored stubby end sticking out of Rachel's pussy. Rachel is floundering as the phallus drives her mad with desire and she has no course of relief. Now Aimee turns her attention to me.

Aimee, lifting each breast with her crop, and letting it fall, my flesh jiggling and the hard nipples bobbing. I quiver from the touch of the leather crop on my tender breast. Alternating between Rachel and myself, she is driving our arousal over the top. While Aimee is tormenting Rachel, Rita is busy kissing my body in my most intimate places. Racked with a need to orgasm, I feel it welling within me, but I am withhold my initial burst of pleasure to comply with Aimee's direction.

I can see Rachel is on edge as well but I know she cannot hold out much longer with Aimee playing with Rachel's tits and Rita kissing her mound with a vibrator in her pussy. Rachel is a goner very soon.

The tables are back and we are allowed to sit on them when Aimee lowered the overhead bar and Rita freed us from the contraption that suspended us. Aimee and Rita wheeled us to the bed and helped two wobbly women to the bed.

"I see my pets are ready to cum, let see how hard they will cum," Aimee said.

"Yes Miss Aimee," Rachel and I chimed in unison as Rita secured our wrist restraints to the headboard and removed the spreader bars from our aching legs. Aimee standing before us with Rita kneeling before Aimee and is removing the tiny black, pussy dragon G-string. A perfect piece of art is visible, the most symmetrical pussy I have ever seen. Perfect dainty clefts rising above her gorgeous slit which is glistening with her ambrosia.

Aimee mounts me straddling my chest her beautiful, fragrant just out of reach of my tongue. My feet flat on the floor I press up with my legs in an effort to slide her crotch to my mouth. Aimee no longer withholding her treats from me and is easing her pussy to my mouth. Hungrily, greedily even I am thrusting my tongue into her extremely wet slit searching for her clit.

Rachel her mouth full of Rita's cunt and I can her slurping her nectar as she devours Rita's snatch. Rita leaning back with on hand full of Rachel's tit crushes her slit on Rachel's mouth and grinding her hips. We are in the throes of passion getting what we longed for weeks now.

Then I felt hands on gripping my ankles, elevating my legs and I can feel my legs touch Aimee's back. Strong finger yank the dead vibrator from my sopping pussy and I hear it clatter on the tile floor. Glancing over I see Rachel's feet in the air as well. Hands on my ankles I can feel a slick cock rubbing my labia parting them and exposing my clit. Now I am shrieking as the cock rubs my clit and I lick Aimee's clit making her groan.

The cock slips a little lower, and he shoves hard with his hips driving it into my snatch. I push back and quickly we establish a rhythm of fucking as I eat Aimee. No longer can I hold back, I bury my tongue as deep as I can into Aimee and me cum and cum hard. My body shaking, tense while I cum. Yet much to my surprise Aimee is completely saturated has yet to cum. Once I climaxed the man pulled his cock from me and left me wanting him to cum in me.

Rachel lying next to me is swearing, her hips bucking bouncing us all. Whimpering I know she is cumming and Rita is creaming on her face as they both climax. Like me when she cums the man extracts his cock dripping with her cum. He walks to the headboard and releases our wrist restraints and we are now free to use our hands.
I slip into a sixty-nine position with Aimee on top. My fingers dance on her pussy as I explore my prize. Her pussy is luscious, tight and I could feel her juices running down my chin, and I was determined to make her cum. Licking and sucking Aimee's soupy pussy she was bucking her hips, and her greasy cunt sliding on my face as my tongue plunges into her slit. My arms have a death grip on her thighs, holding her muff tight to my face and I feel as if I am going to crawl into her pussy. Sucking her hard clit does the trick and Aimee rewards my efforts with a face full of her girly cream. Her pungent cream dripping from my face and I am lapping her gift voraciously.

I am no slouch and I squirt violently onto her lean tongue as it is twisting and turning in my enraged snatch. My grinding and her tongue flicking are too much for me to handle as the electric jolts shoot through my pleasure wracked body to the point I collapse. We lay there, our bodies smoldering in a pool of hot, clinging ambrosia as we caught our breath.

