Hard Driving Test - Part 7
Sally didn't know how to answer. She couldn't believe that Glenn would go this far. She denied the accusation since it would mean immediate grounds for dismissal. She never worried about anyone telling because they had a great time and they earned their license. She scolded herself about how she could have been so wrong.

"Ok Sally, we'll have to look into this matter further. We take this very seriously. Please get back to work and after it's completed, we'll go from there on how to proceed," he instructed. Sally went back to her office, upset about what had just transpired. When Dan came over that night, Dan had something he wanted to ask her. He saw how upset she was. Dan didn't ask his question. Instead, Sally told him what happened and wept in his arms. He tried to comfort her, to no avail.

For two weeks, Sally barely slept. All she could think of was what Glenn did to her and that she'd lose her job.

"Don't worry, honey. Worst-case scenario, you would find other work. Besides that, you'll have me. I'll take care of you," Dan began. He got down on one knee and took Sally's hand. She stared down at him, in a state of euphoria. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Sally, forgive my bad timing but I've wanted to do this for weeks. I love you with all my heart. I want nothing more than to make you my wife. Darling, will you do me the great honor of marrying me?" Dan proposed. With that, he pulled out a box from his pocket and opened it, revealing a stunning diamond engagement ring. Sally cried tears of joy and accepted. Dan placed the ring on the third finger of her left hand and got up. He took her in his arms and the newly engaged couple kissed.

"What about Glenn?" Sally asked. She was worried that Dan might change his mind, when he thought about the fact that Glenn clearly wasn't over her as his complaint proved.

"Sally, I've thought about that for the past 2 weeks. I was wrong. I can't live my life for my son, much as I love him. I spoke to his doctor about what's happened. He said I need to do what's right for me and that Glenn has to learn to accept it. Glenn has to cope with what comes his way, for his own sake, the therapist said."

Sally was relieved by his response. They made love to celebrate becoming fiancés. Their commitment to each other intensified their sexual feelings. They came together literally and emotionally, as one. The next day, Sally was called back into the general manager's office.

"Sally, you'll be happy to know that the complaint laid against you by James Franklyn, in regards to his son Tim, have been dismissed. You're in the clear. "

Sally remembered Tim Franklyn. She blew his thick cock after he passed his exam, not long before meeting Glenn. She had never seen anyone who shook so hard, as he shot his huge load in her mouth. He was a one-time thing.

The general manager continued. "I'm sorry Sally but we had to investigate the father's complaint. Seems he overheard Tim bragging to his friends, about what supposedly happened with you. That's when James Franklyn decided to file this. Tim has now admitted that he made up the story, to look good to his friends. His father is very sorry for putting you through this. Under our regulations, as you know, we couldn't tell you any more info, until we checked things out. I hope you understand."

"Thanks for letting me know," Sally smiled.

"Sally," he continued. "We want you to know that, we do appreciate all the hard work you've done for us. Please accept our apologies and Sally, we'd like to offer you a raise," Mr. Gibson added. Sally happily accepted.

Sally left the office and called Dan to give him the great news. Hard work really does pay off, she thought to herself.


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