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They had got to know each other over the past few weeks. From total strangers in the beginning, her asking him questions about his background, getting to know one another as the days passed, seeing each other almost on a daily basis, sharing everyday conversations and laughing about silly things, they had grown closer, much closer.

She stood at the side of the bed as he lay on it. They had not been intimate in any way, there was a mutual attraction there, he could sense it, should he do something about it? Would she want him to? There was only a short window of opportunity still available.

He reached out towards her as he lay there, his hand resting on the outside of her knee. He looked at her face, seeking permission to do more. She stood there, looking back into his eyes, he couldn't tell. He started to slowly raise his hand up her leg, along the smooth stockings that she wore, pushing the hem of her dress up as he went. They didn't break eye contact, still no signal. His hand kept going, moving from smooth stocking, across the lacy stocking top to soft bare flesh, his hand traced the front of her thigh and moved in between her legs. He was still looking at her face, there it was, the signal he was after, her eyes widened as her bright red lips broke into a broad smile and she opened her legs a little further apart.
"This is it" he thought, "This is what I've been thinking of day after day." He became bolder, turning his hand to cup her pussy through her panties. "Hold on" he thought as he raised his hand, he couldn't feel any material, all he could feel was the wetness of her swollen pussy lips agaisnt his palm, "Fuck! What a nice surprise"...she opened her legs wider, as she gave out a small moan.

He slowly moved his fingers lightly back and forth along her pussy lips, causing her breath to become shallow as she pushed her body down onto his hand. He inserted a finger between the folds of her tight hole, she started to moan a little louder as she grinded her hips against his hand. He inserted a second finger and curled his fingers up and down. Her tight cunt squeezed his fingers tightly.

He noticed that she was no longer looking into his eyes as she had been, her eyes were now focused on the condition of the covers on the bed, they had risen to cover his cock, which was now rock solid. She reached her hand beneath the covers and her hand surrounded his stiff shaft. He took a sharp intake of breath as she touched, her hands felt so good around his hard cock. She drew back the cover completely, exposing his hard cock to her, the tip glistened with precum and she moved towards it, releasing his fingers from her wet pussy. She started to stroke it, slowly rubbing her hand up and down his shaft, squeezing gently as she caressed.

She moved nearer, she lowered her head and her tongue began to lick along the shaft. She swept her long dark hair from her face as she proceeded to lick around the tip, her mouth surrounding his cock as she closed her pretty lips around it. She started to slowly suck on it, squeezing the tip with her lips, teasing his slit with her tongue. She started to stroke the shaft of his rock hard prick as her mouth took more and more of him. She slid her lips further down his shaft, moving up and down slowly, 'til he was all the way inside her. Her head bobbed up and down, his cock slid in and out of her throat. He reached down and ran his fingers through her hair, as she moved her head up and down.
All of a sudden, she slowed down her rhythm, allowing his soaking prick to be released from her mouth and she stood up. She stood at the side of the bed, lifted her dress over her head and discarded it onto a nearby chair. She stood there, unhooked her bra and removed it completely, throwing it onto the chair on top of her dress. She climbed back onto the bed, this time she straddled him across the chest and leaned forward towards his cock, still upright and desperately wanting her attention once more. As she leaned forward, her ass and pussy got closer and closer to his face. He opened up her ass cheeks and began to lick along her pussy lips. As he did this she took a hold of his cock, wrapping her hand around it and pulling it towards her, she started to suck once more, taking more of his hard cock into her mouth with every downward action until she had his entire cock beyond her lips.
Meanwhile, he savoured every drop of her juices as he lapped and licked at her pussy lips, pushing his tongue inside, swirling it around and fucking her tight cunt with his tongue. She pushed back against him, forcing his tongue in deeper.
She wiggled her ass and squirmed in pleasure as she sucked him harder and harder.

She raised her head from his cock, a string of a mixture of her saliva and his precum stretching from her mouth to the tip of his cock. She repositioned herself on the bed, turning around so that her dripping cunt hovered just above the soaking tip of his cock. She looked at him, smiled then drilled her cunt down on his cock, it spread her pussy lips wide as she plunged down on it. She slowly raised her body back up to the tip, before sliding his entire length back inside. She started to build up a rhythm, her hands on his thighs in order to maintain balance as she started to ride his cock up and down. Fucking him harder, fucking him faster, fucking her deeper as she slid her tight pussy up and down. She couldn't help but moan with every downward thrust. She gave out an almighty cry as she grinded her hips deep down onto him, her entire body shook, trembling as her orgasm flooded from her pussy, drenching his cock as it similtaneously erupted with hot cum to mix with her juices. She held his cock within her, massaging his cock with her tight pussy.

She climbed off of his body, off the bed, and picked up her bra from off the chair. She wrapped it around her body and fastened it. She picked up her dress and pulled it over her head. She straightened any obvious creases and approached the bed. She pulled the cover back over him, and bent down to give him a light kiss on his lips. She turned away and made her way towards the door. She could feel their juices trickling down her inner thigh.

As she approached the door, it opened from the other side, she came face to face with a smartly dressed, beautiful blonde woman.
"How is he today?" the blonde asked.
"Oh, he's doing a lot better, he appears stronger and back to himself. I think I'll keep him here for a few more days though, just for observation purposes, there's a few more checks I'd like to perform before allowing him home" she replied.
"Thank you doctor" the blonde continued, touching her gently on the arm "I don't know what we would have done without you, how will we ever thank you?"
"That's not necassary at all, I'm just happy to help...very happy indeed" and with that, she continued out of the door to leave the woman to visit her husband.
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