Rachel has Rita's legs on her shoulders is conquering Rita' swollen clit, drawing the chubby bud into her mouth, and nibbling on engorged flesh. Rita's ass is off the bed and her fingers are clutching the sheet as Rachel has Rita cumming uncontrollably. No longer the submissive, but now the dominate; Rachel is making Rita submit to her will making her fulfill Rachel's desires. Rachel with her legs splayed, her pussy throbbing and her juices flowing freely from her puffy, pink cunt. Her pussy is begging for a licking or fucking at this moment and neither Aimee can take advantage of the wet opportunity before us.

Aimee and I locked in mortal combat, with our faces pressing hard into each other's vaginas to see who will come first. Her clear juices are tickling my throat as the cascade down and splash into my tummy. My nectar is cloudy now, a milky color, and a much thicker consistency; I will lose, as I am already cumming for Aimee's pleasure and mine. I shriek loudly and this spurs Aimee on to roll me over and finger my clit as I explode onto her blushing face. Just as my high begins to subside Aimee pulls my head into her cunt and paints my face with her hot cum. She squirts and squirts again; then just when I think she is done she gives me a little more of her liquid passion. Feeling her tense, rigid body go limp and her fingers releasing me and we rolled on to our sides and engaged in some soft after play.

Rachel has Rita on her back now and one leg in the air supported by Rachel's hand. Rita legs splayed and Rachel is between her firm things rubbing her cunt on Rita's sloppy wet pussy and the duo and panting, groaning and sweating their way to another heart-pounding climax.
Rachel is the first to cum with her juices spewing from her pussy in mini rivers flowing down her thighs. Rita is now the dominate figure and is fucking Rachel, grinding hard on her slippery snatch and is cumming on Rachel' naked slit.

Aimee watching Rita and Rachel intently as they enjoyed each other's passion and watching Rachel dominate her lover she lay there rubbing her bare mound. Sucking on Aimee's nipples did not break her concentration.

"Fuck the bitch Rita! Ride her hard, cum on the slut!" Aimee chortled.

All the time Aimee is working herself into a sexual frenzy. Aimee moves over to Rachel and Rita moves over next to me and places a hand on my breast.

"Aimee is going to put your girl through her paces Sue."

Aimee has Rachel flat on her back, her tits jutting upwards and Aimee is dragging her long black ponytail over Rachel's hard nipples. Teasing them, making them rise over her dark areolas. A flash of her hand Rachel squeals as Aimee savagely twists her stiff nipples. Swing her slender leg over Rachel she straddles the moist body, bends and sucks the nipples she just twisted. Rachel's nipples are burning with pain and she welcomes Aimee's soothing tongue as she licks the enflames bits of flesh. Rachel is submitting to Aimee's will and her head is lolling back and forth.

Aimee squats above Rachel's mouth and lower her narrow pussy to Rachel's lips, rocks her hips grinding on Rachel's mouth, which is wide open to take Aimee. Rachel is getting the residue from Aimee and me, the overpowering leftover scent of our sex. Rachel is thriving on the wantonness and debauchery of our night. Aimee is cumming again and this woman has amazing resilience. Aimee is leaning back, squeezing the big soft tits of Rachel, and shoving her cunt hard against Rachel's hungry mouth slathering her mouth with frothy cum. A loud wail from Aimee as her climax culminated and she regained control of her body. Poor Rachel left in a lurch, her pussy physically untouched by Aimee is left a smoldering mass of wetness and enflamed pink flesh. Aimee dismounting Rachel, and is leaving Rachel begging for Aimee's cunt.

After a brief respite, Aimee had a final act planned for us. Adjacent the far wall was a metal stand with something resembling six stanchions mounted on the stand. A shiny chrome pipe is set out a foot from the stanchions and three feet high. Below that a narrow flat padded board, approximately six inches above the floor reminiscent of a foot. It brought to my mind of praying benches in a church, but this place was definitely not a church. Each space for a stanchion had a two pair of black eye bolts mounted on the narrow board.

Rita pushing the heavy stand, her bountiful tits swaying, and her nipples elongated, still aroused from the fresh sucking I just gave her nipples. Rita positioned the stand in the center of the room.

"Rachel, first then Sue and then you can take your place," Aimee directed.

Her hand moving quickly, a blur and then a shriek from Rachel and Rachel is now sporting a small, red, square mark on her ass, from the tip of Aimee's leather crop.

"Move cow, on your knees," Aimee commanded as she is tapping the narrow board with the tip of her nasty crop.

