He Asked To Kiss ME
Tall, light brown hair, beautiful smile, blue eyes. What woman wouldn't want to be with him?

So shy, he asked to kiss me, I said yes. Soft lips touched mine, curious but very cautious too. His hands took mine, I let him kiss me, responding to him. His tongue touched my lips lightly. My mouth opened, silently saying yes. His tongue hesitatingly touched mine, my hands held his tighter.

His building confidence showed in his kissing, sweet, slow, breath taking. I also felt his confidence, long and hard, against me. His hands went around my waist, as slow as his taking my mouth. Mine touched his smooth cheeks, moved into his hair. I had to stand on my toes, my body rubbed him, all of him. He moved forward and gently pulled me to him, his length made me gasp in surprise.

His shyness was gone, so were most of his clothes and mine. His lips tenderly kiss my naked skin. His hands caressing my breasts. My moans with his as my hands felt the length of him.

Softly, passionately, my body is kissed, my nipples sucked, licked. He asked permission to remove my panties. My body lifted, he slid them down my legs.

Eagerly, I'm tasted, eaten, my lips, wetness, in his mouth. His tongue opens my lips, tasting more of me as it slips inside. He is not cautious in between my legs, I'm orally consumed.

I grind into his mouth, his hands hold me down. Kissing, licking, sucking my clit, I cum. Intense release, making my body tremble, my cum consumed by him.

He moaned from me sucking just the head, stiff in my mouth. My lips and tongue making him whimper and gasp. He filled my mouth, my hand's holding him down when his length became too much. I sucked him slow, my tongue licking its head and shaft. My pussy was dripping, wanting him inside me.

My flame flared white as he entered me, his lips and steel sex taking me. He kissed me so perfectly. My hands running through his soft hair as his hardness entered me over and over.

We kissed forever, showing our passion, building higher. I took flight as my orgasm took my body. I was rushing higher into the sky, falling over, tumbling over, up was down, down was up.

He moaned into my mouth, his thrusts quicker, harder. I felt him go harder, then powerful spurts of cum washed the walls inside me. So hot was his cum, it made me cum again.

He asked to kiss me.

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