He Couldn't
Though he removed his shirt, his pants, her clothes, down to her bra and panties, he kept whispering "no" to her.

His kisses said oh yes, his eyes burning with want. Still he whispered "no."

His hardness said yes, no doubt in her mind, he wanted to. Why was he saying no?

Was it because she just turned 18? No. Was it because he was forty? No. She found him very sexy. Not a single grey hair, dark, like his eyes, they stared into her blues. They always look like he could see her naked, naked with no shame. Now she was-almost.

Her fingers traced his chest, through hair just as dark. Muscles flexed under her touch, firm, not even close to going soft.

Was it because she wasn't pretty? Absolutely not, her light red hair, blazing blue eyes instantly attracted him. Her dazzling smile, always mischievous, seduced him. A knock out body, petite, firm, inviting him, claiming all his senses.

Why was he saying no, whispering it once more, as her bra revealed perfect breasts. Sucking her nipples, stiff against his tongue, he didn't say no.

The word was not voiced as he kissed down her body. Tasting her soft skin, tasting her a few moments later. She certainly didn't say the word. Quite the opposite, she screamed yes many times as he tasted her cum.

Plenty of verbal sounds, all non words as she sucked him. Her young tongue exploring his very hard cock. His hands on her head, guiding himself deeper into her small mouth.

That word-no again, in between kissing her, his cock half an inch outside her. Delicate fingers guiding it, the swollen head touching the velvet folds of her lips. Why was he resiting?

Was he teasing her?

His hard cock, the entire length rubbing over her slightly larger then a pebble clit. Faster, pressing down harder, her body meeting his movements. He was teasing her, giving her a wild orgasm. She felt her muscles bear down, moaning, crying for its release.

Trembling, violent spasms, as she came. Wickedly hard, was her orgasm, still tearing through her, when she heard him moan.

Hot drops, his thick cum, pooled on her stomach. He really couldn't take her virginity.
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