Rachel is scrambling to get to the stand and gingerly kneeling with Aimee standing in front of the stand. Then Aimee tapping the stanchion, curling her finger indicating for Rachel to stick her head through the opening and Rachel complies. Aimee closes the latch on the stanchion trapping Rachel's head. The bar rides across Rachel's stomach, her tits hanging down, and toys for Aimee's crop while Rita positions Rachel's ankles, one ankle between each pair of eyebolts. Once the ankles are in position, Rita threads a leather strap over the back of Rachel's Achilles tendon, through the second eyebolt, and secures the strap. Rachel is on her knees, legs splayed, her swollen pussy lips protruding, juices clinging to them and just below her cunt a dark brown eye peers out.
Aimee walking around like a cat stalking prey, she is between the bed and the stand, her crop between Rachel's perk ass cheeks, she looks in my direction, her dark eyes flashing, and with a flick of her wrist, I too wear her mark on my thigh.

"Move," Aimee barked!

Knowing the expectations, I rapidly knelt on the board, hung my tits over the bar, and stuck my head through the stanchion and Rita snapping the stanchion closed and securing it. Aimee swiftly securing my ankles and then tugs on my chunky pussy lips and rides the braided crop on my wet slit.

Aimee's eyes could speak loudly and Rita is taking her place with the other cows. Aimee saunters around us, teasing, tormenting; a nipple tweaking, a nipple brush across our lips or a quick cunt rub from Aimee. She would stop, lay her crop on our backs, and caress our saturated pussies with her nimble fingers. A well-placed lick, a hard tongue going deep and an agile finger on a dancing on a clit elevating our desire, making our bodies hunger for release from our carnal bonds, this is Aimee's goal which she surpassed.

Three naked men sidled into the room, their cocks swinging to and fro and heading in our direction. Aimee stopped the men just in front of us; she made a spectacle of lifting each man's cock, holding it in the palm of her hand as if she was weighing it. She would the prick fall from her hand, seeing if it would droop or if it is becoming erect. She carefully matched each cock to one of us and the escorted the man to a mere inch or two from our faces. Each cock jutting out, the shiny purplish heads bobbing in the air, teasing our lust and Aimee is remedying our needs.
Aimee wrapping her slender fingers around the shaft she ushered it to my waiting lips. She used the man's prick as if she were applying lip-gloss on my lips. I chased the head with my tongue and opening my mouth to receive him. He moved closer to me and I could take more of his cock and began to suck his cock with zest.

Aimee did the same with Rachel and Rita. Three sluts locked in stanchions, sucking Asian dick.

"Gentlemen, you are not here for your pleasure but to pleasure the sluts in front of you, please keep that in mind as you fill their mouths with your cream. Take care and save your best for later, when that time arrives you may have your way with these bitches. But for now pace yourself, and enjoy the pleasure of their flesh," Aimee authoritatively stated.

While we are focusing our attention on the meat in our mouths, Aimee taking turns with each of us rubs her wet pussy on our exposed pussy and fondles our hanging tits. Body covered with sweat, pussy dripping, and strange men fucking our mouths being fucked by strange men. Writhing, twisting, and turning the best we can in relation to our constraints. After receiving a mouth full of cum the men withdrew their dripping, engorged cocks and strutted over to Aimee who quickly assigned a different man to each one of us.

I could feel a prick rubbing on my slit, the head parting my lips and my pussy taking him. Sawing in and out of me, his cock plunging into my cunt as he pummeled my aching pussy, I am incapable of matching his thrusts. It is just a fuck for him, a place to deposit his cream and that is what he did. His rigid, unyielding cock is spewing cum filling me with his rich pungent cum. Rita and Rachel moaning shrieking as they get a sound fucking Aimee grips my stanchion and the man who fucked me is now fucking Aimee from behind with his cock coated with cum from my cunt. After each man unloading their cum, one in Rita and the other in Rachel, and then they fucked Aimee from behind, filling her snatch with an aggregate accumulation of our cum. The last man, busting his nut in Aimee is disappearing and Aimee releasing us from our bonds.

Aimee leading us to an open shower and we washed the night's decadence from our bodies. Spent, exhausted the shower felt wonderful and we giggled like teen-age girls. The shower was finished and Aimee and Rita handed us some soft plush robes which we eagerly wrapped ourselves in the luxurious comfort. Saying our goodbyes and traipsing off to the parking lot to find our car and head to the house. We left with our clothes in a bag, two plush robes, and an invitation to return.

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